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Hi :-)

My Main menu is disappeared after I installed your theme. Already sat my main menu to the theme’s main menu in the “Menu-section” in Wordpress. Anything you have seen before? I’m a little frustrated, cause my customers can’t really navigate on the site. My site is www.instagainer.dk

Hope you can help me.

Christian :)

Hi Christian,

For some reason your Visual Composer plugin is loading a whole bootstrap framework (not good) and this is causing your main navigation to display outside of the header, which is why you can’t see it.

The Visual Composer plugin (at least not in the last few versions) doesn’t load such script (bootstrap.css) if you were using it previously from another them perhaps, you’ll need to delete it, then follow the instructions in the “Recommended Plugins” message at the top of your dashboard to install the latest version.

Or contact me via my profile page for the zip.

Thank you! Only wierd thing is my “shoppingcart” logo in the right side dissapeared? Any idea why?

Do you have WooCommerce active? And is the menu icon enabled in the theme options under the WooCommerce tab?

Prompt please, what is the reason of this error? http://prntscr.com/2f08c7

I had a look in our email and the last email I see from you says “Super! That’s what I needed to know! Thank you so much! I’m your fan!”. I don’t see anything more recent then that.

Sorry, maybe email is not reached, it happens sometimes …. I sent again, please see.

Thanks for re-sending. We currently have 73 support tickets!! Someone should get back to you as soon as possible, sorry for the delay.

Is there any way to make this page http://one4la.com/news/ an infinite scroll like this page http://one4la.com/category/films/ ? I have turned it on but it’s not working for my news page.


Looks like you setup the blog using the settings under Settings->Reading for the posts page, so the index.php is taking over.

Leave those settings blank and use the “Blog” template instead for your blog page – then it should work.

Let me know otherwise.

It seems you answered everyones comments except mine posted yesterday?

It’s nothing personal, sometimes I jump around comments (when i’m really busy..like on a sunday during the holidays) and answer the quick ones first. I’ll get to you as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience!

That’s fine, sorry I forgot it was the holidays! Thanks again, your solution worked perfectly.. stupid me.

No worries, I understand! Glad it helped ;)

Is that you could have the latest auto update of visual composer, layer slider and slider revolution?

The Visual Composer is up to date on the latest version on ThemeForest. Contact me via my profile page for updates on the plugins.

The latest version of LayerSlider (released today) brings a lot of innovation. Would be nice to have updates on the day it is available :)


You can contact me via my profile page and I can send you the updated plugins and theme 8-)

Actually I test the plugins before updating them, which is better for you. For example on the LayerSlider update (was actually a few days ago) there was several errors which I told the author and have been fixed on the last update.

If you do want updates on the day they are released no one is stopping you from buying the plugin yourself and getting auto updates ;)


I’m having an issue with using apostrophes on the Portfolio page – they display as a quote, instead of an apostrophe (” instead of ‘). Is there a way to fix this? Please let me know.


In the portfolio entry excerpts? If you have an example that would be great!

I have purchased this great theme on my other account, I can show you purchase code via pm. Please accept the questions. This is about v1.33

1. I am using this order in my home page: Slide -> features -> home content, ... The problem is I don’t have many long texts in those sections, so there are too much space between them. How can I bring them closer together?

2. I want to change the background color of the “home content” to dark, but it didn’t work despite I set the body background to black. I read somewhere in this discussion section that I had to edit the custom CSS tab in admin theme option. I tried and now my page and wp-admin area do not respond…I may have to reinstall WP then. The solution I found was about 3 months ago, thus may caused the crash. Will you please instruct me to change the home content background color please?

Plus, I see some plugins are out of date, is there any problem using them? Some newest icon from fontawesome do not appear in the dropdown menu when choosing icons in some parts of the theme, such as Feature icon.


O I see how I can change the background color. custom CSS sees ”.home-page-content { background: red !important; }”

the !important can override other !important, therefore allows me to change the color to red.

Sorry for the delay over the holidays!

1. You can change the padding/margins via CSS. For example to change the margin between the features and the slider + content you can do this:

.home-features { padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px; }
  • the default is 60px top and bottom.

2. Glad you got the background figured out!

I’ll be updating the Font Icons Soon, FontAwesome actually completely changed the whole CSS so it will actually take a couple hours to make the update.

No problem using those plugins, but if you want to contact me via my profile page (using the account to make the purchase) I can email you the most updated versions. Which will then also include auto updates.


I’m wondering how to change the social share buttons below the blog posts? I’d like to use alternative buttons or add other social media links to the bottom of each blog post. www.whitewillowcricket.co.uk Thanks David

Hi there,

We’ll the function that outputs these is at functions/social-share.php you can copy the function to a child theme and alter it if you wish.

You could also disable them in the theme admin panel and then use a 3rd party plugin for the social sharing links.

Thanks for your help.

Hi i’m really sorry I would like to change BLOG HEADING size in my home http://www.azurelitedrive.com/ I would change it as Blog item description but since 15 days i’m unable to find it. I tried in css but nothing… thanks a lot for your help regards

You want to target this area like such:

/*set blog heading font size to 14px*/
.home-blog .home-blog-heading {
   font-size: 14px;

Make sure you are adding your css edits in the theme panel under the Custom CSS tab or a child theme – to prevent issues when updating!

Have a great weekend 8-)

Hello+ I have used your wonderful theme for my client’s site – and they LOVE it! I’m in the final stages of tweaking the site and they would like to change “related projects” to “other strains”...To see what I’m specifically talking about, go to: http://lotuscannabis.com/strains/blackberry-kush/ I went to Appearance > Theme Options > Portfolio and changed the text there – which you can see on the site here: http://lotuscannabis.com/a-sampling-of-our-strains/ However, I do not find where to modify the text that says “related projects” – please advise. Thank you.

Hi there,

Glad they like it! You did a good job setting it up ;)

Looks like I didn’t add an option for that text, so you have 2 options:

1. Contact me privately via my profile page for an updated theme with the option.

2. Change the text manually in single-portfolio.php line 130:

<h4><span><?php _e( 'Related Projects', 'wpex' ); ?></span></h4>

Hello! Love your work on this theme! Quick question. I want to make the logo 100%, and have the main menu underneath – how can I do this without the menu appearing in an odd place in the middle of the page? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi there,

This would be pretty tricky edit. You will have to add quite a bit of custom CSS to your site, so unfortunately I can’t just give you all the code and I’m not available for hire…

But basically you’ll need to:

- Remove the fixed height on all these elements:

#masthead, #masthead-inner, body .logo, body .logo h1, body .logo h2, #navbar .dropdown-menu > li { height: auto !important; line-height: auto !iimportant; }
- Remove the left float on the logo and max-width
body .logo { float: none; max-width: 100%; width: 100%; }

- Remove the right float on the navbar

#navbar { float: none; }

That would give you the logo at the top and the navbar below. Then you can do further tweaks to make it look nice ;)

How do I set a plugin function page as full-width, or adding slides shortcode on it?

Because it’s seems the page (e.g. Buddypress Register page) will ignore the layout setting and slide shortcode…

Setting: http://d.pr/i/6veX Page: http://spbace.com/register/

Also, how to set Forums page as Full-width?

Doesn’t look like this buddypress uses the page.php template at all so the options won’t work (it’s not really a page). You can also tell because in the source code the body tag doesn’t have a “page” class added to it.

I haven’t coded buddypress before, but I’m pretty sure you’ll need to create your own buddypress.php file to override default behaviours – http://codex.buddypress.org/themes/theme-compatibility-1-7/template-hierarchy/

  • Please delete my previous comment, thanks! **

How do I set a plugin function page as full-width, or adding slides shortcode on it?

Because it’s seems the page (e.g. Buddypress Register page) will ignore the layout setting and slide shortcode…

Setting: http://d.pr/i/6veX Page: http://goo.gl/5tW91d Also, how to set Forums page as Full-width?

Doesn’t look like this buddypress uses the page.php template at all so the options won’t work (it’s not really a page). You can also tell because in the source code the body tag doesn’t have a “page” class added to it.

I haven’t coded buddypress before, but I’m pretty sure you’ll need to create your own buddypress.php file to override default behaviours – http://codex.buddypress.org/themes/theme-compatibility-1-7/template-hierarchy/

Setting forums to full-width is basically the same thing. Forums isn’t a page, that is actually a post_type_archive. To override the forums page you’ll need to create a new file in your child theme called archive-forum.php so you can tweak it.


I believe the custom slug for the custom post is not working correctly. I am trying to change myurl.com/staff to myurl.com/athletes, but when I change the “Custom Staff Slug” to what I would like it to be.

It does not work, the slug myurl.com/staff still grabs the custom staff post. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance P.S. great theme

Did you re-save your permalinks after changing the setting? Settings->Permalinks.

You have to let WordPress know of the change so it can flush the rewrite rules.

Hi, I am considering buying this theme and I was wondering if a gallery similar to the ones in the links below is doable with the included tools and options (or if another theme/plugin would be more suitable).

Please see here: http://fyxo.co/galleries/bit-side/#1 And here: http://prollyisnotprobably.com/2013/12/beautiful-bicycle-kyles-stinner-frameworks-team-mudfoot-cross/#1

Thanks in advance

Hello, Thank you for the reply. The default portfolio gallery looks close enough. I’d remove the green tabs under the thumbnails and yes, captions would be nice. And the large image would look great in full width. I’d like to avoid the effect where the whole page turns dark in order to show the full res image. The large preview on top of the thumbnails would be just perfect for me.

In order to modify the template files I’d have to ask a few questions here… Or, is there a plugin for that type of gallery that you could recommend?

Still interested in purchasing the whole theme though to have access to all those customisation options.

Thank you

Customizations are outside of theme support – you would have to make them yourself or pay a freelancer to assist.

Of course if you know your way around code and have some questions like “in what file can I edit this” or “I can’t figure out how to do this” then I can probably help guide you the correct direction ;)

I don’t personally have any recommendations because I have never had the need for that.

I find unfortunate is this wordpress theme is that when you’re on a mobile or tablet the little button to navigate through the menus just opens the list depending on the browser and has no interface like all your other theme wordpress

The icons and links for the Social Widget show up when I view a page in Chrome (Version 31.0.1650.63 m), but not in Firefox (26.0). Any suggestions for tracking this down?

Firefox shows the source code as (omitting hundreds of tabs and spaces that don’t seem to help readability…):
<!-- .footer-box -->
<div class="footer-box span_1_of_4 col col-2">
<div class="footer-widget widget_wpex_social_widget clr">
<h6 class="widget-title"><span>Follow Us</span></h6>
<ul class="wpex-social-widget-output">
<li><a href="http://www.linkedin.com/company/135048" title="LinkedIn" target="_self"><img src="https://www.eclypse.org/wp-content/themes/wpex-thunder/images/social-color/linkedin.png" alt="LinkedIn" style="width:30px;height=30px;" /></a></li>
<li><a href="http://twitter.com/eclypseint/" title="Twitter" target="_self"><img src="https://www.eclypse.org/wp-content/themes/wpex-thunder/images/social-color/twitter.png" alt="Twitter" style="width:30px;height=30px;" /></a></li>
</div></div><!-- .footer-box -->

Those 2 “errors” are pretty irrelevant to the footer widget.

Unfortunately there isn’t much I can help with without actually seeing the site. The theme itself is working fine (social links in firefox – http://cl.ly/image/061a0z1V0X0B) there must be an issue on your end.

It’s just the social widget though, so it’s not the “end of the world” I would recommend maybe not stressing about it then when your site is live if you continue having issues provide us with the URL so we can have a look.

Firefox Add-on “AdBlock Plus” with “Fanboy’s Social Blocking List” caused this problem.

Weird. Glad you figured it out!

Hello! the previous theme file I uploaded (version 1.31) was called “wpex-thunder” and this latest is called “thunder”, so when I ftp this I find 2 different “thunder” themes in my dashboard. Should I rename the file before uploading it through ftp?

I just did this for my own naming conventions ;)

You can rename it if you want, but you might have to reselect widgets and menu areas.

Why not just drag over the individual files via FTP instead of the whole theme?

When adding an icon using the Symple Shortcodes button, there is a field for adding a URL, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any ideas? Here’s my code…

[symple_icon icon=”lightbulb” size=”large” fade_in=”false” float=”right” color=”#fff” background=”#498DAE” border_radius=”3px” url=”http://atomicdesignstudios.com/wp-tester/services/affordable-websites/” url_title=”Affordable Websites”]

I just tested locally and it’s working for me. Can you make sure the Symple Shortcodes plugin you have active is version 1.01. If it is and is still not working, you can send me a private message and I’ll have a look for ya.