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i have a problem with redirect /?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=?escaped_fragment=

i try to post on your form but i can’t get password for login, pls help me!!!


Hi emanuele27. Check this page please http://renklibeyaz.com/forum/topic/first-of-all-please-read-this and read “Redirection problem” Regards.


I can t connect, i ve no recived the password s mail


Your forum password is emanuele.locatelli@yourmailprovider Thanks.

Some questions before buying the template:

1) When I play a video in the video galley the sound start mixing with the sound of the background video. Is posible to fix this with some option inside the wp admin?

2) there is a minimum of videos you have to put in the right main menu?



Hi iafigliola. Thank you for your interest in our theme. Yes, there are options for both of your questions. If you can reach me over ersenaskin@gmail.com we will help you asap. Thanks.


It comes with a Demo Contento option?


Yes, there is demo content in downloaded zip file.

For some reason my categories don’t show. editingninja.com

Video Portfolio

[portfolio category=“6,4,11,5” count=”1” type=”filter”]

FYI (wordpress auto updated to 4.2)


Hi editingninja. Our support team can help you over renklibeyaz.com/forum Please move your question there and they will help you asap. Regards.

Galeri olu?turdum. Sayfaya da ekledim ancak küçük resimlere t?klad???mda neden tam ekran göstermiyor? Dosya izinlerini verdim.


Merhaba emirhasan. Eger temayi satin aldiginiz hesapla giris yaparsan?z yardimci olabiliriz. Kullanici adinizin yaninda PURCHASED isareti olacaktir. Iyi calismalar.

jhosuer Purchased

Can anyone tell me why after my purchase there is any downloadable .zip file so i can upload to wordpress?


Hi jhosuer. You can download the zip file under “Downloads” tab above. Let me know if you still have problem. Thanks :)

Support Forum Registration Problem

I tried Registering on your Support Forum more than once but never received an Activation email after entering my purchase code and email. There was no confirmation message or error.

Please help as I need help with this template.


Hi stevenguevara. I updated your forum password as your registered email. So, your registered forum email is also your forum password. Please try and let me know if you still have problem. Thanks :)

Hi, I’ve uploaded the theme to wordpress but there is just a blank screen when I try to ‘customise’ it. Any reason why? Thanks.


Hi YasmineBo. Our support team can help you to diagnose the problem. Please move your question renklibeyaz.com/forum Thank you.

Virusjuh Purchased


I have a big problem with the theme. When i go to a permalink.

mywebsite.com/test the url changed a little for the ajax ok but a white page shows up.

It only works when i go to the menu and go to the post. But a permalink dont work.

The permalink has been set to custom postname the frontpage to lastes postings.

i dont know anymore can you help me?



Hi Virusjuh. Our support team can help you over our support forum. renklibeyaz.com/forum Regards

I’ve been unable to register at the support system. I get redirected to the Purchase Code screen after providing my email address.

I’m getting a white screen when the theme is enabled. I was able to see the site and work on it yesterday after first installing it. Now, I can’t even login to the admin area. Site is here: http://heliosdancetheater.org/redesign2015/

Does this theme work with the current version of Wordpress?


Hi frenchierachel. Yes, it works with the latest version of the Wordpress. I checked our support forum database but couldn’t find your info. Can you please reach me over ersenaskin@gmail.com ? I will help you to login. Thanks.