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tbarkerdk Purchased

hi @RenkliBeyaz.

I’m having problems with updating my version to the newest one. I followed the instructions and uploaded the files via FTP, but nothing happens.

Furthere I’ve uploaded video-backgrounds via Youtube, (3 different one) – But I can’t delete them again?

Kind regard

Tbarker – tbarker.dk


hi tbarkerdk, please move your question with your url to our support forum.. our friend will help you as soon as possible.


thank you

raorantes Purchased

how can i change in the contact form: “your message has been send…....” SCREEN SHOT: http://bit.ly/18VnFaV

Theme: This Way WP Full Video/Image Background with Audio



hi raorantes, if you couldn’t solve your problem, please move your question to the support forum and our friend will help you as soon as possible. www.renklibeyaz.com/forum

thank you ;)

Just created a website using this theme, and a customer is having issues with the menu not responding in the middle of the slideshow. The menu is no where to be found and cannot be clicked. Is this a browser issue? or has there been issues like this before?


hi clayduerson, please move your question to our support forum with your URL. our friend will check asap. www.renklibeyaz.com/forum


WOW-My comment was inappropriate? It was an honest review of this theme. Maybe I will take my 5+ years of business elsewhere if I am not allowed to review what I buy.



dear johnworfin, please check your email and be sure i am trying to help you.


I got it-nice gesture, but no thank you.


sent another email :)

Hi! I have a question,I`m the owner of two sites in two diferents domains,can I buy this theme and use it in my two sites with the regular licence? Thanks! Tanais.


hi Tanais, i am going to answer your mail now. thank you for your interest.

gdognight Purchased

How do I get into your forum? I posted the feaf2168-e95a-4a6d-a5fa-71b0d33b7471 and it says user doenst exsit.



hi gdognight, your username is exist in our forum and i changed your password manually. now your forum password is your email g****s808@gmail.com thank you ;)

Shoomedia Purchased

Is it possible to make the fullscreen film run on repeat?

Why does not my fullscreen player show pause as default?




hi Shoomedia, please move your question to www.renklibeyaz.com/forum our friend will help asap. thank you

darshija Purchased

Hello I install your theme.but its admin panel cant see the blue buttons to operate.why…?


hi darshija, replied your newer comment. thanks

darshija Purchased

Hello i try to register your forum .i put my purchasing code and email. it is not working…???


hi darshija, you already have an account in our support forum. i changed your password as your email su******as@gmail.com thanks

krazykaze Purchased

my About us page always worked fine, but all of a sudden im getting a Not Found The requested URL /generator_index_1/generator.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2 Server at openmonitor1.net Port 80

what do i do?


hi krazykaze, it seems a server based problem. contact your host provider and move your question to www.renklibeyaz.com/forum at the same time.. our friend will help asap also. thank you


I’ve noticed the Twitter module no longer works. Has this been fixed and just not updated in the Demo yet?



hi RaeShantael, i will have our developer to check the demo site..please create your topic over support forum also. thank you

Very nice theme :)


thank you so much vickystudio :)

monica07 Purchased


On mobile devices, when I am on Portfolio page click item, nothing happens. In order to open the image in lightbox, I need to click on the link icon which is very small. On desktop I can click anywhere on the item and the Lightbox opens.

Is it possible to make that work on mobile devices – make all square item clickable?

Thank you. Thank you.


hi monica07, please move your question to www.renklibeyaz.com/forum and our friend will help you as soon as possible. thanks in advance.

This theme has many issues. I cannot get it to work in Internet Explorer, and the permalinks are ugly and all contain ”#!” before them like www.mysite.com/#!contact. The developers say there is nothing that can be done.


hi vickistep, we use these signs to better seo results accoring to Google’s Ajax Crawling Document. you can have detailed answer over our support forum. regards

hugoam Purchased

Never received my registration confirmation in email to login the forum. I put my purchase code many times but a didnt received anything. This is my mail.




hi hugoam, i have sent your password, check your mail please.



your registered email was wrong, fixed it and emailed your password ;)

Hi Serkan,

Thank you sooo much for fixing our site! We are very pleased with your beautiful template!

What did you do to fix it? Are the files corrupt?

Also, Vimeo videos aren’t working – can you tell me how to post those?

It seems like my login to your support site doesn’t work anymore. Can you re-send my login information?

Thanks again! Michelle


i updated your forum password as your email michell**p****j@gmail.com let me know.


it worked, thank you! :)


your welcome ;)

ajinsys Purchased

Hello! after uploaded on ‘Background Manager’, thumbnail is not created. What is problem?


hi ajinsys, there are possible answers at Thisway FAQ topic at www.renklibeyaz.com/forum you will find the answer.. and you can ask help from our friend ;) regards

Hi mate,

I can’t remember my support login details. Any chance of helping me out?


hi TimInOz, check your mail pls. regards ;)

URGENT As I’ve emailed you on Saturday (no response yet), I’ve purchased THIS WAY WP theme and uploaded to my WP but it’s not working at all. Just says ‘loading’ forever. Tried different browsers and everything. My hosting Tech team – Bluehost – is saying it’s having PHP fatal error plus some other issues. Sort this out or refund $45 please.



hi jasperrrrr, i check your forum user but couldn’t see any topic by you.. please move your question www.renklibeyaz.com/forum and our friend will help you asap. By the way don’t forget to watch help videos. thank you

Before I buy… Can you have photos and videos on the home page?


hi charlottedart, thank you for your interest. Yes, you can use pictures, videos or mix (pic. & videos) on your home page gallery. Thanks.