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Hi again I have an issue with some styling in my theme. When you add something to the shopping cart, it comes up with a notice bar towards the top of the screen: “Product X” was successfully added to your cart—> VIEW CART However the text background over View Cart is coming up as a different colour to rest of the notice bar. How can I fix this? Ideally I would like the notice bar to fit in with custom colours I’ve selected, but I’d be happy just to get it to match! Thanks! :)

Ah ok, looks like the custom color option is adding the color to the button on this message (shouldn’t do that, I’ll update the theme, thanks for letting me know).

To make the whole bar the same green add the following CSS to your site:

.woocommerce-message {background: #00a568 !important;}

Result: http://cl.ly/image/0G0E0E1g3m2v

Great, thanks for that

Hi AJ, I updated the theme to 1.33 and love it however when I view it on my mobile device the home page does not work as it does online. The mobile site appears as the classic view and not the visual composer view. Any idea how I can improve this? It worked fine on the 1.2 version that I updated from.

Additionally the other pages are compressed or set to a narrow view.

Thanks again, so loving this theme.


Not sure how that happened. I checked jetpack and the mobile theme is not activated so not sure why it would affect the display.

Thank you thank you thank you. You were so right!. I deactivated the mobile theme from jetpack and everything worked great! I so love this theme. Keep up the great work AJ. Jo-Ann

Hi, the features section of the homepage doesn’t give me an option to change the color so that it changes from blue to black, instead of the orange to black default.

The support documents seem to be missing how to make it so that it continues to change color when you hover your mouse over it, instead of becoming one static color when a new color is chosen in the Post Settings of the Features section. Does that make sense? Is there a way to make it so that it continues to change color when changing the orange to something else?

This wouldn’t be something added to the documentation files – if we were to add every single possible question someone may have then it would be book with hundreds of pages…

Basically the hover is removed when a custom color is set on purpose to prevent several issues that could arise (especially with certain feature entry styles).

The color added via the meta field has an !important value, so it wouldn’t be possible to override via CSS, you would have to add the wpex_font_icon_color() function to your child theme (located in functions/commons.php) and tweak it.

That said, if you are going to make all your featured icons blue, don’t use the built-in post settings, simply add some custom CSS to your site for that, this way you have full control.

Hi again, i have another little issue with the side bar which i want to remove from every page. I red in the documentation that i set page layout to default and then no sidebar but i only get option left right or full width!? can u help with this? thank so much!!

The option “full width” is without sidebar ;)

Now if you will never use a sidebar on any of your pages, you could also edit page.php and remove the sidebar function and then add some CSS to make the main container 100% wide. This way you don’t have to change the meta option on a per page basis.

How do you edit the call out on the home page – ‘Don’t wait, start today with Thunder for WordPress!’

In the theme panel.

Theme Options -> Home tab -> Callout Text field.

Thanks. Can this theme be set up as a child theme? Thanks again

Of course, any theme can!

Dear AJ, Browsing through your comments here I discovered that you have a new theme Total, which I think would have been my first choice (optically), had this existed some months ago. I have done quite a lot of css editing in my thunder child theme to get it to look like desired. I’m now wondering if there would be good reasons to change to the Total theme. Could you maybe name some benefits for doing so? I guess I’d have to do the css editing completely new again then. Here is the link to my site with the thunder theme http://www.tripolina.de (the site is not completely finished yet).

Best regards Michael

Hi Michael,

I disabled the vc_posts_grid in Total because it had some bugs I didn’t want to deal with so instead I created my own grids for each post type.

If you want to use it though you can! Have a look at functions/visual-composer/remove.php. The first function removes items:

// Remove composer elements
if ( function_exists('vc_remove_element') ) {
    add_action( 'init', 'vcex_vc_modules_remove' );
    if ( !function_exists( 'vcex_vc_modules_remove' )) {
        function vcex_vc_modules_remove() {    
        } // End function    
    } // End if
} // End if

Simply copy the function to your child theme and delete any item you do want to use ;)

Hi AJ, I’m still playing with your Total theme. I like it more than Thunder, however, transfering from Thunder to Total requires substantial work. Could you please tell me how you do the Service Page 6 (http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/base/services/services-tour/) in Total, as you removed the service custom post type. The Total code you send me for trying out didn’t contain the sample data unfortunately.

Thanks Michael

Hi Michael,

This page is very easy to setup, I simply used the “Tour” Visual Composer module. Here is the exact code for that page – http://pastebin.com/gsHtueYg

Hi AJ,

Just noticed some Woo Commerce weirdness you might be interested in. On Chrome, when you get to checkout all the typography defaults to Times. I googled and tested and if you add !important to all the custom font declarations it goes back to looking right. Just thought it might be easy for you to drop that into an update if you can re-create the same issue.



Strange, probably something to do with the ajax.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

I really like this theme. We bought it and use it on two of our websites.

We have three boxes in the center of our website, www.israelipolicedogs.com that have links programmed into them, but I can’t click on the links!!!

Also, is there anyway to attach a dropdown to our menu? I know the menu is a bunch of linked images.

Please help.

Thank you

Great, glad you like it!

1. Looks like there are some open elements on your site causing the layout to break – http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fisraelipolicedogs.com%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&ss=1&group=0&user-agent=W3C_Validator%2F1.3+http%3A%2F%2Fvalidator.w3.org%2Fservices#line-140 – that’s probably making it so the links can’t be clicked. Re-trace your steps and see where you might have gone wrong.

2. Because of how you’ve created your menu (adding images, rather then altering the design of the default menu) you’ll need to do a lot of customization to allow for drop-downs. Creating a navigation using images is really really old school ;)

I have purchased and downloaded this theme and really like it so far.

I am at the point where I need to install the plugins that come with it to be able to use all of the features of the theme.

Where are the compressed folders of the individual plugins? Or is there another way I can install these plugins?

Please help.

Thank you

Because it would have been correct 1 month ago when I responded ;) Now all plugins are inside the theme within the “plugins” folder (extract the theme zip).

Awesome! Thanks!


I really like this theme but is it possible to add a sidebar to the portfolio page and only show 3 portfolio items in a row?

If it is possible… How?

Best regards

Unfortunately this theme doesn’t have support for sidebar on the portfolio pages. However our newest theme does!



I have been having a little trouble with the font. When I am logged in as the wp admin all of the fonts for the menu, footer, and page header appear as the default font (I think it’s Helvetica) whenever I view the website. However, when I log out as the admin and go to my website the menu, footer, and page header fonts all appear as Times New Roman or something similar. I noticed that on my non-secure http pages the font shows up as Helvetica which is what I prefer, but then on any secure https pages the font will show up as Times New Roman.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Okay I found a solution to this issue that I was having. I just installed the wordpress plugin “Wordpress HTTPS (SSL)”. Basically the SSL certificate I had in place would mess up the CSS for the website, but this plugin somehow fixed that problem just by installing and activating it. Here is a link for the plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-https/installation/

Awesome, thanks for letting me know but also for sharing the plugin. It’s always nice when you find a free plugin that works as expended without issues ;)


Nice theme!

This might have been asked before but the one color option I want to change is the main body color. I understand that adding that to the theme options would be an ordeal but what custom css do I need to change it? I want a darker color something other than #f1f1f1

Thanks !


The custom CSS for this would be something like this:

body { background: #ddd; }

But you should also be able to change this at Appearance->Background.

Please note though that for the boxed version the CSS would be different and also that on the default Homepage template the white sections are white because they are targeted separately from the main background.

Hi again,

I have a bizarre layout problem which cropped up suddenly on Chrome (was perfectly OK before):

Check with Chrome (broken), then check with Safari (displays OK):


Help! I don’t know how to fix it from the admin tool and I can’t figure out where the bug is…

It’s important: we’re close to the site launch!


Here is what I see in chrome: http://cl.ly/image/2h1h0F373S2T

Looks nice to me! Did you fix the issue yourself?

Ah… so perhaps it’s my browser… I see this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16453319/Screen%20Shot%202014-02-07%20at%2021.44.35.png

I’ll try and reset the browser and post back if it persists… thanks! : )

Could be cached maybe? Try clearing your browser cache and also making sure you are not zoomed into the browser.

Hi, I noticed that when I am on a custom post type page the page name in the menu does not stay highlighted. Then when I click over to any other page that is not one of the custom types the active page name in the menu stays highlighted as long as I stay on that page. Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you.

Do you by any change have a standard page created with the same slug “services” and this is how you added it to the menu? If so, then it will conflict with the archive. You’ll need to add the link to the menu using the custom link option or using a plugin such as this – http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-type-archive-links/

Thank you, that is exactly what I had going on. I just deleted those two pages (Services & FAQ) and added those custom posts to the menu as links rather than as standard pages.

Thanks again for the help.

Hello, when I edit Homepage Composer #3 In Visual Composer, when I click ‘edit background area’, there are only three background style options – Parallax, Fixed and Repeat. But not the “stretched” option. I have the latest version of thunder theme.

I double checked the theme available for download to make sure the setting is there and it is. Can you please double check your version? The latest should be 1.33.

Hum. Send me a private message with the site details so I can double check and make sure the code is in fact there. Strange!

ps: Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

I have a big problem on my shop page I can put more hand slider, when I put nothing happens.

In addition I always “[layerslider id =” under my logo but on this page http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=63447820140207154952.png

This is what is set :) It was said the slider in the theme options

Hum, I’m pretty sure I didn’t add an option in the theme panel for the slider. You should be adding the slider using the metabox as shown here – http://cl.ly/image/2D230j0T0Y1z – or if you want in the post content itself.

Portfolio images not delivered securely on SSL-enabled site.

This is observed for the portfolio pages (multiple images visible), the image shown if you click on the little magnifying glass, and the image shown if you click the little document icon. Can you fix this, or is this part of the (startling) bug described here:


(see comment 8 & 9: it isn’t just in the admin pages…)


Hi Ken,

How are you setting up your SSL? This theme includes an image resizing script that uses core WordPress functions, but I’ve noticed that certain SSL plugins break it.

If you go to the theme options under the “Image Sizes” tab you can try disabling the image resizing (first setting) to see if that is in fact the problem.

A coupe users have told me this plugin – http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-https/ – does work well, but I haven’t tested it myself.


define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true); define(‘FORCE_SSL_LOGIN’, true);

No SSL plugin at this time.

Hi WP Explorer,

Theme Thunder, i have the portfolio set up but the layer slider is not appearing on this age. I have it working on all other but for some reason here it does not appear. Any ideas?

Thanks guys


Hi Patrick,

Are you sure the Portfolio page isn’t the portfolio archive? If it’s an archive then WordPress won’t be able to use any of the page meta options because it’s technically not a page.

I will likely be altering the theme in the next update to remove the default archive so it’s only page templates, this will give people greater control! If you want send me a private message and I’ll zip over the theme when ready.

I’m not sure how i would know if it was an archive. how do i change it so it isn’t?

Great when you get the new one please do!!


If your portfolio slugs are set to “portfolio” and the url is your-site.com/portfolio/ then thats going to be the archive.

If you want simply change the slugs in the admin panel to something like “portfolio-item” then the “portfolio” slug won’t be taken for the archive.


I was testing this theme in IE8 and the Isotope filter on portfolio is really slow and not working good. You say it is IE8 compatible but the Isotope Filter is really bad in IE8. Is there a way to fix this?


How did you translate the theme and or po mo files and want to edit. I try with poedit and Codestyling plugin, its still always in English.

Did you alter your wp-config file to define the language you want to use for your WP install? And did you also name your .po files correctly based on your region?

Yes I did.

Then it should work…Is your site being cached in English? If you want you can send us a private message and I’ll look for you. But you’ll need to provide FTP info.