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Hi there! we love this template but before we buy it we would like to ask you: - Is it possible to have it with 2 different languages? - Did you already implement the possibility to embed a video?

Thank you!!


Hello peralson. Thank you for your interest.

At the moment multi language is not supported. Although we are currently working on updating this theme to support WPML, video embeds and some new features as well.

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Me an my Sister love this theme. When she first saw it the search was over. However, I’m the one creating the site and its my first time doing one. And i was curious how to create the pic placeholder? If you direct me how to do so or a video that can help me will really appreciate it. Thanks

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Hi there,

I am having the same issue as a previous comment. Have you found a solution to: 3) Lastly, with the above music problems I tried to remove the music and leave the countdown. This is impossible with the current code. Both get removed! If I remove the countdown the music stays, but not vis versa. We would like the countdown only but not the music.

Also having a problem finding the flicker api. The link from the documentation file only takes me to flicker create a new app development site.

Many thanks,

Hi pixlstore,

I have emailed you several times but I am still awaiting a response. I would like to know how to center the font on the splash page. I can get our names and picture in the center but the date and location is off to the left and not in the center. How can I fix this? Also how can I change the colour of the logogram? Awaiting patiently for your response. Thanks.

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I bought this and needed help and contacted support and never heard back.


Hello I_bones.

Sorry for the delay in support. I am going through the issues right now and will reply your email :)

l_bones Purchased

Still no support. I’d like my money back.

HI, I am looking to purchase this theme, but was wondering if you have added the option to embed video yet?

Would <embed> from you tube work?

Thank you


Hello MaryannDodge. Thank you for your interest.

We have not updated the theme yet to display Youtube videos. Although we have the fix ready and can help you with it.

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poor theme… do not buy… i am trying to get my money back… many coding errors, badly set up… an average user will not be able to set this up without errors


Sorry your experience has been such. You can certainly request for refund. Thanks for trying out our theme.

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How can I link up gift registry images or even add images to status?

Hello, I want to change the logogram or add my own. I’ve added a new one in wp-content/themes/tietheknot/images/decorations/ but I cannot seem to see it in word press. do I need to reload/update some how or is this a CSS issue?


Hello walterspenst,

Thank you for supporting our theme.

Could you send me an email to support@pixlstore.com ? I can reply with detailed instruction on how to add your own logogram.

Great theme – if you’re looking for wedding music to go with this theme please check out my collection of Classical Music for Weddings: http://audiojungle.net/collections/4276393-classical-music-for-weddings


Thank you. Love your wedding music items as well.

We’ll most probably use your items in our next wedding theme. Great job!!

Warning! Such a shame for a lovely site, after purchasing and having many errors. Not fully responsive as stated. Support is slow and each time is fixed with more bugs. Now I have been ignored for months and still stuck with a broken website. DO NOT BUY.


Thank you for your feedbacks. Sorry for not getting back sooner. We are working hard to improve our support service. Any future issues you may submit a ticket to:


1. We have already completed the fixes regarding enabling/disabling music player and countdown timer.

Please download again the theme files. The fixes made only apply to the footer.php file

2. Regarding Flickr API:

Firstly you will need to create a “new app” then choose to apply “NON-COMMERCIAL KEY”. Once you have done that you should see an API key. Please use that for Settings -> Flickr Photostream -> Flickr API Key

3. The updated theme files now has also option to embed videos as well using the Page Builder


Hi there, there are still numerous bugs all over the site and have been emailing for over two months and been ignored the whole time.


Is it possible to forward those email again to support@pixlstore.com .. I can take a look at the issues you were facing and help you fix them.

I purchased this theme, it’s lovely. I want to know how to get rid of the quote at the bottom of the page- I have tried everything. also I want to know how to add the image placeholder- we want what’s shown on the sample page to be the home page for our site. I can’t find the layout in the template. Is there a way to remove the lace background? I have tried removing in all the places it has a back ground image option. I have emailed you twice- can you tell me how long it takes to get support? Thank you

Is the slider controlled by a widget? Can I turn off the slider if I don’t want the page to be scrolling non-stop?

question: can you remove “TieTheKnot Copyright TieTheKnot © 2013. All rights reserved.”


Yes. You can edit the copyright text in the theme options. To remove it entirely from page, it’ll require a simple edit in footer.php file

I Purchased this Theme a few months ago and it has been great! After the WordPress update the Aqua Page Builder Plugin will not let me make any changes to my site. Can you help me with this problem?


I’ve emailed you the fix. Let me know if it works for you.


You are awesome! IT WORKS! I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!!!

Feel free to visit our wedding site: portiaandcarsonknowlton.com This is the first site I have made. Your template was very easy to use and edit!

Hello, thanks for theme! Please make Instagramm plugin for page builder. All my friends use only Instagramm, not Flickr :( Or help me to find the automatic way to reload our photo with hashtag on Flickr from Instagram…

And one else moment: how I can add three Events on one row? Now I can add onle two per row.



Well – with Events – I figured out. Still looking for solution with instagramm :(

Hi there, after I installed the xml demo file my pagebuilder no longer works. This is quite urgent as I am meeting with my client in 2 hours…. Hope you can reply before then.

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Is this theme compatible with WP 4.0? The Aqua Page Builder is not loading correctly AT ALL! My page looks nothing like the tutorials I’ve found.

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Hi, I have Wordpress 4.0. Looks like Appearance > Page Builder is broken. Do you have any patch to fix it.

Super keen to buy this but only if it’s compatible with Wordpress 4.0! Please advise if you have a patch coming soon :)