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Hello! Great Theme! Is there any system of payment for special users?

How the back-end support system works? Could I use some moderator account to see it in action?

I’d pay more money to add some new functionalities. We can discuss this by e-mail:

Best regards, Danilo Borges


Unfortunately we don’t have a payment system in place. The backend system is the standard Wordpress one, all admins can reply to all tickets and mark them as resolved. It’s not something overly complicated.

Unfortunately at the time being we don’t have time for such big custom jobs, but thanks for the offer.


Hi! In my business we have a tecnic support. So a client brings in a broken product, we create a support order for him, and we contact him when its done. Can i with ticketram create like a support order and with that a ticket, and give the client login information? So he can check status, and also reply in the ticket. But the idea its at fisth hand print a support order for him


Thanks for contacting us.

I hope this answers your question…. With ticketrama your client can go on the site and create a ticket, and then when he needs to send an update or check on an update he can log in and check the ticket.

Is the idea that you want your team to create the ticket for him?