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Hello, I have purchased this theme and it is fantastic!

I am having one problem with the home page that I hope you can help me with: A number of sections are not showing up on the home page. I have them in the Enabled column in Theme Options and I have items populated in the corresponding sections. For example, Testimonials stubbornly refuses to appear even though it is enabled and I have added 6 testimonials to the testimonials section. I’m having the same problem with Portfolio.

Slider, Features, Blog and Callout are working perfectly.

Any idea what the problem could be?

Here’s the site so far: http://test.ebooklaunch.com/

ps: Don’t forget to add a “px” for your header height, looks like there might be some header issues because it’s missing ;)

Site looking good so far!

Thank you very much!

Strange glitch… I tried to increase the header height to 110 px using the Theme Options. My logo and menu are now floating underneath the slider, overlapping my features. http://test.ebooklaunch.com/

How do I fix this (apart from reverting back to 90px)?

Thank you!

Ha, I actually noticed this when commenting to another post of yours! It looks like you simply forgot to add the px in the option field.

Thank you! I knew it had to be something simple like that. Perhaps add that to the instructions blurb next to that field? The Visual Composer assumes ‘px’ so I thought this section would be the same.

I will add in a fix so even if the px isn’t added it doesn’t cause the issue ;)

For cre8tives and other like myself that created a portfolio page and found that the single portfolio previous/next links cycled through all categories when we wanted them to step through the current category only—I found the following.

In single-portfolio.php around lines 64-72 the links are formed.

Change the following code found between php tags

next_post_link( '
  • %link
  • ’, ‘ ’, false);

    to this code (btw ’’ is two single quotes)

    next_post_link( '
  • %link
  • ’, ‘ ’, true, ’’, ‘portfolio_category’);

    And change the following code from

    previous_post_link( '
  • %link
  • ’, ‘ ’, false );

    to this code

    previous_post_link( '
  • %link
  • ’, ‘ ’, true, ’’, ‘portfolio_category’);

    These edits allowed me to cycle through a single portfolio category from the single page.

    For more info: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/next_post_link

    And to ensure the main post link between them directs properly, add your new main portfolio page’s URL in Theme Options => Portfolio => Post Settings => Main Portfolio URL.

    Hope this helps save folks a little time.

    sorry for the mess with the code. i used the

     tags hoping it would hold together.
    basically for both the previous post and next post lines of code, replace from the word false to the end of line, with this new ending - true, '', 'portfolio_category');

    Oh they added a new parameter “taxonomy” in WP 3.8, nice!

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been waiting years for them to update that and didn’t even notice ;)

    I’m editing a row in the visual composer, trying to add both padding and margins to the bottom of the row and it’s having no affect at all.

    Any ideas?


    I double checked the options locally and they should be working just fine.

    Please make sure your front-end isn’t cached by a plugin such as W3C Total Cache or a CDN such as CloudFlare.

    If you continue having issues you can contact us privately via our profile page so we can log in and have a look.

    ps: Also make sure you don’t have the Visual Composer plugin active, because it’s built-in!

    Hi there!

    Is it possible with this template to display the author at an article? I wasn’t able to find it. Being able to add a staff section under an article would be a welcome addition too. Are you planning to do further updates?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,


    Hi Roy,

    I do plan on updating the theme in the future, of course! But I don’t intend on merging the staff with the blog posts.

    There is an author box option built-in, make sure you enable it in the theme panel. You can also enable author avatars, like shown in the demo.

    See author avatars – http://wpexplorer-demos.com/thunder/blog/

    Author box below post – http://wpexplorer-demos.com/thunder/advertising-nutrition/

    Go to your theme panel options and you’ll find options to enable these under the “blog” tab.

    Hello! Beautiful theme :) Is there some CSS or HTML I can add to make the “Symple Background” and “Callout” shortcodes stretch across the entire width of the page? Currently they both stop at the live content area (980 pixels). Thank you!

    What you’ll want to do is use the Full-Width template which will stretch everything out.

    Then you can click on any “row” in the Visual Composer and check the box that says “center row” to center the content inside it.

    ps: You really should consider using the Visual Composer for background areas as opposed to the shortcode, it’s MUCH easier – http://www.wpexplorer.org/online-docs/thunder/#visual_composer – scroll down a bit to where it says “Adding Backgrounds to areas in your editor.” so you can see.

    Awesome – yep the Visual composer is MUCH better.

    Hello, I’ve tried adding a gallery like the one you have on the “Custom WP Gallery” page, however the thumbnails are small and the images are tightly packed together. The thumbnail size is particularly useful for blog posts and I’d like to try and incorporate it somehow.

    How do I do this, is this from the visual composer or a specific shortcode? Thank you David

    The Custom WP Gallery page is displaying an example of the default WordPress gallery inserted in a page. The theme has a custom output for it.

    If you are using the WordPress Gallery and imaged don’t look good, go to your theme panel and under the “Other” tab make sure “Custom WordPress Gallery Output” is enabled.

    The Custom Wordpress Gallery Output was enabled but I was using the wrong gallery. Thanks for your help.

    Hi, Some of the google fonts look pixely and hard to read on Chrome, while they look great on firefox. Do you have any suggestions to improve their appearance on Chrome?


    You can mess with font-smoothing properties. But my suggestion would be to stick to some of the more popular fonts (such as Open Sans, Source Sans Pro, Lato, Montserrat…etc) that render well on all browsers.

    Thank you for your response. One of the fonts is Montserrat. The other is Volkhorn. Shouldn’t those look good on all browsers? What file/ where would I apply the font-smoothing properties? Thank you!

    Montserrat i’ve used before and it’s a great font. This font should render pretty good, but it is a “thicker” font and it also only includes 400 and 700 font weights. Whereas the theme uses 600 font weights in certain areas like headings. In which case you’ll want to probably add some custom CSS to change these to 400 or 700 to match the new font. And like I said it is also a much “thicker” font and will render quite differently on webkit browsers, in which case depending on your liking you might want to alter the font-smoothing property for webkit browsers.

    Volkhorn looks like it also only has 400 and 700 font weights. So again you might want to add some custom CSS to tweak the theme design a bit to really match the font capability.

    Is it possible to have a text layer on a slider always be centered on the slider. Both on regular browser view and in mobile?

    I have my site viewport set to load the site normally on mobile rather than in mobile mode but still can’t seem to keep the text layer, on my layer slider centered all the time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

    It should always be centered. Make sure “responsive” is disabled in the LayerSlider settings.

    ps: If you want, send me a private message and I’ll email you the latest version of the LayerSlider if you want to test and see if updating helps.

    Me again! Now using the Visual Composer and it’s been pretty seamless with one exception: I cannot get the buttons to center using the Visual Composer. I have the row set to “Center Row” but the default puts the button at the far left of the live area. I created 3 columns and put the button in the center column, but it is still hugging the left side of the center column and is obviously not centered: http://test.ebooklaunch.com/ebook-cover-design-2/

    I am able to center them using the classic composer but as soon as I switch to the Visual composer, the centering is lost.

    I’m sure this is an easy fix as well but I can’t seem to find the solution :)

    Sorry for the delay, I responded to your last comment ;)

    Hi, this is my favorite theme BTW.

    I’m trying to do a one-page type layout and link menu items to specific rows/sections of my homepage. I’m not using the homepage designer and instead using the Visual Composer.

    I’ve read a previous comment that you’ve added this capability to the theme’s code but I can’t figure out where to put the specific anchors on my page and what to use for the custom link in my menu? Any help is appreciated.

    Here’s my working site: http://wademorris.com/site


    figured it out! I had the “CSS Classes” option turned off when editing my menu – rookie mistake!

    Now I’m trying to figure out how to slow the scroll instead of snapping to the linked section.

    Add the classname “menu-scroll-link” to the menu link classes where you are linking locally and it should animate it.

    Hi Guys,

    Thunder is great theme, I really enjoy it. I have one small issue with Visual Composer. Composer worked just fine until yesterday, and now it won’t load, just stuck on loading stage and that’s it.

    I tried to clear cache, logged in again, and then it worked, but only until I hit update and then stoped again. I’m not using Visual Composer plugin, so I have to ask for your help because I can’t figure out what is wrong. Is there anything else that can cause this, besides cache and active plugin?

    Best Regards, Milan

    Hi Milan,

    Is your theme up to date? I can’t recreate the issue locally with the latest version of Thunder.

    If it is an you continue having issues please send me a private message via my profile page so I can take a look. I’ll be releasing another update to the built-in Visual Composer soon so I can also zip that over via email when ready so you can test to see if it works better for you.

    I am having issues with the way the font is being displayed across multiple machines/browsers. The default font was showing incorrectly on the client’s machine. I used the Theme Options -> Typography section to set all fonts to Helvetica Neue. Is this a Google font?

    Some machines show a serif font instead, and on my machine, it looks jagged. How do I set fonts to the standard web Helvetica font?

    Any feedback is much appreciated.


    Helvetica is not a standard font on Windows computers, only mac. Which is why it’s showing that fallback.

    That said, the default font for the theme is actually Helvetica with an Arial fallback for Windows. I would suggest if you want to use this font to set your typography options to the setting that reads “default”.

    I use Thunder’s child theme and need to overwrite /functions/comments-callback.php —however, this isn’t currently possible in your theme – only the base files can be overwritten.

    “The ability to load any php file and override it via a child theme exists, via the locate_template function, but it’s up to the parent theme developer to use this function to load files for you to be able to override those files in child themes.”

    This change would be welcome so I don’t have to worry about future upgrades!


    You can override it. If you notice in that file the function is wrapped inside a conditional

    if ( ! function_exists( 'wpex_comment' ) ) :

    That means you can add the function wpex_comment() to your child theme to override it. You just have to copy the code into your child theme’s functions.php or any other file in your child theme that you include via your child theme’s functions.php

    You can’t actually use the “locate_template” for a function like this because it’s a callback.

    You’ll see the same thing if you read the top of that file:

     * To override this walker in a child theme without modifying the comments template simply create your own wpex_comment(), and that function will be used instead.

    After installing ssl,thumbnail/featured images not loaded,kindly solve the issue,

    How did you enable SSL? Some SSL plugins are known to break the image cropping in WordPress. You’ll want to mess around with your SSL settings.

    If you go into the theme panel under “Image Resizing” you can disable all built-in cropping so you can test to see if the issue is with the cropping or not.

    Hi, I want to update my theme. I downloaded the “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades”. And also downloaded the zipp file under the link ‘Installable wordpress file only’. After this I browsed the file (appearance/themes). When updating, it stops almost immediatelty and says: Can’t copy file thunder/wpbakery/js_composer/assets/lib/prettyphoto/images/prettyPhoto/dark_rounded/default_thumbnail.gif What can I do to make the update complete? Thanks!

    That’s a strange error…

    I would suggest trying via FTP, it’s possible your server permissions aren’t allowing you to upload the files. So simply connect to your server via an FTP program (I use tramsmit for mac) go to wp-content/themes/ and override the theme files.

    You could also just try to upload the new version via the normal way of installing themes, so it displays as a separate install then activate it. Then re-choose your menu locations.

    In the latest version I added support for automatic updates, so be sure to go to the new updates tab in the theme panel to enter your purchase code if you want auto updates.

    ps: Newest version theme name is just thunder.zip. If possible please rename on your server to prevent issues with auto updates.

    Thanks for your fast respons. The update did not work on my local host, but on my online hosting the update worked out ok. The only thing is, the icons in the wordpress cms don’t show (x) for the Service, Portfolio, Staff, Testimonials, FAQ, Features and Clients.

    Do you know why?

    The theme was updated for WordPress 3.8, if you are running an older version of WordPress there is a small bug in WP in this regards. I would recommend updating!

    Posting this again as I see you’ve answered others questions that came after mine and perhaps you missed it:

    Using the Visual Composer and it’s been pretty seamless with one exception: I cannot get the buttons to center using the Visual Composer. I have the row set to “Center Row” but the default puts the button at the far left of the live area. I created 3 columns and put the button in the center column, but it is still hugging the left side of the center column and is obviously not centered: http://test.ebooklaunch.com/ebook-cover-design-2/

    I am able to center them using the classic composer but as soon as I switch to the Visual composer, the centering is lost.

    I’m sure this is an easy fix as well but I can’t seem to find the solution :)

    Sorry for the delay, I’ve been out of the office last week!

    Looks like you’ve got the button centered!

    Anyway, I’ll be adding a new option for the buttons “Align” so you can do left, center, right, inline…in the next update for others looking for a solution, thanks for the heads up!

    Okay thank you! I had to create a button image instead of using the button shortcode available with the theme. I will switch for the shortcode buttons once that align option is available.

    Cool, good idea ;)

    If you want you can also contact me via my profile page and I can notify you when the update is ready.

    I WPExplorer I bought your theme, and I’m happy for that, but I need your help. I can’t align images on center with visual composer here you can see the problem How can I resolve it

    Thank you

    Try adding the following custom CSS to your site:

    .wpb_single_image img { display: block; margin: 0 auto; }

    So, maybe I wrong to explain the problem. I want the visual composer works well. If I write the script that you have suggested, every images have align center, but I want to decide each image to align on center or right or left. How Can I do?

    I founded this in the forum

    Oh sorry, I didn’t realize there was a drop-down for the alignment where you can choose it in the composer.

    So I double checked and there is a small bug in the Visual Composer plugin itself with the alignment (it wasn’t inserting the classes into the image, a bug from a couple versions ago). Contact me via my profile page and I can send you the updated Thunder theme with the updated Visual Composer and the updated Symple Shortcodes plugin.

    For when a new update of the theme ?

    Next update will probably be in 2-3 weeks. There was an update done on Dec 21, 2013 – http://www.wpexplorer.com/changelogs/thunder/