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Thanks for the great work you have put together. Some questions though

1 – Is the timeline a page template? 2 – If one is not true, how can we create different pages each with a different timeline content and different timeline settings? 3 – In either case (1 or 2) can we fetch time line content based on tags or custom taxonomies? 4 – Does it show the publishing date? Can we use event date instead which could be a past date? Would this work with BC dates?

Hope to get a reply soon.


Hi chodhry, sorry for the delay. 1 – No it’s the entire theme. It’s not a single page template.

2 – Each post has his own settings so you can create different styles for each category. This are the posts settings https://flasherland.com/themeforest/help/settingsshot.jpg

3 – You can have deferent timeline for each category or tags you just need to link them properly in the menu. For instance this link will show only posts that has tag art https://flasherland.com/themeforest/timetravel/tag/art/ This one will show only post from category circle https://flasherland.com/themeforest/timetravel/category/circle/

4 – Yes it’s shows publishing date. You can set your publish date to be the same as your event date. You can add past and future dates(the theme has options to turn off the default WP “Schedule” post when you using future date.). No it’s not working with BC dates.


Thanks for replying.

Is there any way we could add BC dates in there?


also would this work with custom taxonomies just like it is working with tags/categories?

I have the same question as chodhry above before I purchase..

Is it possible to have multiple pages with customizable timelines?


Hi flash1821, You can have deferent timeline for each category or tags you just need to link them properly in the menu. For instance this link will show only posts that has tag art https://flasherland.com/themeforest/timetravel/tag/art/

This one will show only post from category circle https://flasherland.com/themeforest/timetravel/category/circle/
saylahv Purchased

Can you please tell me why that odd text appears at the bottom with background image here? http://hpsepicurean.com/timeline/?p=22 I’m Mac: Safari, Firefox and Chrome all show this symptom Thanks! —saylahv


Hi saylahv, you have unsupported character. Can you please provide me with url and pass for your administration

can this be used with http://www.phptravels.com script ?

Look Bilbo, I need to reduce the size of the post (I’m using the circles) and it seems that you are defining a 380 px width by javascript…Not sure. I have reviewed all the documentation we have in your zip file, but I didn´t find it. Could you send me by mail?. Thanks! Very good job.

Good day I’ve installed the theme as instructed and I’m trying to use the video background feature but the video does not play youtube or any. Please advise the player seem to load but only a static signal is displayed not the video

On my Mac, if I expand the browser past a certain point the edges become white. How do I resolve this?

Hi, Before I purchase the theme, which I LOVE, I would like to know if it shows how to do the initial page, where there’s the three options (colorful, glass and FB). I would like this intro page for my site so it takes the visitor to the appropriate section. I too have three options, so this page would be ideal. Thank you in advance for a quick reply to this.

Hello, I wrote in the format of Contact, Profile, but you did not answer me, buy the item and have a problem with the checks in, are not displayed correctly and the user does not know if selected, here are the links

http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk14/jimusicec/Capturadepantalla2014-06-17alas12317_zps587003ca.png http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk14/jimusicec/Capturadepantalla2014-06-17alas12255_zpsc67bd57b.png

Thanks! Very good job.

Great approach for a theme, really enjoyed it on a laptop. But as “GQPSF” mentioned : The iPad can freeze completely. Here it happened while touching the menu. One time the site was not fully loaded, but the menu already there -> the freezing was so complete, that I could not even get out of Safari anymore as the HOME button didn’t work either. Safari was constantly replicating the background image. Additionally the swiping on an iPad is partly with long delays – so unfortunately I came to the conclusion, that it is not really suitable for iPads and smartphones. Pity, otherwise I would have bought this theme immediately. btw …tested your demo on an iPad mini with latest IOS.


There are several things that can be done to reduce the site overload and some of them i have updated in the preview. Can you please check it now and let me know how it went

Is there any update on the WPML question? And how long do you think, will you support this theme with updates? I like it very much and it would be perfect for a planned project, so I will most like buy it sometimes during the summer. WPML support isn’t critical but would be a nice extra. (And since I have to write a project description it would be nice if I can add ‘dual-language version is possible’ or not. ;-) )


This question ist still open and an answer would still be highly appreciated.


Hi Felicea, Sorry for the delayed answer. The WPML is currently not supported but there are other multi language plugins that should work. I’m planing to support this theme as long as it need. I can’t tell the exact duration

this theme look it’s great,want to purchase.but don’t know support 3.9 or not? waiting for your reply thanks


Yes it’s support 3.9

hello bilbo

great work .. i purchased your theme but i need html version also ..please tell when you will update html version.you will see your design in coming worlds biggest website


Hi dassgaurav, currently there is no html version but i’m hoping to release it in the future


it is very nice. I’d like to get the HTML version for it.

Regards Abedelhadi


Hi toreed, currently there is no html version but i’m hoping to release it in the future


Thanks for your reply. Shall I wait or it will take very long to be released.

consap Purchased

hi for the homepage, is that possible to show PAGES instead of POST with event date?

Example I want to show 12 different page format at homepage like About Us, Products, Services, Gallery, Team, Contact us etc?


No currently only post are displayed in timeline view. But it can be achieved with theme modifications

consap Purchased

hi i just tested your demo link using iphone and ipad, seems like it will freeze the browser or just quite unexpectedly when clicked on the post image. Just want to confirm is there any limitation when come to mobile and tablet for this theme?

I love this theme but concern of the stability when browsing using mobile and tablet. Hope to hear from you soon.



Hi consap, it depends on how old is the device. This happens when the device is out of memory and can’t handle the content.

Hello! I’m very interested in purchasing this gorgeous feeling theme, but questions;

My intention is to create a year long timeline, which I want to be generic – ie no year numbers like 2014, 2015, 2016 etc anywhere – a timeline that displays the days and month, from january 1 to december 31 and I’d like it never to display the year number in the timeline, or anywhere.

I acknowledge that the posts will obviously have a year in their published date, but i want the year hidden from display in all instances. I’m aware there may be a way to hide the whole date in all instances, but not only the ‘year’ part of it – if that is the case, I can work with that by titling my posts appropriately.

I intend to pick any year, say 2013 for example, and then backdate all posts to that year in order to present them at the correct position on a single year length timeline.

Are one of these ideas possible with the travel timeline theme?

I’d be forever grateful if you reply to me. And if it can be done, I’d be very excited to crack on with my project, using your theme.


Hi alssignup, by default you can’t hide only the year but with little changes it can be achieved please drop me a ticket @ http://cray.ticksy.com with your WP administration url, user and pass and i’ll check what can i do for you


that’s great, thanks, I will do x

Hello guys the sport is now handled here http://cray.ticksy.com/ If you need any help or question please drop me a support ticket and i’ll do my best to help you out


Pre sales question:

Can I have a infinite number of posts to show in the time line?



Yes, but if you planing to have lots of posts i recommend to use pagination (with 1,2,3… pages) style instead of infinite scroll