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Hi, This theme is not only beautiful but unique,Great job & best wishes!

Awesome work, perfect color scheme! Good luck with the sales :)

Hi, everybody!

Support for this theme is offered ONLY through our support forum. Please do not post support questions here under the item comments. This is reserved for pre-sales questions. If you have purchased this theme and now have questions, please follow the link below.

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Very well thought out, beautiful templates. Not expected to unlimited background colors, because then buying it. In fact, the brighter colors would be even nicer!

Stylish and nifty design. And you really think about your customers, video support is detailed and useful! Thank you, for amazing theme :)

This is an extremely beautiful template. Well done. You can tell a lot of hard work was put into this. All the best to you in your sales!

Another perfect theme!

Awesome theme! keep up the great work!

Lovely theme!

I like the detail and color combinations :)

Good luck with sales.

Is the layout for the homepage editable via shortcodes?

Yes, the editer is in page.

I don’t get it. This is a nice theme with a shit ton of options, video tutorials, nice options panel yet no one is buying it.

Just don’t get understand why.

Nice work man.

Hi, it is off-season now.

Nice stuff. The only thing I recommend is adding the portfolio and blog links to the breadcrumbs navigation. I know it can’t be done automatically do to the use of page templates for these pages, but you can provide the option in the admin panel. Its pretty simple and will optimize the breadcrumbs a lot better.

Hi, thanks!

It can be set in the breadcrumbs options.


any way to get the logo PSD file ?


I sent you a msg, I would like to know if this theme supports permalinks?

Yes, Of course!

Please post this in our support forum and I’ll be glad to walk you through that process. Thanks

Support Forum

I am planing on purchasing this theme however before I do I want to see if it is possible got me to upload a custom header and footer?

thanks, Jonathon

Hi, it is not possible to do this.

So I downloaded the theme, I had to extract the style sheet from the Thunder Sheet before I compressed the entire zip file and then I uploaded it and went to preview to see what it looked like but I had massive red areas that kept telling me I have to customize the tabs, the gallery and other parts of the site? It looks nothing like what I brought do I have to customise everything including the home page? am I missing something?

Please post this in our support forum and I’ll be glad to walk you through that process. Thanks

Support Forum

Hi HawkTheme…

A suggestion: When providing an updated version, would you please consider adding the specific file ext’s in the changelog..?

At least that way – we can change only the files that have been updated – instead of ftp’ing the whole theme….

Thank you for your considerations :-)

Thanks, we will add these.

The support forum is wigging out…....

I’m getting 404’s from all of the thread links.

By the way love the thunder theme!!

Thanks for the efforts.


Hi, I’m sorry for that. We are replacing VPS . Please visit lateer!