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Great work mate. Clean and smooth as usual. Good luck with sales… :)

Good work. GLWS!

Fantastic! Good luck with sales.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Bedros!

Mucho bueno work as always man!

Thanks friend!

Any possibility to add different background per page on box layout?

Hi there,

I do not like adding this feature built-in because if you were to ever switch theme it would be a real pain in the butt to re-add all your background images.

You could easily do it with a plugin such as this free one:


If people request it built-in, I will of course add it ;)

Nice theme!

I cant figure out if there are more header styles? I would like the sticky one to reseise smaller.

Als more footers would be nice :D


Hi there,

I didn’t add too many header styles. In terms of making the sticky resize it would be very simple and I can guide you to the CSS for this or even update the theme with an option to enter a height for your sticky header.

You can have 1,2,3,4 columns for your footer. What other styles would there be? I’m always welcome to suggestions!

Congratulations Wow, Awesome work, Good Luck bro :)


Another Great theme :)


I like your style, following more than a year… Stunning work again.


Great theme! I can guess this is going to sell like hot bread :)

Thanks, I do hope so ;)

Great Theme as usually ! GLWS! I’m tempted to buy :-)

Is the Symple Shortcodes Premium Plugin exklusive only for this theme or will you make updates for your others themes e.g. Ultra or Impact ??

Hi there bud, it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you ;)

At the moment It’s only in this theme, but I do want to include it in the others eventually. But there are a few new modules that will take a bit of time to style up. Eventually I will probably have the plugin up for sale at some point.

You are a loyal customer, contact me via my profile page and I’ll let you check out the plugin if you wish ;)

I love it, very clean. But I have 1 question.

On the homepage, you have the different levels of content and it goes from Recent News (with dark background) to Hear the Thunder? (with light background) to Latest News (with dark background), etc.

Is the background color of specific content an option to customize? And is it colors only or do we have the option of an image? And is this possible to do on any page?

Thank you, looking forward to purchasing.

I think the following 2 images best describe the homepage:

- http://2.s3.envato.com/files/65087046/screenshots/07_home.png
- http://www.wpexplorer.com/wp-content/uploads/thunder-homepage-cheat-sheet.png

The background options on the homepage is only set in the admin for the blog and portfolio regions. Of course if people request it I can add options for all the modules, that is no problem! I didn’t do that from the start because I was focusing on the design itself and didn’t think it would look good with the other modules having a different background. Also for both the blog/portfolio you can select a “minimal” style if you want them to have a white background and I will likely add more styles for these modules in the future as customers request them.

You can have content areas with backgrounds on other pages via the shortcode – http://www.wpexplorer.com/wp-content/uploads/thunder-background-area.png

You can see an example at the bottom of this page: http://wpexplorer-demos.com/thunder/full-width/

Love the shop, good job AJ!

Thanks dude!

Amazing work. This is in my top 3 and I want to make a purchase within the week but I just have a quick question. All the responsive stuff looks impeccable by the way, which isn’t usually the case. My question is:

The home page loads a bit slowly for me and is slightly choppy when I scroll, is there a reason for this? And does it have anything to do with the drag and drop homepage feature?


Hi there,

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it!

The drag-drop for the homepage is on the back-end so that’s not going to slow things down – http://2.s3.envato.com/files/65087046/screenshots/07_home.png – are you talking about on the phone? Because there shouldn’t be any choppiness on the homepage. If its on the mobile device the only thing I can think of is maybe its the slider, which can be altered to display a single image instead. If you could let me know the browser/device I will have a look to double make sure!

It’s possible my server was being a little slow at the time, but the theme has been optimized for speed. I’m currently not seeing any issues 1.58 seconds is fast ;)http://cl.ly/image/1f0B29171q32


Great work as always! Good luck with sales AJ :)

Thanks friend!

This theme has a great design. Good work!

One question: On the homepage I can see that it is possible to add with a parallax background. Is it also possible to add rows with parrallax background on other pages besides the homepage?


Thanks ;)

You can have content areas with backgrounds on other pages via the shortcode – http://www.wpexplorer.com/wp-content/uploads/thunder-background-area.png

You can see an example at the bottom of this page: http://wpexplorer-demos.com/thunder/full-width/

Great work :).




Great work dude, good luck with the sales man. :)


Thanks for the kind words and the purchase Patrick!

I hope you enjoy the theme 8-)