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Hi there – great theme!

Is there a way to switch the icons in the upper right hand corner to make them for Facebook. Instagram, etc instead of location, legal?


Hello, not by default, only with customization. You’d need to replace the icons, they’re located at

  • images/buttons/bg-email.png
  • images/buttons/bg-directions.png
  • images/buttons/bg-legal.png

Hi there - Quick question regarding the Pricing Table. Is there a way to put a URL into one of the fields? Looks like things get confused with the quotes. Any ideas?

[pricing option="Classic Bikini" price1="<a href="/faqs/bikini-waxes/">?</a>" price2="$30"][/pricing]

Try using single ’ instead of double “

Hi, Thanks for this theme. Everything is OK. Now I am trying to custmize some detail like puting the slider in the blog page that is my homepage. *I tried to copy/past some code from page.php to page-template-blog.php but it doesn’t work. Could you help me ? Thanks

Hi. You will need to go to header.php and find

<?php if(is_home()) get_template_part('/includes/featured'); ?>

replace it with

<?php if(is_home() || is_front_page() ) get_template_part('/includes/featured'); ?>

Ok thanks, I try it and let you know. Nice work

I have a few questions. My site is How do I gdet rid of the comment bubble/date on my blog, young living oil and about us pages on the pictures. Also how do I remove the extra blog and about us and Young Living Oils under the menu on those pages, that info just seems to be repetitive. Lastly, I removed on the home page, the middle section, but it still gives me a white box. One last question, how do I get the Get in Touch button to open to an email? Thanks in advance for answering my questions.

Hello, please send me your problems + a WordPress admin account and your URL via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix all the issues, it’s easier this way :)

I sent info a couple days ago. Please let me know if you received it

Hello, yes, I’ll reply the e-mails in the next minutes


tsteyn Purchased

Hi, just wondering how to increase the width of the drop down menus. I’m new to coding.

Also, can I change the cursive font for the page titles?

You can add this to style.css

ul#navi2 ul {
width: 180px !important;
.landliebe {
font-family: your-font-family !important;

You can adjust the values


tsteyn Purchased

Thanks, the dropdown menus are fixed! The headings on the Pages are still in italics and I’m not sure how to change the font or if it could be changed.

Hi, please disable the maintenance plugin

Hi, I found this theme so hard to use. Please could you refund me? I am using another theme now

Hello, you will need to contact the Envato support for that, it’s them that handle payments, refunds and pretty much everything related to transactions.

Hi, I found this theme so hard to use. Please could you refund me? I am using another theme now

Hello, you will need to contact the Envato support for that, it’s them that handle payments, refunds and pretty much everything related to transactions.

I’ve spent hours working on my site – your sales page made me think it was fairly easy to use – NOT – working on my refund now.

Hello. The theme comes even with a sample .xml file that can be used to get the same layout as the demo within 1 minute, it’s a normal WordPress theme(no plugins required, it doesn’t have a page builder, all the functionality is explained in the documentation), it’s up to each user individually how fast it sets it up, all the pages in the demo can be achieved via simple WordPress page templates, nothing else.


I have two questions

1) I can’t get the Tabs short code to work- I’ll usually have a rectangle with the content from one tab end up showing, but not the Tab title or any of the other tabs. It’s on a full width page.

2) Is there a way to completely delete the white box below the menu (where the Top Title and Top Description are)? I know how to change the top_title and top_description, but I’d like to completely get rid of that box on certain pages.

Thanks for your help!

Please paste the shortcode you used to and paste the URL here

2) Add this to style.css

.home #slogan {
display: block;
#slogan { 
display: none;

Try putting it as

[tabs tab1="Tab 1 title" content1="Tab 1 content" tab2="Tab 2 title" content2="Tab 2 content" tab3="Tab 3 title" content3="Tab 3 content" tab4="Tab 4 title" content4="Tab 4 content"][/tabs]

without spaces or empty lines

How do I change the background color of the dropdown menu? Can’t seem to locate it in the CSS. Thank you

Your website is not working for me and I can’t check the code. :(

I was able to determine I really needed to log into the FTP and change the color of the image to get the effect I was looking for. Thank you.

You’re welcome!

I am having an issue with the permalinks, and after speaking to GoDaddy support, they believe it is coming out of this theme. I am using the Post Name permalink setting. Instead of seeing this as the URL “” I would like to remove”/home” and instead have a structure of “”. I do not need the “home” level, and do not want it to interfere with SEO. How do I remove it? Thank you.

Nevermind…I was able to resolve this issue.

Where do I find this code to remove the image hover? This was mentioned as change to remove the image zoom/pop over in another post, but I cannot locate what file it’s in.


Thank you.

Ah, you can go to custom.js and remove

//hover functionality for images
    jQuery('.proj-img').hover(function() {
            opacity: 0.8
        }, 'fast');
            "top": "0" 
    }, function() {
            opacity: 0
        }, 'fast');
            "top": "-600px" 

Excellent. That worked. Thank you!

You’re welcome!

I have found posts on creating a custom field for “top_title” in order to update the template to use the text entered in this field on the page editor to replace the automatic use of the page title with a title of your choosing. I do not have this custom field by default, but have figured out how to add it. What I cannot figure out how to do is update the template to use this field instead of “the_title”. I am using the full width page template, and what I have attempted so far is to edit page-template-full.php to replace “the_title” in this code with “top_title”: div class=”content-main-top” div class=”heading” h3 ?php top_title();? /h3 /div /div “top_title” is the name of my custom field. When I do this, I get this error: FATAL ERROR: CALL TO UNDEFINED FUNCTION TOP_TITLE() IN /HOME/CONTENT/P3PNEXWPNAS10_DATA02/09/2556409/HTML/WP-CONTENT/THEMES/TILABILITY/PAGE-TEMPLATE-FULL.PHP ON LINE 19

How do I use this custom field to replace the title?

Hi, answered you there

Your suggestion for using the template page title to display the header and Yoast to change and independently control the SEO tab title worked. Thank you!

You’re welcome!


I have built my site but notice when the screen is shrunk down to a mobile size, the pulldown menu gains an entry at the top (doesnt link to anything) – it says

”<?php_e(“Navigate to…”,”Tilability”);?>

All other menu items appear ok, just the addition of this at the top of the pulldown.

Any advice?

Site is:



Hi, replace your /js/custom.js with this one (via ftp)

Can i remove the overlay on the thumbnail pictures? If yes, how? – Image to q :

Uhm, what files do you have on your installation? – I have these files

Try removing everything from image-hover.js

Hello friend and compatible with the new version of WP 4.1

Hello, yes, the theme should work fine with wp 4.1 :)

Hi! Can you make menu links flexible?

For example, right now I have multiple links in more characters than your example and I bought the theme and it’s broken.

I cannot send you the webpage, but I will provide screenshot. As you can see – menu link will not fit to width and therefore is cutted in half. And this is only one page.

Hello and sorry for the late reply and that you’re having issues with the theme.

Can you let me know your URL? On you seem to have another theme.

2) The menu doesn’t use 100% of the width because of the right address that shows up on the same line. If you want to show more menu items, I can provide the code to remove the phone number on the right

3 & 4 & 5 I’ll need a URL in order to provide the css fixes

Can you please email me

I want H1 to be smaller, how do I do that? Iphone; the H1, H2 is to big, the headline goes far out just from one of the pages. It is bold too. How can I change that? It is a warning; the SEO title is said to be to long.

Thank you, I.m not very good at the computer.

Lise Skage

Hello, please post your question using the account used to purchase the theme, as you don’t have the “purchased” badge on this account. Also please post your URL