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The theme is compatible with WooCommerce 2.1?

It should be fine to upgrade, I haven’t seen any issues. If you have debug enabled you might see the following error though:

Notice: WOOCOMMERCE_USE_CSS is deprecated since version 2.1! Use Styles should be removed using wp_deregister_style or the woocommerce_enqueue_styles filter rather than the WOOCOMMERCE_USE_CSS constant. instead. in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2908

Which isn’t a big deal. I’ll be submitting an update later today for this theme with the fix and a few other fixes ;)

Fresh install of WordPress and the theme on a Windows 2008 server running IIS 7 and I am receiving the following fatal error: PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘C:\mysitepath\wp-content\themes\thunder/wpbakery//js_compose/composer/wp_bakery_visual_composer.php’

As you can see, after the theme name it has a forward slash instead of back slash, then also a double forward slash. Is the theme not compatible with IIS and Windows paths?

WpBakery plugin does a regular expression match that looks for include files with incorrect slashes for Windows in js_composer.php. When modifying the preg_match for Windows paths, it attempts to load from theme, but has a fatal error at init($composer_settings)

I was able to resolve this. Turns out that there were a couple files encrypted in the WpBakery plugin directory. After removing encryption everything works. Must just be a weird Windows issue on zip file extraction and probably only specific to my server.

That is very weird. Thanks a lot for letting me know you resolved this. If you don’t mind sharing with me which files had the encryption so I can tweak them for the next update that would be great!

I’m on a mac so I’m not sure if I can even remove that on my mac. Let me know if you have any suggestions I really appreciate it!

Hi AJ,

(Thunder theme)

I had set up on the home page the ‘recent news’ module showing three posts. I have now edited the post i had changing names and permalinks and they have disappeared, i have tried everything to get them to appear but no love is being had! Even done to deleting and starting again, re saving permalinks etc etc. Any advice would be great



Hi Patrick,

Changing the permalinks wouldn’t stop them from displaying on the homepage, if the permalinks were broken the only thing that would happen is if you clicked on one it would go to a 404 page.

Have you tried clearing the homepage cache? your-site.com/?clear-cache

Also double check your theme options. If you can’t get them to work email me.

Thunder version 1.31 is causing a non-useful plugin update available notice. (The problem goes away if I switch themes, and comes back when I switch back, and Thunder is the only component that uses js_composer.)

If you inspect _site_transient_update_plugins in the wp_options table, you get this:
<list of installed plugins deleted, except the following one>
<and here it gets interesting...>

So it looks like the WPBakery Visual Composer wants to be updated, and that’s enough to trigger the flag, but not enough to put up a message, or, of course, to tell me how to do that.

What should I do to solve this problem?

The most recent version of the theme is available on ThemeForest in your downloads.

You could also use this plugin to check for updates – https://github.com/envato/envato-wordpress-toolkit

But the latest version of the theme also includes auto updates built-in.

Got it, Thanks!

After updating WooCommerce to 2.1, the css theme not work fine… When will a theme update be available? ... Thanks!

Sorry for the delay, I’ll be updating the theme this week for WooCommerce 2.1. Unfortunately they did make some pretty big edits. Keep an eye out for the update notification email (if you are signed up to receive them).

OK, thanks! I will wait for this update!

Hi! How can I change colour of the buttons for different skins? I updated the hex colour in style.css but the changes aren’t showing… Thank you in advance!


I just tested locally and the theme color options are working as they should even if you have a custom skin selected. Are you working with the latest version of the theme? 1.33?

I’m so sorry!! I meant to post this question about help on another theme you did. This one’s working perfectly for me :) Thank you!!

Hi, I have an interesting issue for you.

I’ve been trying to find out for a while why WordPress would tell me I had a plugin update available, when there was no plugin that needed updating.

After checking the transient plugin cache in the database, it turns out it was seeing “js_composer” needing an update to 3.7.4. It appears that js_composer is the plugin that is in the theme for the Visual Editor.

Could you either update the theme package or remove the part of the visual editor plugin that allows it to be checked for updates?

Thanks! Elliott

Hi Elliot,

Are you using the latest version of Thunder (1.33)?

In the last update I added the following in functions.php:

// Set Visual Composer to run in Theme Mode
if( function_exists('vc_set_as_theme') ) {

Which should prevent any of the update notices.

Please let me know!

ps: I will most likely move the plugin out of the theme and have people download it separately in the next version as a stand a lone plugin ;)

Ah-ha. Updating. What a marvelous concept. Thanks. :)

I’m trying to set up a gallery page. I’m using the visual composer option “add element” and I selected the “image gallery”. This is a great feature but I want to be able to change the size of the photos displayed on the page before you would click on them.

Right now they are displaying very large, I have changed the size to ‘thumbnail’ but it has not made an impact on the way it display. Please help.


I was wondering if it was possible to have the accordion in the Visual Composer display a different font color when you hover the mouse over each tab? Here is the CSS code that I think would change this:

.site-main .wpb_accordion .wpb_accordion_wrapper .wpb_accordion_header:hover { color: #333; background-color: #aeaeae; }

While changing the “background-color” does in fact work for the background, changing the “color: #333” to something different does not seem to do anything to the font.

Thank you for your help.

You can do this with a little custom CSS. I can help with the CSS but you’ll need to send me the link to where you have added the accordions or let me know if you are using the Visual Composer or the Symple Shortcodes for this.

I am trying to use the Visual Composer for this accordion. Here is the link for where I am trying to change the font color of the tab headers. https://www.anytimetaxservices.com/faq/

You should be able to change the color with something like this:

body .site-main .wpb_accordion .wpb_accordion_wrapper .wpb_accordion_header a{ color: #fff; }

Hi AJ, For some reason unknown to me my blog archives are acting strange – as in not formatting to either option available. When I try the full page view it renders in a way that is not like it should. I played around with the theme options to see if they were working and most do but on the layout and pagination style it seems like something is not working right. The sub categories are working as they should. Wondering if I did something and if you can recommend a solution to help. Could it be a conflict with a plug in? It was working great last night and then today decided to give me a hard time. http://9cupchallenge.com/blog-2/

I look forward to your guidance. Jo-Ann

Hi Jo-Ann,

Pretty sure this is a bug with the latest version of WooCommerce. I’ll be submitting the update for the new version this week, if you want though send me a private message with your site logins and I should be able to at least get the blog fixed up for you while you wait for the update.

ps: I don’t see a store on your site…if you aren’t even using WooCommerce you should just de-activate it.

Hello! I have a question about the Bullet Shortcode styling. I’ve applied bullets to a few paragraphs. But the bullet point floats left and HALF WAY DOWN the paragraph, not left and up the top (next to the start of the sentence).

What do I need to change to get the bullets sticking to the top of my block of text? I tried removing ‘center’ and that did nothing. Thanks heaps for your help.

.symple-bullets-black ul li { background: url('images/bullets-black.png') left center no-repeat }

The bullets are to be used with a ul list. To be honest I’m not quite sure what you are doing, can you link to the page? It sounds like you are trying to apply the bullet styling to a text paragraph and not a list.

The theme is putting the whole product page in columns / span_1_of_4… http://www.simply-designed.dk/shop/x-shelf/

This happened after updating woocommerce. How to fix this?

Are you talking about the issue with the related posts?

WooCommerce changed and removed a lot of functions, I’ll be submitting the update for Woo 2.1 this week. If you aren’t sure how to fix yourself, you can revert back until the update is ready. There is also a huge updated required for the Visual Composer and font awesome, which is why it’s taking me a few days for the update. Thank you for your patience.

Okay thanks for the reply, will se if the update fixes the problem. Have made a temporary CSS correction and set “span_1_of_4 { width: 100% }” in RESPONSIVE GRID SYSTEM. Else it formats the whole single product pages to a 4 colum layout, I have also hidden related products from the product pages as the correction also makes the related products in full with.

Not sure if you ever got the notice but the theme was updated for WooCommerce 2.1 – http://www.wpexplorer.com/changelogs/thunder/

I like your theme but my most important questions are: DISQUS compatibility AddThis compatibility Shareaholic compatibility

Which will work?

Both of these plugins should work with any theme. That said, DISQUS doesn’t always match the design of the theme so you might have to add some tweaks to make it look really good.

Hi AJ,

Is there any way I could have a booking process with this theme, ideally one that could work along side WooCommerce?


Joe :)


Hi Joe,

I personally don’t know of any booking plugin (never had the need for one) sorry.


Thanks for this great theme! I have to insert a video from youtube, but without the youtube suggestions.

I know I have to disable the suggestions, copy then paste the code looking like this <iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/Gzh7u7c1F4A?rel=0” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

When I put this into the LayerSlider/slide/layer/divvideo the preview looks good. Then, when I enter the slider ID into the page builder/LayerSlider/Enter the slider ID The video on the webpage is on a long black square and is soooo small like 90px. I’ve tried thousand times, cleared my cash…still doesn’t work Set the correct size on layer slider.

So, I tried to insert my video from the Pagebuilder/AddanElement/VideoPlayer and only paste the simple url http://youtu.be/Gzh7u7c1F4A It works fine but the the youtube suggestions appears at the end…

I really need to insert this video without youtube suggestions.. Did I missed something on the Layer Slider??

Thanks for your help!

Hi, I spent almost two days trying to fix this but the issue keep going. Am I the only one with this issue?

Sorry for the delay! For personal reasons I haven’t been able to do support this week.

Sounds like there could be a conflict, possibly with the responsive video function that is built-in. Are you able to share the URL so I can have a look?

Also, if you want send me a private message and I’ll be able to help you out via email. Again, sorry for the delay!



For your next upgrade you should look at a small bug with the columns on the Home page. It seems Column 1 and 2 mix each other up. I was trying to use them after another but it didn’t fly! Can’t use nr 2.

Did I get i twrong or can that be correct?


I’m not sure what columns you are referring to…Can you show me a screenshot or the URL in question? Thanks Rob.

Spent days looks for the right theme and settled on this one. Great work! My one issue so far is I can’t get rid of the standard sidebar in bbPress. I know this is a common complaint in the bbPress world, and the following plugin is supposed to add support for another Widget category for the bbPress sidebar.


Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be compatible with Thunder. Can you possibly add your own support for an alternate forum sidebar or see if you can get that plugin working? I’d so very much appreciate it. Thanks!

EDIT: Wait, I’m looking at your live demo of Thunder, and you have a custom sidebar! What am I missing?

Ah-ha! I found it in the documentation (duh). The answer was using WooSidebars.

Can you provide a list of which files were changed in this update?

I don’t understand why you would need a list of the altered files? Just update all the files via FTP ;)

How can I change the post \ pages content color?

This is something you’ll need to do via CSS. There isn’t any option built-in because changing the main page/post content color in most cases will require changing the design of all the inner elements and shortcodes.

Hello Nice theme, but something wierd has happened to my FAQ and Service page today.. Check it out here http://instagainer.dk/faq/ and http://instagainer.dk/services/

What to do?

Best Regards Christian

Hi Christian,

This is a bug with the latest version of WooCommerce. You’ll need to update your theme to fix the issues – http://www.wpexplorer.com/changelogs/thunder/.

Please notice that the Visual Composer as been moved out so that you can use it as a plugin rather then having it built-in (ThemeForest rules).

You should receive a notification to download and activate the Visual Composer plugin. If you don’t see the notice you can find the zips for the plugin in the theme’s “plugins” folder.