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Hi, Cool theme! Before purchasing I’d like to know if it supports videoposts, too? Thank you in advance!



Unfortunately no at this time. Check my other Theme that supports videopost.

I was 1/2 a click away from buying and installing this template, then I realized it doesn’t support video… Is there no way to swap the photo option with a video embed link from Vimeo for instance?


No right now. The next release (witch I’m currently working on) will offer video support an other improvements. Thanks for your patient

Do you know when you might comeplete the version that supports video?


I’m was waiting for Tumblr to update new API so we can fetch the HQ images. I just checked, and now it’s possible to obtain the HQ images trough the API .

I’m currently between several projects so it may take a few weeks to re write the Theme.

Thanks for your patience

Hey Baires!

Very nicely done theme! :) I was half way to purchase your theme like “jasenhudson”, when i read the comments! No video support! :(

But i see you working on it – so if its gonna work (i hope soon), i think im gonna really buy your theme!


Sorry for the delay in my response but I’ve been working non stop for the last few days.

Hopefully the Theme will have video support soon!

Hi, Any news about video support?


Sorry for the delay in my response, I`ve been working like a monkey lately. I did not have time to rewrite the theme for video support, I will try find dome time during December

hello, when will be available for video. I want to buy it.


Love the theme! Have just started copying the codes into the site and followed your help.

Have just tried to do a single post and when I click on it on the front page and it takes me to the description and links, the image isan’t there! Works however on a photoset post… haven’t touched the code so any ideas why this isan’t working?

Kind Regards,

Matthew Whitehead


Hi there,

Thanks for purchase!

Please sent me and e-mail with a link to your site so I can take a look

I’m totally lost and have googled all over. Installing Wordpress was much more straightforward. I’m managing my domain w/ Netfirms. How do I install my recently downloaded file for this theme (just purchased).

Thank you.

Hi, I bought it a while ago, and am using it to set up an online portfolio, as I am more of a cartographic person, my css/html skills aren’t that well polished, but they do exist. This is a winter project for me. There are only 3 things that I am interested in tweaking that I have not been able to figure out:

1) Is it possible to show only 3 or no work samples at the bottom of the main page?

2) How can I get rid of that ipad and either replace it with the s3slider or one static image?

3) Why do changes that I make to the ‘bottom line’ image only appear in chrome? Your default (Juan) settings show up in firefox and IE and Opera. I tried clearing my cache and cookies and rebooting, but it still holds on to the old stuff in those browsers.

Thanks for taking the time to make an awesome, clean theme!



Thanks for your purchase

1) Open the file custom.js (under assets >js) Find this line: $.getJSON("/api/read/json?type=photo&num=6&start=1&callback=?", function (b) replace the “6” with “4”

2) Is possible bu you need some CSS /JS skills. Take a look at the custom.js file (somewhere around the line 60) how the ipad is made. Or you can take a quick kook at the source with firebug and try replicate the html

3) Can you sent me a link to your tumblr blog?

Thanks for the reply. megmakesmaps.com


That’s odd. Try to hit the reset button (next to the tagline and Legeng image under appearance)

If that dosent work, upload your image elsewhere (http://www.tumblr.com/themes/upload_static_file)

Open the Theme, and replace everything inside

    <style type="text/css">


Now replace with this (and paste the URL of you image)

    <style type="text/css">
                    .tagline h2 {
                        background:url("PATH TO TAGLINE}") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;}

                        .tagline h1 {
                        background:url("PATH TO LEGEND") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;}

                        #ipad .new {
                        background:url("PATH TO IPAD") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;}

                        .bline h2 {
                        background:url("PATH TO BLINE") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;}


Let me know how it goes

Hey Blaires …m a novice..I haveboughtthe theme as I fell in love with it…but how do i install it???


Thanks for your purchase. Have you looked at the docs? Check the help file file, in there you will find the full documentation of this theme

any video support yet?


Not at this moment. I’m not freelancing any more., but theme support is avaible

Hello, just a few quick questions. For some reason, things i upload show up on the bottom of the home page but not on the portfolio page. I also created the new pages like it says in the help doc, but the portfolio page comes out strange and the contact me and about me pages don’t have any content at all. I haven’t touched any of the code, only copy and pasted the source html from each of the pages in the zip file. Any tips to work around this? This is my site: chrismarleyfilm.tumblr.com …please excuse the dump of random images, was just testing where each bit was. Hope to hear from you soon.

One more thing as well, the help doc that came with the zip file…the images aren’t showing up. Any chance you’d be able to email something across to me?


Thanks for purchase!

Can you please send me an email with the URL to your Tumblr blog?


Sorry about that.

It looks that some image are being used in the wrong place. Try to hit the “reset to default” button

I noticed that tumblr theme editor is not very user friendly with Chrome and Opera. Try to edit your theme using Firefox

Hi, yes, please see my previous message above with the URL . Many Thanks

Hello Baires,

I purchased the theme and am making progress on customizing it but so far I am stuck on the logo. I cannot get my logo to replace yours. Is there any way that you could help me? Via email or otherwise?




Thanks for purchase!

Can you please send me a link to your tumblr blog?


Here is the link to my blog.


I am trying to follow the instructions but cannot replace the logo.



Sorry for delay in my response.

There are benn some reports about this issue. It’s most likely a tumblr bug. try to hit the reset button (this will reset the theme to the original state) and upload your logo agian.

Alternatively you can place the logo “manually” Go to Customize > Add Custom CSS and paste:
.logo h1 {
    background-image: url("PATH_TO_YOUR_LOGO.png");

Hiya Baires, I was wondering if I could take a stab at adding video posts to your theme. I just got into creating a tumblr portfolio for myself a couple days ago. I purchased litefolio, found out it only supports single photo posting and, having no knowledge, increased its posting capabilites to include photosets and videos over the weekend. Take a look if you want :

http://garyatwood.tumblr.com/ I dont want to purchase another theme to be disappointed again. But I’d love to work on the code if you are willing. bruinboy83@gmail.com thanks

Thanks for your interest

Adding video support will implicate to re-write the whole javascript. It turns out that next week I will have some days off to start coding this new feature.

Stay tuned

I really love how you implemented the photoset api, but i’m afraid it may confilct with my current javascript. also I’m currious how you built out a customized portfolio page that has more listings than your index + the removed header.

Quick question, I would like to buy this but wanted to make sure I could place a custom background image (no-repeat) + bg color.

I don’t mind having to do it in the code as I suspect it’s not too difficult. Just check. Nice theme.


This theme is not built-in with that feature but if you know some CSS is pretty easy to achieve what you are looking for