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Good idea great work :) good luck and good sale

Thank you akedodee :sunglasses:

Wonderful.Bookmarked. Idea with the event preview and the personal invite are excellent. Thanks.

Thank you for your kind words :bashfulcute:

Very nice one :)
Good luck friend!

Thank you saputrad :bashfulcute: good luck to you too.

Good idea great work! GLWS

You too CoralixThemes thank you :bashfulcute:


the template was not responsible at all… on web browsers yes, but not at real mobile devices… Im testing on my android device on Gmail client and the template shows the desktop version :(

Hi, mravani. Thank you for purchase my item. According to This and This gmail app in both IOS and Android strips out all the css in header. (the same way the browser version does). Unfortunately there still no workarounds at this time and media queries can not be inlined. However, The template are working normally on native email app on your device. :)

Im sorry, but is not working even on my default android client (Galaxy S2 with Jelly Bean 4.1.2)... it shows the desktop version on full size. On iPhone 5 (iOS6) default client, it shows the regular desktop version adjusted, but not the responsive one…

What I mean is, its a great theme for e-mail marketing, but is not responsive, and this should be clearly said on the theme description. I just buy it to solve the responsive problem, but, as I see, I was wrong :(

I’ve test sending from both Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp it working normally (I’m using iPhone4 iOS6). Have you send from this 2 service? because they include CSS in header with the email that make responsive able.

This screenshot was took from email sending via MailChimp. and this from CampaignMonitor

sorry for you inconvenience.

This is really a very nice template! I purchased it and tested and found that the template is not working fine with gmail (but work fine with, I then came here to read comments and found what you said. It’s really a bad idea that gmail stripped off the style. :( No regret buying it though. :)

Hi Shyuan, thanks for your kind comment. Yes as you read gmail are strip out CSS in the <style> most of it is a @media quire effect a responsive function. However, you can read this article for more clarify.

thank for purchased my item btw :) don’t forget to give a rate :bashfulcute: thank you

How to use it

Hi, you can import to use with Campaign Monitor, MailChimp or if you use MyMail a Wordpress newsletter plug-in. all have a editable content function, and repeatable modules functions. working the same as template builder.

how to import to thunderbird

To use template with Thunderbird you have to host all the template file on your own hosting and open that file in your browser, then select all and copy paste in your new compose in Thunderbird.

in my opinion, using template directly from Thunderbird is not a suggestion, please consider using a webservice like Compaign Monitor, or MailChimp, these two are offering hosting your template and so much more functions to edit your template.