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Good Job!good luck with sales :)

Thanks :)

Looks wonderful , congrats.

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Thanks :)

Nice Theme, GLWS ;)

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Very very beautiful!

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An excellent job. Good luck with your sales :)

Thanks :)


I am wondering if you could put an image up for the invitation card? I’d like to see it in full before I purchase.

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Fantastic. Thank you. Can one change the fonts on the website easily?

At the moment you will have to do it through style.css. Theme is using Google Fonts. It’s not hard to change and I can help setup the css file using fonts that you prefer.

Although, we’ll be sure to add that feature via Theme Option real soon.

Hi Tom. We have just updated the theme.

Over 50+ handpicked Google Fonts now available and also create own colour scheme via Live Customiser.

I’m liking the looks of this. I was wondering if the colors were easily able to be changed to match my wedding colors a bit more? CSS changes are fine. If not that way, how would you recommend changing the colors?


Hello roos3342. Thank you for your interest.

Yes, colours are easy to change but only available to CSS styling for now.

You could send me your wedding colours combination. We’ll help setup a custom stylesheet to match the theme.

Hi roos3342. We have just updated the theme. There is now three options available to make changes to the theme colour:

- Choose between four preset colour scheme using Theme Options Panel - Create your own colour scheme via Live Customiser. - Edit CSS stylesheet to have more control

Good job congr. :)

Thanks :)

Do you have this template only in HTML?

Hi balsagoth. Sorry no. Only WordPress version is available at the moment.

Hi there, thanks for a really great theme! How do I get the background images to resize according to the screen resolution? At the moment they are displaying squashed on a mobile phone for example. I see the demo site is displaying like that as well.

Hi angeleliq. I think the reply mail did not go through for some reason. I’ve just sent you another email. Let me know if you have received it. Thanks.

Hi angeleliq. I’ve just sent some instruction regarding the Flickr Gallery. Let me know if you have received it. Thanks.

Thanks for your great support in helping me solve this!

Pixlstore, Great Theme! I really enjoy it. I have a few concerns though.

1) All of the parallax effects are great on the computer. But when using an iphone the image is not re-sized to support the phones smaller screen. What happens in your theme is I get a very zoomed in top left corner of every picture. Other themes solve this by re-sizing the image for mobile use and centering the image. Please help support this!

2) When using the music player I added my own songs. However, I cannot remove the “Wedding March” that is preloaded. I dont like this song and do not want it on my website, although I understand others might. Also, with the music player, can you please include an “autoplay” when the page loads? Thanks!

3) Lastly, with the above music problems I tried to remove the music and leave the countdown. This is impossible with the current code. Both get removed! If I remove the countdown the music stays, but not vis versa.

I know these sounds like complaints but 90% of this theme is very workable and easy to use. The writers did a great job and the effects are eye-popping. I am knit-picking these small errors to make the theme perfect!

Again, thank you Pixlstore.

Please help with the background and autoplay feature. I have not heard back from anyone in over a week. Thanks

Please help with the background and autoplay feature. I have not heard back from anyone in over a week. Thanks

Sorry for getting back late. Just replied to your email.

Really Awesome!

GLWS! :)

Thanks :D

Nice!!!! Can i embed a video into gallery from vimeo?

Nice!!!! Can i embed a video into gallery from vimeo?

Thank you.

No, you can’t insert a video (vimeo) into the gallery block. It is used to display only photos from Flickr.

We will be sure to include a video content block in the next theme update (hopefully by end of this week).

This is a great theme! Can you fix the broken links on the documentation page that link to the decorations PSD download? Thanks!

Thank you for reporting this. I’ll have the links fixed.

Hi, love the theme it is beautifully designed and well documented.

I had a question about the footer image. I am trying to change the background image but having trouble finding where I can change the image. I looked through the theme options tab with no luck. Here is the specific image I am trying to change wp-content/themes/tietheknot/images/bg-footer.jpg

I can to in an manually upload an image if needed via FTP. Before doing that though I wanted to ask to see if there a field in the options page that I am missing.



Hi Sachin. Thank you for supporting our theme.

Yes, you can change the footer background image via Theme Options.

Access the Theme Options, under customize tab select to ‘Edit’ Background Images. You will see upload option for the Footer.

Let me know if it helps.

Hi pixlstore,

Nice theme. I am wondering where are the video screencasts and tutorials on how to use this theme located? I am not strong with css and I would like to change the colour of the font.

Hello richardo13. Sorry for the very late response.

The tutorial on how to use the theme is located in the Documentation folder. Open the index.html file in any browser.

Can you email me the URL of your site and let us know the content that you want to change the font color.

Hi pixlstore, I have emailed you the link to my site. I am managing ok, but I’m wondering how I change the colour of the logogram and decoration? Can I edit this in the .css stylesheet or do I have to do it separately in photoshop? Thanks

Hi there, the venue link is not linking correctly. Please have a look. Thanks. www.judgementday.co.za

Still awaiting a reply please.

Sorry angeleliq for the late response. I will have the fixes ready for you real soon.

Thanks but I have fixed it.

Hello, nice template! I was wondering if there is a Guestbook section that I can add. Would it be possible for people to leave a comment for the Guestbook and have it appear on the “Quotes” section?

Hello tdoggrme. Thank you for your interest.

Unfortunately this theme does not have the Guestbook feature as described. Although, we will look into it to have this feature included in the next theme update.