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Hi, i like your theme but before purchase i would like to know if i can costomize the home page with an extra eft menu? So the home page will have bothe an horizontal and a vertical menu section.

Hoping to hear from you soon, kind regards, Simone


Yes, you can have sidebar menu in the home page… thanks

how can i remove the – posted by admin on october… – ?


I need to know if the contact page working properly if I buy the template, because in live preview appears this code, and NOT the form:

[contact-form-7 id=”65” title=”Contact”]

Also in footer appears this line [contact-form-7 id=”66” title=”Newsletter”] and not the newsletter form.

The form appears in HTML version, but I need the wordpress version.

Thank you

Is it possible to replace the search in the header with social icons or text?

Hello, I get same problem what marymainecoon but i thought it can be installation problem. After reinstalation I get

Failed to import “Contact form 1”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form

Failed to import “Contact form 1”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form

Failed to import “Newsletter”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form

All done. Have fun!

Any solutions for this?


Hi, please send support questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/


Hi – I’m trying to configure my blog page like the blog page in your demo site. I can’t seem to figure out how to display the title, featured image, and an excerpt rather than a long box of text. Can you please assist me with this formatting?

Hi, I am trying to add a portfolio image like the one you have here:


However, it’s not working. When I add an image, it doesn’t display the image frame. Can you help?


Not sure if you are still providing support for this theme but I requested information on :

Is the site fully customizable Can I add a cart

Please respond :)


Hi, to get support please send support request via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/


Has the Think theme been testet for wordpress 3,6?


Not yet, but I think it should work.. thanks

Hi, i have a problem with the main menu. Since 3.6 the menu does not operate correctly, submenus will not shown.

Look at: www.schulschwein.de

What to do? Thx


Please send support questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/


Hi templatesquare, Client of mine purchased the Think template last september and it’s a great theme to work with. Only issue – we have lost Twitter feed since the Twitter API update – are there any plans to have a Think update to include support for new Twitter feed?

Thanks in advance


Hi – still awaiting a replay. Here is the website in question: http://www.optical-solutions.co.uk

many thanks in advance

Hi, just wondering if you had any plans on updating this theme. Ever. It’s been over a year already.

BTW: Are there issues with this theme running on PHP 5.3+? I ran into some problems and I’m wondering if the theme requires PHP 5.2. Website is nytrafficticket.com Thanks!

Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.8?

I’m getting an issue with Blog Comments. It’s saying “Blog token not found.” How can I fix this?


I’ve inherited this theme from an agency from an agency which transferred a customer to us. It works well but I noticed today that on my cell phone it tries to access a URL at the old agency. It appears that somewhere in the theme it’s seeing that there is a mobile device and redirecting to another directory.

I can’t find where in the theme it would be doing it. Is this something that you can change in the theme?


Never mind. I figured it out. The previous agency had added a java script function in the header.php file to detect a mobile phone and redirect.

Is the latest version 1.2? And are you planning any further updates to this theme? I have 1.2 and don’t want to upgrade WP to 3.9 unless I know the theme will be compatible.


I am interested in this theme but noticed I haven’t seen any recent posts. Are you still updating this theme and is support reliable?

Still interested in this theme but noticed I haven’t seen any recent posts. And, I have not heard back in two days. Not good. Are you still updating this theme and is support reliable? Please let me know ASAP.



You can see the recent post in the blog page http://demowordpress.templatesquare.com/think/blog/

You also can see the recent post widget.

We still support this theme and this is the latest stable release compatible with latest version of wordpress.

We are not monitoring this comment page regularly, but we answer support via our system that sent via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/


I just tried sending a support email but username was not working. I have a license number. I am updating my clients site that uses an old version of the Karma theme and have a couple questions.

Is there a way to change the layout of the blog so the date is not so prominent? Client does not care for date and comment buttons on the blog.

Is it easy to change from four to three images on the home page below the slider?

The latest theme update is much more dynamic than the original theme. Bravo. Can you send me a link that shares all the new features. Thnx.


Wrong theme support.

wdevel Purchased

This theme is awesome.. but can you fix this?


Thanks!! =]]