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Regarding the Clients section, how can I alter the “Our Clients” text on the home page?

Also, on the Clients page, how do I made the subtitle different. For example, I want the main menu to read Clients, but I want the subtitle to say Sampling of Clients. I would also want the home page section to say Sampling of Clients.


In the theme panel under the “home” tab, scroll down to the “Clients” subheading and there is a setting called “Clients Heading Custom Text” where you can alter this.

I think it might not have been there in the first version, so if you don’t see it you might have to update your theme.

For the clients page this is also in the Theme Options under the “clients” tab where it says “Clients Archive Subheading”.

Great. Thanks.

Appearance | Theme Settings | Portfolio | (Media Width, Content Width):

What do you expect those settings to do? I thought they would affect the relative width of the image and the text on the page:


(That is, the page the presents the detailed information about an item in a portfolio, similar to http://themeforest.net/item/thunder-responsive-multipurpose-theme/full_screen_preview/5466969)

Or, is there a way to make the content follow (below) the featured image rather than appear in the 25% column to the right of the image?

These settings do change the width of the media container (slider, featured image, video..etc) and the content container (your post content).

To make the content follow below set both these options 100%.

But you can also change that on a per-item basis – http://cl.ly/image/243P0p003D0P

The hint you gave on changing it on a per-item basis (Edit Portfolio Item | Select Layout) does work for me to make content follow below. Thanks!

However, I respectfully disagree: changing the Appearance | Theme Settings | Portfolio | (Media Width, Content Width) settings does not change the width of the media container and the content container. At least not for me. I changed it from 75/25 to 50/50, saved it, and updated my view of the pageā€”no effect.

I’ve re-tested locally just to make sure nothing was messed up in the last update and those settings are still working for me.

Make sure you aren’t forgetting the % symbol! Because you could also use “px” values.

Ex: http://cl.ly/image/021b3a091J36

important: The right content container has a 1.6% left margin on it though, so 50%-50% wouldn’t work, it should be 49.2% and 49.2%.

Hi! How to import sample data? I want to my site looks like your dem0-preview. Sorry for my english

because now it looks cheaper then free template http://holoscentr.ru

because now it looks cheaper then free template http://holoscentr.ru

Your import is fine, you just haven’t setup your homepage as mentioned in the documentation files. Please read through the docs!

It’s also mentioned in the FAQ:

How to make the first accordion not to be opened?

Accordions don’t work that way, an accordion always has the first one open.

If you want them all closed by default I would recommend using the toggles instead.

Hi there!

My site: http://www.buyingsellingmelbourne.com. I’m using latest version of Wordpress/Thunder.

It’s a question and answer site. My idea was to have a full width page with a suite of backgrond images – one per question, and a link to a single page answer.

The images are 2000px wide by 1000px high. Fixed, not paralax.

It think it will look great on a desktop, but on my iPad and iPhone the background images do not scale. The image is really, really zoomed in, to the point where you can’t tell what the image is, it’s just coloured, blurred pixels.

Is there a way to make this background image responsive? So the image is scaled to the width of the smartphone or tablet viewport?


Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by ‘stretched’ style. In the Visual Composer, when I click ‘edit background area’, there are only three background style options – Parallax, Fixed and Repeat.

Okay I get it, I just added “stretched” it into the short code in Classic Editor mode and now it’s looking better on iPhone and iPad. Less zoomed in. BUT I’ve lost the cool layered effect (image moving under the type). Is possible to have both? Thanks :)

If you don’t see the “stretched” option it might be because your theme isn’t updated to the latest version ;)

It’s pretty hard to have the image stretched and have the parallax effect, it can cause issues, which is why I’ve avoided it. I’ll try and look into some updates for the next version to see if its possible to fix the bugs and get a really nice parallax that looks good mobile (I think I might be able to do it with some CSS3). Thanks for the suggestion.

Love the theme, would like to be able to easily specify the sort orders for different layouts (e.g. sort the Portfolio by client name, rather than date added). How might this be done? I can’t find anything in the theme or discussed here.

Also it would be amazing to be able to ‘duplicate’ a custom post type easily, e.g. creating another type that looks and works like the Staff section but contains different content. Is that easy to do in a child theme?

Great, glad it worked out for you & thanks for sharing for others ;)

It’s nice to see customers that know their sh*t and using a child theme as one should ;)

Thanks :) I’m still finding my way around WP though! I’d like to display the staff member’s email address under their description – I presume I would use a filter hook to append it from a custom field – where would I find the appropriate filter hook?

You’ll actually want to move content-staff.php to your child theme and make the edit there.

Hi! Before purchasing wondering that whether the template supports the left menu? The top menu didn’t need. Thanks

I’m not sure what you mean by “left menu”? Do you want the logo on the right and the menu on the left?

I have a header image, it would be below the menu bar. The menu would be left like this page http://www.wpexplorer.com/pronto-wordpress-theme/

This is a completely different layout style then Thunder. It’s possible but would require some major site edits.

Dear AJ, I’m sorry to keep bothering you, but there are still some open issues of mine where I didn’t get an answer yet. It would be great if you could either help me out at those points or if not, tell me that I need to look for help somewhere else. There are also some new issues, too.

1. new issue: At one point, pictures in my “Services” started to disappear in the front end. When I add a new service, it might happen that the disappeared picture reappears again and another one vanishes. Here is the URL. http://www.oekofaktum.de/services/ It’s the 2nd item after “test2”. You need to be logged in to see the site. You had recently received the log-in via email from me.

2. old issue: “In the Woocommerce theme option settings I can choose right sidebar for ”Shop Layout” and “Single Product layout”. However, I can’t choose this for the Product category layout. I’d like to have the right sidebar here too. The reason that I like to have the sidebar displayed is that I like to enable the customer to navigate through the product categories, no matter if he is on the shop page, category page or product page. But maybe I’m thinking in a wrong way and there is a different approach to this? (Woocommerce Shortcodes?) Also, when you choose to show the categories on the shop page, you only get to see the category thumbnail with the category name and a counter with the amount of products. It would be nice if the category description could be shown there too. Please tell me if you are likely going to do something about this.

3. old issue: I’m wondering about the chosen thumbnail size on the shop page. My monitor has a resolution of 1920×1200. The product thumbnails are shown at a size of 276×276, however, the much larger thumbnail 470×470@2x is used (which is 940×940 in size) and then scaled down. Why is that? Why doesn’t it use e.g. the 300×300 thumb, as it is using on the product page? I had sent you an email with attached screenshots. You replied “Check your cropping values in the theme panel under Image Sizes->WooCommerce.”, and I responded that I’m using the theme’s default values.

Best regards Michael

Please, those issues are rather important for me. A quick note, if I can expect some answers would be greatly appreciated.

regarding issue 1: I’ve now spent hours trying to find out what is going wrong here. I even deleted the thunder theme and my child theme, cleared all thunder related database entries (including child theme) and installed the theme new. At that moment, all thumbs on the Servive page could be seen in the front end. Great I thought. I then activated the child theme and manually set all theme options to my old settings back again. When I then looked at the Service page again, 3 out of 8 Service items didn’t show the thumbnails again! Switching back to the parent theme doesn’t make a difference. Any idea what’s going wrong here?

No answer?

Hi, Having challenges with the theme and realized that I am still on 1.2 and it is now 1.33. For the life of me, I can not figure out where to get the new update. My account says I already downloaded the file. When I downloaded the recent files to see if that worked it undid all the graphic updates I did just by using the theme (no CSS). I read the documentation and all the comments. Am I missing something that everyone else seems to be able to find. I also checked my emails to see if that is where the updates are located and no luck – just promotions.

I love your theme. I hope that the updates when I get it resolved also speed up my revolution sliders. Here is my site 9CupChallenge.com.

Your help is greatly apprecited. Jo-Ann

Also my navigation and logo are no longer there. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. 9CupChallenge.com

Hi, I am working through the changes. It is great to see the changes you made to the options. For the future, in the update copy, can you add that you can save the customized “You can tranfer the saved options data between different installs by copying the text inside the text box. To import data from another install, replace the data in the text box with the one from another install and click “Import Options”. That will save a lot of time.

I figured out all the fixes. The side bar content moved to footer. The style sheet needed to be redone, logo added back in along with favicon, menu updated (like the new options now) and blog headings re-establish. I still can not figure out how to change the font to black in the home page blog feed section as I would like the back ground to be white and white on white makes it hard to read. Any ideas how to fix/update?

As I have not used the full suite can you add some text to the guide for when you do upgrades so we know what to expect in terms of items we will need to update post upgrade. Thanks for continuing to improve this excellent product. It does such an amazing job.

created a page using portfolio isotope filter template. used settings -> reading to designate it Front page. have appearance -> theme options -> portfolio -> archive settings -> pagination style set to infinite_scroll.

entire page loads. even if i never scroll.

is infinite scroll supposed to work with isotope or does isotope require and request the entire page to work work properly so infinite scroll can’t work properly with isotope?

if they do work together can you to a page that illustrates that?


Oh sorry, you are correct, the portfolio with filter templates always displays all posts, there isn’t any pagination by default.

I need to do a big update soon for Thunder, I’ll look into adding support for pagination to these templates as I can see why others would like it ;)

If you want contact me via my profile page, not only as a reminder to make the update, but also so I can send you the zip when ready!

thank you. very helpful knowing it is behaving as expected. client complaining that entire page must load before any selections work. they really like the action of the isotope filter. but page load time is especially troublesome on tablets and smaller devices where they typically access this information.

i will send reminder via your profile page. thanks again.

If you have a lot of items it definitely makes sense!

You can explain, it is possible to code it so the filters work before the site is fully loaded, but the reason I have it so you have to wait for the site to load is because the isotope needs to know all the image sizes (it can’t know this unless they are loaded) so when you filter an item it can correctly position items, otherwise if it doesn’t calculate the current image sizes all the containers will overlap when clicking a category.

Looking forward to your email!

Hi AJ, I noticed that the created thumbnails are sometimes much larger than the original uploaded picture. I found that you have included a “better-jpgs.php”, which sets the jpg quality to be 100 (default is 90). I think this isn’t always wanted, I at least don’t like the fact that my original pic of size 180kB (1410×940), which I compressed with 85% has more than doubled in size in the thumbnail 1024×682 with 405kB. I was now trying to overwrite the settings in my child theme but this leads to an error: “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wpex_image_full_quality() (previously declared…”

Could you maybe make a change in your code such as
if ( ! function_exists( 'wpex_image_full_quality' ) ) {
function wpex_image_full_quality( $quality ) {
    return 100;
or add the compression quality to your theme options.


Hi Michael,

That makes perfect sense. The reason I include this function is because I was getting a lot of support questions from people asking why their images didn’t look the same quality as the ones uploaded (i mean several people asking a day) so adding this function really decreases time spent on support.

I’ll probably dump in an option to disable it in the admin as well, as I can see why some people might not want it ;)

Hi AJ, In version 1.4 I tried the new option disabling the 100% jpeg quality. The thumbnail quality is about 0 then. Shouldn’t it be the default wordpress quality of 90 then? Michael

Ah shoot, I did return; instead of return 90;

Thanks for the heads up Michael!

Dear AJ, first off I’d like to acknowledge again this great theme. I would also like to propose another enhancement suggestion. In the portfolio template you can turn on the “Display Entry Details”, which will show the title and text or excerpt of the portfolio item. The text will be cropped after line four, which is good. However, when one of the items has a text, which is less than those four lines, the portfolio item in the next row will move up and then the whole grid will look messy. Could you please tell me, if this is possible to change. Maybe the box height should be fixed for these 4 rows, no matter if they are filled with text or not.


Ha, looks like I already added the callback for the theme option, but I never added the option to the admin panel.

Great, thanks

Added already for the next update!

How do I get the testimonials to appear the same on my homepage as you did in the theme? I can’t find any type of testimonial slider. I created two testimonials in the respective section of the backend, and added a featured image, but how do I get them to slide like you did? Any help is greatly appreciated!

The only way is by using the pre-built homepage template – http://themeforest.net/item/thunder-responsive-multipurpose-theme/5466969/faqs/17478

The testimonial slider is a part of the built-in in homepage (the theme originally didn’t have a page builder just a homepage template).

Hi, I’m using the Thunder theme and finding it easy to find my way around which is great being my first DIY website! I am just having some trouble when I insert a Symple Shortcode button into “Features”. The text in the button seems to underlined by default which makes it look quite messy and inconsistent with the rest of the site. The underline goes away when you hover over the button. Is there an easy fix for this??

Great, I’m glad you like the theme! If you haven’t rated it yet, I would really appreciate it ;)

The reason for this issue is because I had some CSS in the theme that ads underlines to any links inside the feature. To fix the button simply add the following css to your site (it can be at the bottom of the style.css file, which can be edited via Appearance->Editor):

.feature-entry a.symple-button { text-decoration: none; }

I added the fix to the theme for the next update, thanks for reporting this!

Perfect, that works! Of course, happy to give you 5 stars for this theme. Works a charm!

How can I hide the top bar from the mobile site only?

You can do this with CSS, do you want to hide it for smallest size or tablets also?


/*hide the top bar on tablets*/
@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) { #top-bar { display: none; } }

/*hide the top bar on phones*/
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { #top-bar { display: none; } }

My new total theme has a built-in option for the top bar visibility, I wouldn’t mind adding an option for this in Thunder. I’ll write it down for the next update ;)


It feels like I’m missing something, but isn’t there a way to set the feature images height on a page? It’s set for posts, but nothing in the settings for pages.

I have “entries” and “posts” set to the same thing, but neither of those affect pages – only posts.

The pages are set to not have any cropping. Generally people will only have 10-20 pages or w/e so by not having any cropping it allows for more control so you can upload the image at the exact size you want it to display.

Posts have cropping settings because you could have hundreds or even thousands of posts.

For pages I would suggest you simply pre-crop the image prior to upload.

This line in my css is causing an error on my whole site, how do i remove it?

<link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’js_composer_front-css’ href=’http://greendogwalking.co.uk/wp-content/themes/wpex-thunder/wpbakery/js_composer/assets/css/js_composer_front.css?ver=' type=’text/css’ media=’all’ />


This line shouldn’t be in your CSS, this line should be in your header and what it does is load the CSS for the Visual Composer on your site (needed).

Can you show me where you are seeing this error? A screenshot of the error message would be good. And if possible also the URL.

Under Clients, how can I change the sub-title. I’ve highlighted it in this screenshot:


I want the menu to say Clients, but the submenu should say Sampling of Clients. The link menu is a link to /?post_type=clients. If I try to add a client category as a menu item, it doesn’t format the logos properly. Please let me know if you have suggestions. Thanks.

Hey there,

1. The archive for the clients post type will always display the post type name. To change it you would edit it here: http://cl.ly/image/3c0R2b0X0V1b

If you want to keep the name “Client” but change it on the archive, you should move archive-clients.php to a child theme and edit manually, or use a custom function to alter the post_type_archive_title() function for this archive.

2. Can you share the URL where the logos aren’t formatted properly so I can see, I can’t recreate the issue locally. But I’ll be glad to help!

I’m testing this on my iphone…why do the parallax pics dissappear. Most sites it still appears…if not in motion still.

It’s one of the faster sites on themeforest for mobile, clocked at roughly 6 seconds. Do you guys have plans to knock that down any further? Hopefully under the 4 second mark?

Also, is there a feature to put my phone number prominently in the upper right hand corner in desktop, and then be the first and biggest item someone sees when on mobile? something like this: http://onlinenow123.com/506/

Good overall job though to this point. I just scrapped a project with another nice theme (on the desktop)...that just sent to sh** once it went mobile (loading wise)



I wonder how I did that above with the second paragraph lol

what’s a good email to contact you at? I have some things I found about Total that you might want brought to your attention.

Lol, you added a pre tag above so your text looks like code.

You can contact me directly via my profile page contact form – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

Hi there, just wondering how to move my logo more into the middle…so the top and bottom dont align with the header…i tried using Custom Image Logo Top Margin but it then pushes my logo down:( i basically would like it to kind of have an invisible frame… Thanks for your help much appreciated and GREAT THEME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

You’ll need to add some custom CSS to move it horizontally. If you can share the URL so I can get a better idea of what you want to achieve I can be of better help ;)

I thought so:) I’m an absolute amateur if it comes to css and codeing :) the URL is www.ningunpecado.com. many thanks again for your help


The logo looks good to me, where exactly did you want to move it?