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Hi ,i have 2 qustion. can i import custom font … to use plugin post like counter

How would I enable CSRF protection to the input fields like comments on this theme?

Andrey I have shared my current observations with this issue on the ticket. Kindly check into it. Thanks!

Audrey can you please reply to my question?

Audrey can you please reply to my question?


EvoRod Purchased

Hello. i work on AMY THEME and i want to implement this plugin…

i need just the year no date. the year just show if i put the mouse over the date, but in my project i just have the years

its posible to activate just the YEAR ?

best regars

Hi EvoRod, Please check EnvStudio replay


EvoRod Purchased


i need your help.

i need to private the homepage with password and all posts

can you help me please

There are lots of site password protection plugins. For example try with this one

It would be great if you could release the timeline functionality as a plugin so that I can integrate with a theme I have created.

Hello, the facebook demo tab don’t work. This plugin still work on Facebook?

Hi guys. I liek this theme very much. Is it still maintained? Last changelog was October 2015. Thank you

Hi gregy1403, yes it is. There is big update underway but i can’t tell when exactly will be released.

does it support child theme? I have “green light” for my customer to install this theme …

Currently the theme doesn’t come with child theme

Hi there, with this theme can you create more than 1 timeline? if so can you put them all on a the home page to allow users to carousel through each one?

You can have different categories and link them as menu. For example this is category circle and have only circle styles posts this one is only square style posts etc. You can link timelines based on author or tags

Hmmm could I have thumbnails on the home page that link to different timelines?


dotdragon Purchased

Finally installed and really loving it.

How do I get the home page or a category to show results from the first one in the timeline not the most recent?

hi. I’m having few issues. 1. Icons .. can’t get them to show, there is no plugin in package. 2. also there is no visual composer in package

there was no notifications :( can i force it to ask me again?

Just go to this WP admin menu Appearance – > Install Plugins and you can select and install all required plugins

nothing more there to install :) . which plugin do you use for icons? Font Awesome? Also there is no Visual Composer to install

Using Pingdom tool it shows 240 requests!! approx. 100 of them are for mp3 .. i have disabled voice control. Also errors for awesome font ..!/dVheXA/

Hi gregy1403, can you please open support ticket at Currently you have 170+ post on your homepage without pagination or infinite scroll. You should consider to reduce your post per page value to a lot less and activate infinite scroll pagination style. About font awesome you are mixing subdomains which cause Access-Control-Allow-Origin error. I think your admin is in your main domain but the site is in subdomain

thank you fro quick answer. I switched to pagination and entered 20 postsper page, but now i lost that nice continious scrolling :( Or am i missing something? Now, when i list 20 posts i have to click on page 2. Regarding subdomain you are right. I haven’t had this issue before, this is my first subdomain .. any reccomendation to fix icons? Thank you

Is it possible to hide “Read More” if excerpt shows all of the article? Now, we have short excerpts which are actually full articles, but stll shows Read More

Is it possible to make timeline at side for “quick scroll” to specific year in range?

Image in full post is cut on the right .. any settings?

Timetravel is not showing primary category if a post is in two or more categories. Can we have a fix for this? Thank you

Hi guys .. whats up with update? Wpml?

Hi gregy1403, i’m working on it. Wpml support was not considered but is a good idea to include it

that will be awesome .. can’t wait!

i meant WPML ;)


I’m interested in purchasing your theme. Is it possible to make TimeTravel buddypress-compatible?

If yes, how much would this cost?

Thank you!

BTW: Do you offer a special license which allows me to copy the theme as often as I want to my customers?

Hi RBinsack, to be honest i have never check/test the buddypress plugin. At least not in details. Unfortunately all licenses are set by Envato and currently there is no such one. You will have to purchase license for every of your customers.

Is the theme compatible with travel api s

I mean can i insert search boxes, fligths, hotels, rent a car

I mean can i insert search boxes, fligths, hotels, rent a car

I mean can i insert search boxes, fligths, hotels, rent a car

Excellent theme, What i find interesting is your voice command feature. I noticed you develop plugins as well based on your theme animation. I would be really interested in possibly implementing your voice command tool into my own theme. Is this something easily doable or perhaps any plans on providing a plugin for the voice command itself? Im very interested in implementing it.


HI motiondream, it’s really depends on your theme and what you want to achieve but in general is not an easy task and must be integrated with the theme.

hi, very nice theme. if you make it more automatic the options i.e. home page posts/categories, ads, etc i will buy it. i run a autoblog thats why i cant login everytime and set sticky posts.