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Presale question:

Hi there, I notice that there is a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the demo page. Is that a bug or will that not display if I purchase this theme?


I don’t see that? In what browser are you looking?

ps: We’ve released a new and better theme you may want to check out as well – http://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019?ref=WPExplorer


Checkout this screenshot and look to the right, You’ll notice there is padding on the right side of the page that allows you to scroll horizontally.


This occurs in all major up-to-date browsers… firefox, chrome and IE.


I will checkout the new theme.


Will this theme be updated or has development stopped on it?

We are using – <link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’dashicons-css’ href=’http://www.ourwebsite.com/wp-includes/css/dashicons.min.css?ver=4.0.1' type=’text/css’ media=’all’ /> and want to change to https – will this affect any upgrade? Where do we change this without affecting the upgrade?



I will most likely push out a huge update to this theme early next year. Development has slowed down a bit because sales have dramatically dropped as most people are choosing my new theme instead – http://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019

If you want to load the dashicons CSS on the site you should do so via a child theme using wp_enqueue_style – this way your modification will stay intact if and when you do update the theme.

aprilfool Purchased

Looking forward to the update – do you have an update to the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin or do we contact the developer direct?


You can contact me and I’ll send you the update, however, I wouldn’t recommend updating that plugin yet as the theme requires a big update first.

I am working on an updated version of the included Symple Shortcodes to fully support the Front-End editor of the Visual Composer and I hope to release this and the big update to Thunder early January – thank you for your patience!

Hello, I still haven’t been able to figure out how to get the twitter widget to display our latest tweets. I sent you folks a message requesting assistance 11 days ago, but still have not gotten a response.

Please help me out here. It would mean a lot =).



This theme shouldn’t have a twitter widget built-in, so I’m not quite sure what you are referring to.

WPExplorer ftw! Thunder is badass, and so are you. :)

Quick question: Is there a way –or a suggested plug-in– to allow me to sell photos from my gallery?

Basically, i’d like to offer a ‘purchase’ button next to the navigation buttons, under the images in my gallery.

Many Thanks! http://lovemorecreations.com/photography/lovemore-gallery/

Hey Team: one more Question: When i link my website in a FaceBook message, the little preview image is of the default thunder theme. How would i change that? Thanks!


I’m having trouble with background images being displayed in a very bad quality on iOS devices. Need a fix for that issue ASAP.

You can see the issue at: http://web117.dk/norrskov/wordpress

Kind Regards


If you are testing in retina devices you’ll need to make sure the retina function is enabled and your images are large enough to produce duplicate copies that are 2x as large.

As usual, another great theme for WPExplore; incredibly well-thought out.

I would like to be able to change the hex color of a number of the various boxes and buttons. I am using a themed color scheme, but feel that some other colors would be better accents. Can this all be done via CSS by just finding the code for ‘Box’ (for instance) and changing hex number options? If so, would I need to worry about any CSS in Color Skins? I guess I am just looking to see if this is an easy fix or a complicated one.



I ended up finding a workaround and used bgcolor shortcode instead. Where this is a will, there is a way.


Great! Hope you had a nice Holidays (if you celebrate them).

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I have the features set up to display on my homepage with 3 columns, however I would like one of the feature elements to take up 2 of the 3 columns. I can make this happen visually within firebug by changing the css class from span_1_of_3 to span_2_of_3, but I don’t see how I can do that within the wordpress interface. Is there a way?


Rather then changing the span classname you can simply add some custom CSS to your site to alter the column widths. Each column should have a counter like col-1, col-2, col-3 so you can target them exclusively.

jwahl Purchased

I understand that, but I have 3 rows and 3 columns and in the 3rd row, I want the first element to span 2 columns, and I want to remain responsive. The post ID is 268 so there is a class called .post-268. So what you’re saying is I should add to my custom css the following:

.post-268 { width: 66.1% }

Will it remain responsive this way and is that all I need?


You want to make sure you target the feature-entry class as well to not have issues later and the correct width would be like this:

.feature-entry .post-268 { width: 66.1% }

And it should still turn into a single column on mobile devices, if not you can always add a little more CSS using a media query.

Hi AJ, my layerslider has a navigation box on the bottom, which appears on Hover. The background is white. See here: http://www.kampier.de/

I would like to have the background of this box to be translucent. I also use your Total theme (http://www.oekofaktum.de/) and here, this box is translucent, like the way I want to have it. Could you please give me the CSS to achieve this.


You can have a look on my test domain. The navigation is set to display always. http://www.test.kampier.de/

Oh nice,

It’s because you are making all links have a white background, notice the comma before the a so essentially you added this:

 .symple-recent-posts-entry-readmore {background: #fff; color: #aaa !important;  }
a {background: #fff; color: #aaa !important;  }

Remove the “a” from the code.


Great, thanks

Hello WPExplorer,

1) I’m having issues with my Visual Composer – the editor I have access to does not seem to be the same as the current version on the plugin site. I have limited functionality (e.g. formatting text, alignment, inserting media) within the actual VC elements when attempting to add a new object. Also, text content in the editor appears white, making it very difficult to edit content unless you are in the text tab. Is there an update/fix you can provide for this?

2) How do you remove or modify page headers, e.g. “About Us – Learn Bit About Us And Our Goals”? Ex: http://www.reboundthefilm.com/team/

Thank you!


1. I’ll be updating the Thunder theme soon to provide full support for the front-end builder, currently it’s not available. It requires a really massive update for this, I am just waiting for all the Holiday crazyness to be done before pushing it out.

2. Modify it in what way?

To remove the page title on any page use this setting – http://cl.ly/image/0v152Q0N1E1R


Thanks for your response!

1. How will you push out the update and is there a way I can get an automatic notification?

2. When I say “modify” I mean make customize the contents of that header title and especially the header description…so either changing the text copy, styling, spacing etc of that content.



1. Use the Envato Toolkit for auto updates – www.wpexplorer.com/envato-wordpress-toolkit-guide/

2. Changing the text you do so in the post editor, the description is the “excerpt” for the given page. To alter the styling, spacing and other design elements you should do so via custom CSS, preferably in a child theme or the custom CSS module in the theme panel.

Can i ask your suggestion for best plug in to allow me to sell prints from my gallery items? Thanks.


Sorry, unfortunately I don’t have any experience in this department :(


I am getting the hang of the theme but for some reason the drop down menus on my site don’t drop down. I have tried adjusting the theme options but cannot seem to get it to work. Please help!


I purchased Thunder this year and it came with Revolution Slider which has been hacked (not mine) and requires an update (see link below).


Although I have version 4.5.95 and I am safe, my host is stating the following:

  • If the Slider Revolution Premium Plugin is not updated by 28 December 2014 we will be forced to disable the plugin in order to protect our servers from being blacklisted. **

Will you be providing an update to this plugin and if not, how to I get an update without repaying for it?


Yes, you shouldn’t have any problems because your plugin version is safe…that said if you want send me a private message and I’ll zip over the latest for you so you can update via FTP.

You can message me privately via the form on this page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – and I will respond via email. Make sure to send me all pertinent data and context so we can get this sorted in a timely manner.

Two related Portfolio filter questions:

1) The Portfolio filter buttons include the number of items within the category. I just want the category to be listed without the numbers. I can’t locate settings to remove the category count.

2) Can I double nest categories for filtering? Specifically, can I create a top level filter that includes Design and Writing as categories that then allows the viewer to select from second level categories Web, Print, Product for each, or would I need to create separate archive pages for each top level category?


mmccaarr Purchased

My WP Thunder theme site was hacked and I’m told it likely was because of your outdated Revolution slider version 3.0.95 which was revealed as vulnerable as early as September 2014. I never received notification from you of this problem (much less an invitation to upgrade to a new, safer version). My site has been down for two days, has been black listed by Google and it cost me time and considerable money to repair.

I’d like to know what you suggest to rectify this problem and the expenses this caused me.