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Possible to add tags to blog posts? Doesn’t seem like they’re included in the theme and having a hard time figuring out how to hack it in. Thx.

The theme does have tags for portfolio items, but they aren’t actually displayed on the posts (they can be used for creating submenus, adding to the sidebar, etc). I’ll add them though in the next update so that you can enable them on the single posts. I hadn’t done it previously because there really isn’t much room for them on the post (where they would look good). But I guess if I at least add them you can style them better ;)

Thunder update should be out today or tomorrow with some other improvements for WP 3.8.

Woohoo! Thanks!

Hopefully you got the notice for the update ;)

Thanks for the nice Theme!! I have a problem to show “Shop” page in full-width. Could u help me to fix that?

Problem solved!! I go to Theme Options—> WooCommerce, and click SAVE! That’s it!


We love the Thunder theme but have two questions.

1. Is there any option for additional layouts for blog posts using custom post types? We have a blog with about 200 standard blog posts w/ featured image but want more flexibility than you r current single blog layout.

2. Is is possible to remove fixed header?


1. Not sure what you mean about using post types for blog posts. Do you mean post formats? We included almost all of them…video, quote, audio, gallery…etc – http://wpexplorer-demos.com/thunder/blog/

2. Yes, you can disable the fixed header via the theme options.

Problem with FontAwsome Icons: SOLVED

There seems to be a discrepancy between the FontAwesome icon names and the Thunder theme.

I was having trouble adding the eye icon to a menu item, using:

According to http://fontawesome.io/icons/ , the icon name should be fine, yet the icon was simply not showing.

Eventually, I found that the following file seems to contain the icon names: themes/wpex-thunder/css/font-awesome-ie7.min.css

In it, I found the line:

.icon-eye-open{*zoom:expression( this.runtimeStyle[‘zoom’] = ‘1’, this.innerHTML = ‘?’);}

The CSS code for the icon ‘eye-open’ in this file seems to be the same as the CSS code for the icon named ‘eye’ on the FontAwesome site, according to: http://astronautweb.co/snippet/font-awesome/

My solution was simply to use:

...but it I think would be less confusing if the complete list of FontAwesome icons were ready to use as they appear named on their site.

Hi Carlos,

The issue is actually that about 2 days after the release of Thunder, Font Awesome completely updated their entire font family and website. This was an unforeseen inconvenience…

In the next update we will be updating FontAwesome to make sure it all matches up with their new website, code and icons.

It’s a pretty massive update which is why I waited until I release the next big update which should be coming in the next few days.

Is there any documentation for Symple Shortcodes? Can’t find it anywhere. Specifically using flex slider:

Taxonomy Name Select a custom taxonomy… Ex: category. Term Slug Enter the Term slug to get your posts from…

I did exactly that—enter “category” for the Name and “creative” which is the name of my slug, but I don’t get specific portfolio images from that category, but everything.

This should be in the docs, but if not I will add them!

Anyway the taxonomy name for the portfolio is actually “portfolio_category”. You can see the taxonomy name in the dashboard when you are on the taxonomy edit screen in the URL – http://cl.ly/image/3k331O0C3D3O – same for any other taxonomy in WordPress.

Another bug. :(

Using Flexslider on homepage. Image size set to 233×200 but something in the code overwrites that and adds a totally different width. Width set to 233, but style added changing the width to 470.

  • Sorry for the delayed response, been sick ;(

    The slider looks fine to me. Did you figure out the issue?

    Yup, thanks.


    I’ve been developing a site with MAMP using the Thunder theme and want to put it online, but I seem to lose all of my options…even after exporting the database and installing it on my host.

    Any suggestions?


    Nevermind. Found your post about migrating WordPress installs (http://www.wpexplorer.com/migrating-wordpress-website/) and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

    Oh awesome, glad you found my post and it was helpful ;)

    Hey I want to ask for some advice. I am using your theme for a skateboard company site and I need to set up a section for shops to sign in and create accounts and only have access the products listed at wholesale prices. I think this is a combination of users and services. Any idea how I can set about making that happen using the options available in Thunder? Other than that the theme is brilliant.

    Nevermind, I have decided not to add this as an option as its hard to verify who is a dealer and who is not. But I do have one more problem: It says that my purchase code is not valid in the section for getting auto updates for the Layer-sliders. As Envato has verified I have indeed purchased this item. Is there a way to get this fixed so I can keep my Layer-slider reality up to date. Hit me back.

    Unless you have purchased the LayerSlider you can’t get auto updates for the plugin because it’s bundled with the theme. If you want to contact me via my profile page I can send you a link to the updated zip. I will also be updating the docs explaining this and how users can find the latest version.

    ps: Auto updates aren’t always ideal, because they haven’t been tested by the theme developer. Whenever I update the theme and the layerslider it has been tested with the theme already ;)


    Love the theme – I just need some advice on minor changes.

    I have changed the background of posts and pages from grey to white. This has left me with a top border that I would like to get rid of. I have highlighted this in red in the attached screen shot.

    Secondly, in the page title bar I would like to add the little navigation links that you have in the demo. How can I do this?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Q9WNH9Y

    Hi there,

    1. This is a box shadow from the page-header area. Remove it with some CSS:

    .boxed-main-layout .page-header { box-shadow: none; }

    2. The breadcrumbs are added via the Yoast SEO plugin. However, I will also be adding them into the theme if you aren’t using that SEO plugin – in the next update.

    Thanks for the quick reply. That all worked perfectly. The only issue I’m having now is that the first link in the breadcrumbs is white, on a white background.

    I imagine this is because I have both the header and the title header white. I’ve tried using CSS to change the writing to black, but it reverts to white anyway.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again,


    Hi will, to make the breadcrumbs link black the CSS would look like this:

    #breadcrumbs a { color: #000 !important; }

    As soon as I get some time to update this theme I’ll be sure to add some extra theme options for this header area as people do seem to request it ;)

    Happy new year!

    Is there any signup page template I can use, in Thunder theme? Because I need to build up a nice page for customer to sign up new account.


    There isn’t any built-in singup module built-in, sorry.

    Have you tried any 3rd party plugins such as Gravity forms for this?

    There are also some free ones such as this one – http://wordpress.org/plugins/simplr-registration-form/

    Hi, what would be the easiest way to make that in the homepage slider would display, for example, 3 newest post sliders/featured images and display them. It would be a headache to update the LayerSlider/Revolution slider each time a new post is created.

    EDIT: I found out that it can be done by using Visual Editor and choosing “Slider” element, but unfortunately it only displays the images and not post title appears. How could it be fixed?

    Sorry for the delay over the holidays.

    If you are using the “Posts Slider” in the Visual Composer there is an option that says “Display Title” which you can enable.


    the layer slider plugin wont install

    how do I contact wpexplorer for support and provide details


    Sorry for this! And sorry for the delay, I was gone for the holidays.

    I just uploaded the fix for this. You can get it from the automatic updates or contact me via my profile page for the update.

    Again sorry for the delay, hope you had a good Holiday!

    How do I disable the shop page title for Woocommerce? Disabling the title on the individual shop page doesn’t work. Thanks!

    Product pages will always display the header (no option to disable it). The easiest ways to remove the header is to:

    1. Hide via CSS (easiest):

    .single-product .page-header { display: none; }

    2. OR…Edit woocommerce.php and remove the heading.

    Thank you!!!

    In addition to this,

    mikepagan PURCHASED 4 days ago Flag Hey,

    I was wondering if it was possible to have a sidebar underneath, for example, a video post and along side the description. Similar to this Hypebeast post http://hypebeast.com/2013/11/hypebeast-x-blank-you-very-much.



    WPExplorer AUTHOR 2 days ago Flag Hi Mike,

    Underneath what? I’m not quite sure what you are asking. With the Visual Composer though you can add sidebars anywhere.

    mikepagan PURCHASED 2 days ago Flag Underneath a video post or a gallery post but along side the description of the post so the video or gallery post takes up the whole page.


    WPExplorer AUTHOR 18 days ago Flag Sorry for the delay!

    Basically what you want is to move the video/featured image our out of the left container and above. This would require you to edit single.php to move the code:

    <?php get_template_part(‘content’, get_post_format() ); ?> Outside the .content-area div.

    I was wondering if I would be able to make only the video posts to display across the whole page but make the galleries to display next to the sidebar?


    Actually Mike,

    In the next update I added an option to the blog posts to display the video above:


    Excuse the screenshots (this is my local install).

    Update should be available this week or early next week!

    Okay great thank you!

    Sorry, I actually commented and realized that the theme I was referring to was a different one – http://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019

    For Thunder you would have to tweak single.php, to only video posts you would check the format using get_post_format – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_post_format

    I can send you a tweaked single.php file for you free of charge with the edit ;)

    Just send me a private message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

    First off I’d like to say I love this theme. I’ve used quite a few WP themes on different projects and this is my all time favorite due to the extensive customization options, attention to detail, and ease of use. Thanks a lot for making it and I will definitely be buying your next product whenever it may be released.

    My question relates to a plugin:


    Some people in the comments section have mentioned that the plugin icons are not displaying due to their theme (my plugin icons are not displaying either). Just wondering if you could give me any guidance or a general idea of what to tinker with in order to get the icons to work with thunder.

    Thanks a lot,


    Thanks for the kind words Travis, glad you like it ;)

    I’ll be glad to help you out, but you’ll need to show me a URL where you are having the issue so I can see what the conflict is.

    If you don’t want to share here, message me privately via my profile page.

    The page is:


    And my main concern is the left side navigation not displaying.


    Thanks for sharing…

    I think the issue is that the plugin is using a newer version of FontAwesome. I’ll have to do a pretty big update to the theme and the shortcodes plugin to fix this. Can you send me a message privately via my profile page and I’ll send you the updated theme as soon as I can?

    Please link to this comment or paste the issue in question in your message so I know what you need.

    ps: I can’t guarantee this update will fix your plugin, but at least it will remove any chance of conflict so if it doesn’t work after you will have to contact the plugin developer.

    Purchased Thunder yesterday and have begun to build my website locally, but am having difficulties installing the LayerSlider WP plugin. This is what I get when I hit the install button. Seems as though when I try to install it, it attempts to install Go Pricing instead…

    Downloading install package from http://wpexplorer.s3.amazonaws.com/plugins/go_pricing.zip…

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    Destination folder already exists. /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/go_pricing/

    Plugin install failed.

    Oh my, I missed that up on the last update. Thanks for letting me know!

    Updating right now. If you enter your credentials into the theme panel you should get the auto update notification soon. Or you can contact me privately (via profile page) and I’ll email you the zip file.

    • Edit – Sorry didn’t see the latest post, same problem as that ;-)

    Hi, Can I add a sidebar on product category pages ? Thank you

    Oh bummer, looks like I didn’t add an option for that. Can you contact me via my profile page (privately) to remind me and I’ll send you the updated theme with this ability as soon as I can?



    Hi there,

    I seem to have a problem on my website with the margins, the left side is ok and in line, but the right side seems to be pulled into the centre of the page by about a third?

    This page gives you a good example of my problem, I want this Go Pricing table to be centred but it won’t.. if I expand the columns then the 4th column just goes below the rest.


    Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing your solution.


    Hi Joe,

    This page actually has a sidebar on it (but there aren’t any widgets). Try selecting the full-width layout to see if it works better for you – http://cl.ly/image/1v3P2p0l210K

    ps: Also you can always contact me via my profile page if you want support via email – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

    Worked perfectly, thanks so much. I will probably email in future.


    Thanks for your awesome them! I have an issue with the mobile version on my website. http://vdlv.fr/partenaires-2/ I have the h1 titles going onto the paragraph and hide it instead of staying above the paragraph. I don’t understand why? How could I fix this please?

    Thank you so much

    It’s because you are using the symple heading (which wasn’t really intended for this) and it has a fixed 40px line height.

    I would suggest using maybe a text module instead and using the editor buttons to give your text color.

    Otherwise the following CSS can also help fix the issue:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .symple-heading { line-height: 1.4em !important; }