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Hi, we just purchased this template and we love it. Unfortunately, playing background images on slideshow (on the homepage) doesn’t work for us.

We want to be able to control the background display on the homepage for each post. We could do this by identifying a background per post or identifying a background image per category. Either of these two options would work for us.

Any advice? Many thanks! Manuela

Hi Manuela, this type of feature currently is not available. It will require some advanced jQuery/php modifications in order to be achieved. I will consider to add this this feature in future update.

Greetings. I have no idea how I missed this theme but I’ve found it now. I want to purchase it but I have one concern. It seems that it is built using a number of free plugins but my experience with WordPress is that plugin authors come and go. Do you have any backup plan if any of the plugins that help to make this site so “cool” disappear? Also, I am on an older iMac and the site seems kind of slow in response time. Do you think that is on my end?

And I have to ask whether you are going to continue to support and develop this theme? I want it for the long run.

Thanks so much, and very, very nice design.

It all sounds good, CrayThemes. After reading the comment from Germanthemes below, particularly about the “welcome screen,” I have one other question. I had planned on making a different page the “home page” because I need a “welcome page” before folks heads into the timeline. Selecting what page is the “home page” and what page is the “blog page” is built into WP, of course, but I want to make sure that there is no problem in engaging this option with your theme. Thanks.

It’s not a problem you have to create one page (homepage) and one empty page for default timeline(blog page) then you only have to select them as homepage and blog page.

Great! Just wanted to make sure…thanks.

Great Work, but I think, that you should relaunch a big update and adjust the theme more to 2015, remove unnecessary code to increase speed, adjust better to todays mobile phones. I hope you plan an update, for instance to make a welcome screen, to improve search results as showing the keyword or categories, to make a timeline-like-page, clever places for ads, option for top bar and logo. There are some small things you can improve to make this theme greater. Make it faster, cleaner, more usable for mobile and desk.

When you promise to launch a big clean and improved theme, I will buy it right away and probably also for a 2nd project. But you need to think about how you really can make it greater. Think about many scenarios and clean out unneccecary code, make it faster for Google Page Speed Ranking, SEO …. Then I´ll buy one and probably two. Great job so far with all these animations and design. Still, some work has to be done to make it perfect. Will a big update come?

Thank you Germanthemes, for your suggestions and valid points. I have plans for several improvements and features. I’ll consider your input for sure.

Hi Cray. Thanks for your quick response. It would be really really great if you could give this theme with all that feedback a big 2016 update. There is much more potential in your amazing work. It would be great to see a nice big update soon. Promise, you got a new buyer and as told above, probably more than once, here then. Keep me informed please!

This is a great theme. I want to create a site that shows the history of our property over the last 150 years. So I wanted to know how I date the pages so they appear in chronological date order.

Thank you deanhowell, Just set the same posts dates as your history events and keep them chronological. Then you can choose form theme options how to order them on the timeline ASC or DESC

Thanks very much appreciated.

i REALLY want this theme.. however when im on mobile and i click read more.. i find myself stuck with no way to close back to the main menu.. am i missing something…

Hi poetikz, i’m not sure where you got stuck? You can aways swipe back to return. Please close my item switcher(top bar) when you checking on mobile

CrayThemes, one quick, critical question: Do I have to use Disqus for comments? My site will be private, registered users only, so I don’t want to use the Disqus platform. I do need comments as a function, however. Thanks again.

Hi bmb267, Disqus, facebook and native WordPress comments are optional. You can enable/disable them if you want. You can enable only native comments or whatever combination of comments you need.

Hello, this is really a great theme!

Do you offer this theme as HTML only theme? i dont use wordpress.

Thank you paganm, currently the HTML version is not ready yet but i’m planing to release it in the near future

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. Has anyone customized this to be used with the events calendar pro plugin?

Hi chadagate, i have never test/use events calendar pro plugin and i can’t be sure how can be implemented with my theme

I am noticing a display error when moving through posts

I have attached a link to a screen shot from http://www.orangevale.online/2009/02/2009-2015/ – see bottom right corner when you hover over the next and previous arrows the pop-up display has some code in it.


HI deanhowell, this is happening because your post starts with shortcode and the tooltip can’t display only firest few words. To each post you need to add short text in excerpt field \\


bmb267 Purchased

Hi, just bought this theme a few minutes ago. I see no installation instructions in the downloaded zip file. I would have thought they’d be in the Documentation folder but I have checked everything in there, and no installation or help files. How do I access the installation instructions? I see folders ‘demo data’, ‘documentation’, ‘Licensing’ and ‘wordpress theme.’ Am I missing something?

Please open documentation folder and click index.html


bmb267 Purchased

Sorry for taking your time. I was looking for something with the word ‘installation’ or ‘instructions.’ Looking forward to using your theme!

I love the theme but I am curious if there is a way to change the theme / breakpoints so that the theme always remains in the 3D (forward backward motion) and does not change to the 2D (upward & downward motion) when you change to mobile view. When I mean is it possible I am curious (A. is it fairly easily done with a mid – high level of Wordpress knowledge and B. If not is it possible at all as in something I can hire someone to alter for me) Thankyou

Thank you geareinvestments, as long as you’r comfortable to edit several css styles it should be relatively easy.

Nice theme. Before I purchase: I know this may seem like a silly question given that this is a Timeline theme, but I was wondering if it was possible to simply remove or display:none the numbers (dates) inside all the circles. I like the motions, I just don’t want each element as it moves along to be associated with a date.

Thank you andrewjcortesi, Yes you can easily hide the dates with few lines of css

Cool. One more question. I’m trying to decide between Time Travel Timeline and Share It. I guess what I like about Share It is that there’s an option to have a static header graphic that remains on the top of the page when you scroll down (except I noticed on my iPhone for some reason it doesn’t do this?). Either way, I would like to always have a header graphic/logo. Would Share It or Time Travel allow me to do this on all devices?

i like this them and want to buy but when you are in cellphone view, there is no way to “X” or back out of a post once you click it. you have to use back on the browser and that is not good. can you add a back or X-out button in the cellphone view mode.

HI poetikz, this is just one css style which hide the buttons on mobile. It’s a matter of deleting one line of css.

why is it hidden? is there an issue with it being shown? just curious…

This is good question. There is no issue at all. At the time i was thinking that is no needed on mobile. Please check live preview again on mobile

Hello i want to buy this theme but i have a couple of questions; 1: Is it possible to in addition have check-in / check-out times that the user can select. 2: Is it possible to have more payment options (like Ideal) and is it possible for the user to reserve without paying. 3: Is it also possible to set a rule for each product that the user need to select a minimum of 2 nights or something else or something like that?