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Hi I can’t see the pages on internet explorer. There are blank pages. Could you check here please.

Hi trismile. Please move your question to and our technical team will help you asap. Regards :)

Hi That site is offline . I think there is a problem . I can’t acccess

Thank for the feedback trismile. There is an temporary problem with the host. Please reach me over and I will try to help you. Thanks.

Hi, does this team support latest Wordpress 4.2.4 ?

Hi samirkayyam. Yes, it does. Regards :)

hello, I have a problem with the update_notifier.php file. The file thisway.xml file can not be achieved. unfortunately I can not put my question to the forum as well. Is also unreachable. Can you help me? thx

it´s the same problem as with the user lexmambo.

Hi NabilB. Yes, support forum has a temporary problem. Reach me over and I will let you know when it is active again. Regards


vusis Purchased

Hi… your forum is unavailable and I posted some questions 2 days ago.

I need to make the background auto-change; like you have in your demo. I have vimeo videos.

I can’t find those settings… Please let me know how we can get this done… Thanks.

Hi vusis. Support forum has a temporary problem. Reach me over and I will let you know when it is active again. Regards

Hi, My website no longer displays the layover or menu, or pretty much anything since the wordpress update. I just updated to 1.7.3 theme, and still no luck!

Hi houstdark. Please go to and support team can help you asap. Thank you.


dansalg Purchased

Hello, I am considering purchasing this theme. Would it be able to support 100s, or 1000’s of videos from Youtube and/or vimeo?

Hi dansalg. Yes, there is no limit on our side. Thanks :)


dansalg Purchased

Awesome, thanks!

You’re welcome. Thank you for purchasing :)

Good evening. I bought your template recently and I have to admit it: from a visual point of view, it is really beautiful. From an operational point of view, The social part is lacking completely and the big problem is that I can’t install Ajax Comment Posting and WP Thumb.however, I’m quite decieved. The social part is lacking completely and the big problem is that I can’t install Ajax Comment Posting and WP Thumb. How can I solve the problem? Is there any solution to those bugs?

Hi queenrory. Thank you for buying our theme. We have a support forum at and technical team can answer all your questions. Regards.

Guys, is there any performance difference between the HTML and the WP version? I’m talking about especially video loading time.


Hi maschera. Thank you for your interest. No, there is no any performance difference between WP and HTML versions. Regards :)

Thanks Renkli for the kind reply.

Two more question:

- is there a native way I can create categories in the menu and assign those to videos, so the audience can watch only the relevant clips? E.g. Nature, City, Mountains, etc? - is there a native function that allows audience to share on social that specific clip that is currently playing (and therefore a permalink would be assigned to each link)?

Thanks a lot

Hi maschera. Can you please reach me over and I can inform you better by mail conversation. Regards.

Hello, I bought this theme yesterday. Is it possible to import the demo preview content ? Thx

Hi Stijn_vdh. Yes, you can find demo content xml in your zip file. You can find more answers at Regards :)

Thx, found it ;) One little question, how to add video’s to the video portfolio page ?

Stijn_vdh, you can find instruction videos in your zip file or over support forum. Thanks.

I have a pre-purchase question… Is it easy to use this theme with different videos on different pages. “” Has video a and then “” has a video b for that specific market. Does that make sense?

Hi s4arkman. You can create many background galleries with the theme. You can select a single background gallery with whole content. Regards.

why does no video full screen example shows up when checking out the demo – would be fine to see how it looks

Thank you for the suggestion RonRico. We will consider it. Regards :)

My url is I sent my WP username and password and haven’t gotten a response. Please advise

Hi premier1ent. I replied your mail. Thanks