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When we got the responsive version of this theme? I purchased it by seeing the mobile and tablet image and thought that this theme is responsive but later on opening different devices we noted that the them is not responsive.

I have read your feedback: We chose to use adaptive layout instead of responsive. Most of our users wanted to use the same layout for all the devices.

But when anyone open this website in mobile and cant open links and read the text properly then what is the benefit of this theme? Nowadays all prefer to have responsive theme… I need responsive version specially for me.. You can give the option of responsive version for desired users as me and all other who has asked for it.. Please help me to make this website responsive..

H? autonewshunt. Reach me over and I can explain the reason of our choice. Thanks.

Hello there! I have a problem with responsive theme. In a computer it looks good. But in tablets and smartphones, it does not work the same way.

I was wondering if you could help me. My site is: And I am using the “This Way” theme.

Thank you.


H, arnalddd. We have a support forum at You can ask your questions over there. Thanks.

I have purchased This Way template and have even attempted to have envato install it after it appeared to be missing content. They confirm that it is indeed missing content and also not WP 4 compatible. Is this theme outdated? Do i need to just get a refund?

Hi NSEntertainment. We have a support forum at Just ask your question and our team will help you asap :) Regards.

We posted as NS Entertainment at the forum and are waiting a reply.

Hello NSEntertainment,

We replied your topic and mail.


Is it possible to enable video background autoplay for mobile on this template?

Hi T3Kaos. Mobile OSs don’t allow for autoplay. Thanks.

We are encountering unfortunately many issues with this theme. First of all we weren’t able to import content to have a theme like your demo. Second, managing background images and videos doesn’t work too. We have to manually change SLIDEORDER filed from the _BACKGROUND table to be able to add images or videos. After this we are able to add video, but there is no image thumbnail with the video..

Hi POSLuHdoo. Did you try to ask help over I am sure you will get many answers. Thanks


msgsm Purchased

Hocam temaya resim ve video atarken sorun veriyor. Ne yapmak laz?m? Acil yard?m eder misiniz?

Mailinizi cevapladim.Iyi calismalar.

How do I use the portfolio option, I was trying to use gallery plugin but it wasn’t working when I made the page live.

Hi herongibran.

check video tutorial

hoar Purchased

Is it possible to stop play video background when someone play the video in “portfolio”?

Hi hoar. We have a support forum at Thanks.


olger Purchased

Hi, I haver never registered in support site before as when i bought your product I never had any problems with it, However since i updated the site I am not able to load videos or images to the background manager I always get this error message:

Had been an error while adding new items

I installed a fresh version of WP and the latest version of your product but the problem stills….. I have try to register in your support site, I have provided item purchase code required and I still haven’t received my password it looks like your site is dead. Please can you advise

Hi. Reach me over and I will help you to login our support forum. Regards.


Boymic1 Purchased

We did what you show on installation video, but we facing the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare acp_initialize() (previously declared in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas01_data03/70/3146670/html/wp-content/plugins/ajax-comment-posting/ajax-comment-posting.php:13) in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas01_data03/70/3146670/html/wp-content/themes/ThisWay/plugins/ajax-comment-posting/ajax-comment-posting.php on line 17

We used the plugins included in theme’s folder and we did not update any of theme (like you suggest in your forum).

Please suggest a solution or login in our website and fix the error.


Hi Boymic1. We have a support forum at and you can find many answers by searching your error message. Or you can also ask help from our support team. Regards :)


Boymic1 Purchased

Tell me please,how do i get in touch with your support team, because my wp admin is inaccessible because of the plugin, can you disable it for me please? URGENT. Thanks

They will help you over support forum but unfortunately we don’t have live support. Thanks.


I try signing up to your SUPPORT site but I never received any registration email (with username/password) so I am going to go ahead and ask you questions here instead.

I have installed your This Way theme and I have started work on it. However one problem stand out:

Every time I made a settings and saved it, when I go back in to EDIT it later, all the settings default to “OFF”. It did NOT saved the settings. This means I have to re-set the settings up and re-save it again. And if I saved it, the settings will be applied (and work on the front end) but later on when I go to EDIT the settings, the same thing happen, which is all settings default to “OFF” again.

How can I fix this?

Thanks for the help.


Hi athancote. I updated your forum password as your registered email address which is info@wordpress*********.*** Regards :)

Did you send out the new password to me? Also with regard to my problem above, do you have a quick fix or does this needs to be taken into the support section? I’m on a deadline to get this site done. Thanks.

You can login to our support forum with your username ethancote and your password which I mentioned above. Our support team will help you. Thanks.


dvelle Purchased

May I have a list of the videos you used during your demo? I’d like to purchase a couple from wherever you purchased


Hi average. We have a support forum at Support team can help you as soon as possible. Regards :)

Hello, I just bought it and try to install it on my wordpress website, but it doesn’t work? I mean, I can see the theme in my wordpress admint I can see the content wich I imported, but when i try to display the website i only have white blanket, and after few time an error message : to many tries or something like that. I need something online before tomorrow so please anwer quickly !! (i’m also publishing ticket)

Hi White-Rabeat. Replied over support forum. Thanks.

I’m getting a error “have been a error while adding video item” when trying to add a video background.

Any idea why this is happening?


Hi mattmahoney. Support team can help you over Thanks.

WOW! I’m totally shock that the theme DOES NOT allow you to go to an external link like BUT still stay within the same browser tab.

It ONLY allows it if you open up a new tab (ie. target=_blank”)!!!

I am talking about the ”#!” part that gets added to the URL.

This theme was created back in 2011 and its 5 years and still NO FIX for this?

Was anyone able to resolved this issue? Have it so the menu item open up to an external link but within the same browser tab?


Hi ethancote. Did you try to ask help over support forum ? Best.

Hi, I was on your help forum and I search for all the answers to this problem and your answer was always the same to use “target=”_blank”. I didn’t come across any other solutions. But if you have a solution to this, I would love to hear it.

You can ask your own question to see if support team has a different solution. I am not in the technical support team. Best :)

hello, quick question how do you upload images to create a gallery, you guys seen me a link but i don’t remember which link it was

Hi herongibran. This is our support forum and you can find everything about the themes. Best :)

I wanted to add date time picker in contact form. How I do it? Please help me..

Hi autonewshunt. We have a support forum at Thanks :)

I also asked there but haven’t got any solution.. Its very important for me to add calendar..I tried many plugins but they are not working..

Hi autonewshunt. Unfortunately we can’t answer special customization requests. You may want from your customer to write the date to a text field. Thanks.

I can’t link my youtube videos to the background. Every time I add the video ID and save the changes I am met with an error. Could someone help me solve this? I left a post on the renklibeyaz forum, but I haven’t received a reply.

Hello markdamientv,

We replied your quesiton on our support page.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

Hi, when I am trying to set custom page as a homepage I get an error: 502 Bad Gateway. Can you help, please? It works when I set different Wordpress template but it doesn’t work with yours. I have sent you a private message from your profile. Thanks

Hi marzenaslonko. Please also open a new ticket too. Thanks.