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Hi! I use your theme more than 2 years. :-) Excellent theme!

But now i have one short question: i have 7 menu items and a want to change the color of the first 3 items because they are very important. what i have to change and where?

Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english.

Hi VERESdesign,

Top menu code included in theme’s style.css ( starts from line #196). This change requires good skill in CSS. For example you can use “nth-child 1,2,3” for first three tabs.

Thank you :)

Hi! Softwebmedia! Oh i think my css-skills are not so excellent. theres to much Code in the style.css …. :( Maybe you can help me with that? i can give you access to the website backend. i only need the first 3 buttons in an other color.

Hi VERESdesign,

You can get help from envato studio developers for theme customization. We can give support for theme features or hint for section where function / code is located. We hope you can understand limitation of free support.

Thank you :)

How can I disable the right / left blog sidebar in the Thinker theme on all posts, pages?

Thank you, Dean

Hi Dean,

You can make all blog posts full width from Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Blog > Blog Single Page section > “Blog Single Page Display” dropdown – set “Single Page with Full Width” option

You can make all pages default settings full width from ../wp-content/themes/thinker/page.php

In this page delete all open and close div tag, get_sidebar() function. ... get_sidebar();

Thank you :)

It worked, wonderful! How can I rekove the grey side boxes from all blog posts? I applied the widepahe layout, still I see the grey area.

If you want to remove post meta info below feature image then you can edit it from thinker/loop-standard.php and thinker/loop-post.php

In both files remove below code

if ( $format != 'quote' && $format != 'status' ) {

If you want to hide about author box then you can disable it from admin > appearance > theme options > blog > blog single page

Hello. I just purchased this theme and for some reason the nice hover colors on your top menu don’t work for me. I just get a grey default that turns white when you hover over them. I was able to customize the hover color in the additional CSS field but now it will not stay that color when move to another page like yours does. Is there an easy way to make all this work like your demo? I couldn’t find anything on it in the comments. You can see what I mean here: http://de7.d19.myftpupload.com/ — I just want the hover color to remain active when you are on the page. At the link I provided I would like the menu item for “Home” to be the hover color. Make sense?

OK I think I have it this time! Now where do I change the hover color of those main menu items and links in the body?

Thanks for the awesome support too btw, much appreciated.

You are welcome :)

It looks you already changed skin color from admin > appearance > theme options > styling > skin normal and dark color fields.

Top menu will automatically add selected skin color in active and hover menus.


i have a problem with the gallery. I use it with sidebar and want to have 3 columns. But the gallery is still on full width and overflow the sidebar. The same is on mobile screen. There is just one image and the second is cutted. On full width the gallery works without problems. Just with sidebar its not correctly.

Whats here wrong?

If you can give me your email address i can send you 2 screenshots.

Thanks Regards

Hi octopus66,

Please send screenshots from our profile page contact form


Thank you :)

The Highland United Neighbors Inc purchased your Thinker theme for our website (denverhighland.org) around December of 2013. We are having a issue now with the site in that the visual editor is not allowing us to make any changes. We can see the text if we highlight it, but cannot edit it. We were told by a consultant that we need to update the theme. Can you please help us with this?

Thank You,


Hi William,

You can download latest theme version from purchase account admin’s download page.

We will require one time verification from “The Highland United Neighbors Inc” for theme support. They can send message from our profile page form or support forum (here).

Thank you :)

Thank you for the response. The problem is that the admin that set up the site is no longer available and we do not have the original login information, so we are unable to get to the purchase account admin’s download page.

We suggest you to purchase a for continue theme update/download and support.

I have bought Thinker theme which has WooCommerce support that transform website into shop. How do I achieve this? Is there any specific set of instruction we need to adhere?

Hi abhaysonak,

You can refer text and video tutorial ( included with main downloaded zip file ) for theme setup like demo site

Video tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFdQoHDUdJM

All other videos : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8n7iaIVOHAlEbIc3VfjiyE6t3DZIZOy2

Thank you :)

Our website http://yogavidyaniketan.org/ (under construction) in which we used thinker theme, is giving some additional characters after URL as ”/v=d1dba60229e8”... what could be the reason and how do i fix this?... Need your help.

Hi Abhay,

Please delete current theme file because it is main zip file ( Thinker-v2.07.zip ) which is not for upload.

Main zip file has several folders like theme zip file, documentation, psd etc. When you unzip Thinker-v2.07.zip file, you will find several folders. Upload only thinker.zip file from admin. You can also view text and video tutorial from “Help-Documentation” folder.

After above step we can go to next step of URL extra issue ( may be it will fix with above step )

Thank you :)


lcleone Purchased

I’m having a issue in console admin with:

GET …./wp-content/plugins/multiple-featured-images/js/kd-admin.js?ver=4.3 404 (Not Found)

Can you help me?

If you had installed “multiple-featured-images” plugin then deactivate it. After deactivation refresh page where you are getting above error message.


lcleone Purchased

I don’t have this plugin in my ftp

We found this extra code in multiple featured image file and just uploaded theme by fixing this issue. Please re-download theme and replace it with current theme.

Thank you lcleone for noticing this issue :)


noon30 Purchased

I noticed another update came out. What is the best way to update? Complete reinstall and replace of the theme over the current files?

Hi noon30,

You can use envato toolkit for theme update which will replace old version with latest version. ( We don’t recommend this method because some time due to API issue it doesn’t work properly).

Delete current version and install-activate latest version is best way to update theme.

Thank you :)