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Can this theme play video from a URL or database? Not just Vimeo or YouTube?

Hey there,

The theme is designed for self hosted html5 video.


Hi there!

Recently I purchased the Keepsake theme, which has been a dream to work with! Thanks!

Now I’m looking into purchasing the Tides theme for a different project. I am wondering if it also works with the visual composer. We would like to have the theme without the Team and Testimonial part. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

Tides actually uses my own page builder “ebor page builder” which we use in our older/simpler themes since it allows you to put together a page like our demo in a few seconds.

You can remove/reorder any element on the homepage in our demo :)


Hey Tom, I’m attempting to update to the latest version of Tides, and am having some trouble figuring out how. I wonder if there’s a guide/video you can point me to on this?


Thanks Tommus =)

Hi there, could you please assure that the the two “packers” at the bottom are fine?



Hey Tommus, Recently an issue popped up with my full page video on the homepage. It had been running fully stretched to the whole screen, but just recently started playing with a margin of empty page.

I just updated to make sure I was running the newest Tides release, but that didn’t fix the issue.

Any thoughts?

Also after updating, the parallax effect turned off on my homepage images. They’re still set to parallax in the Ebor menu. Thoughts?

Hey there,

1. We recommend users now to disable and uninstall revolution slider for the header video and instead use the “video background” block in the page builder, note that this new block should not be placed within a “page section” block. It’s faster and more reliable.

2. There is a bug in google chrome directly that relates to fullscreen video and parallax images in the same page so we disabled parallax for now, I can show you how to turn it back on, but you may get unexpected results in google chrome.


Hi, I`m interested on your theme an there are some questions:

  • Is there a google map plug in inside? Or which one can I use?
  • Can I use SEO Plugin Yoast?
  • Are there some shortcodes for tabs?

Thanks for your answer! Regards

Hey there,

1. Yes

2. Yes, though be aware the keyword analysis tool is not compatible with our page builder, everything else works nicely :)

3. No, use your favourite shortcodes plugin to add these as you need.



3122prod Purchased

Hello, I have exactly the problem that Superspark but uninstall revolution slider does not change . there is still a white margin between the menu and video. another idea ? thank you in advance, and sorry for my English

hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at and provide a site url. Cheers!


lucyi22 Purchased

Hi Tommus, I just tried to post a support ticket on your site but it doesn’t seem to recognise my purchase code – I tried several times with and without dashes. I’m having a bug issue with my site, only on iphone. If you visit and click on Load More under projects it seems to load double of the extra two projects (so 2 of each). Is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

I can actually see this, which is pretty crazy, not likely to be a bug though (see our demo for perfect functionality) more likely to be a setup issue or similar, please drop me a meesage (click my logo) through my profile with a login for your site so I can take a look.


Actually, you know what, don’t bother with the message, I think you’re right, this is a really really strange bug! I think I’ve found the cause already though, working on an update :)

Cheers Tommus :)