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I installed the latest version of the theme and can not find the options to change the color scheme (light to dark). Also I see no function header banner rotator or no extra option effects …

Hi… Everything works great. But I have a specific problem which appears only on IE11:-

The post contents are not appear when the contents are in localized language. It just shows a blank post in the timeline. I checked the page source and I can see the post contents in the html source. My site is www.santoshsahay.com.

Can you please help? Thanks

Hello thank you for the great theme, one question i am having trouble with is the purple post title link to the post page, how do i change this link to an external one away from my site? i have done this for the image but the content link just takes you to the post how would i change this?

thanks again


I’d like to add some additional badges to the existing ‘New’ and ‘Hot’ badges, i.e. badge#1, badge#2, badge#3. So can also be selected from the existing dropdown.

I have the images all ready and the stylesheet updated however I need a pointer as to where to amend the code.

Thanks in advance…


Hi, i have some problems with the background slideshow image, i put 5 images, all work good 1 to 4… but for some reason the image 4 go to 1 again and the 5 image dont show… can you help me a little here?

Hi guys GREAT theme loving it that for sure but only one problem I’m loving the theme you guys made and im to big a noob to ever get to look like yours. Is there anyway I can have my site looking like the demo and just change the stuf out with mine ? Would save me a lot time if this was possible my email is brad@a2z.se and I bought the theme about 3 months ago.

Hi! Congrats on your awesome design!

Pre-purchase questions:

1. Will it be possible to remove top menu?

2. I would have liked the date to be displayed all way to bottom. From a HCI perspective its bad that date disappears so fast.

3. I want to use the timeline to display my whole career (as a CV timeline). It would have been a sweet feature if background could change for each year.

4. This is only a suggestion: It would have been sooo sweet with a horisontal slider on the bottom, displaying how far you are on the timeline. E.g. if you display 1000 entries, it would be nice to know what to expect, by having a bottom bar saying e.g. 1995-2014.

5. Does the facebook-template come out of the box, together with this time-line? Do you know what I mean? They are not 2 different versions, but simply an iFrame in Facebook, right??

6. Will it be possible to sort among categories inside the template? Say if I have PRIVATE and BUSINESS entries, and if a person only want to wantch business-related posts? AKA a filter-option?

7. Dont you offer any support or response to your customers?? I just checked the comments and there are posts like one months old with no reply?



Dear Team,

I have installed the theme, but i dont find e-commerce module in the my site!

Can you help me!

Hello everyone,

We purchased the theme, but we noticed that the background animation for the timeline black version is missing in the downloaded files. It’s one of the reasons why we purchased the theme. Thanks in advance. Bart

A question, how can i put more menutitles in menu? Can i change it in CSS but where? If i put more than 6-7 titles in menu so it looks like strange,. Thanks for advice and thanks for a amazing theme

Pre purchase question. In the timeline I want to use this theme to cover a period of time that a couple went through and I want to be able to social share any, all or some ot the timelines as they occur. can I set this up ?


is there support sor this theme?

Thank you!

Listen – I wrote you a month ago, and I see on your other works that you do not support nor reply.

Are you alive? I am affraid of buying this theme if you are like a total gonner..??



Any news about calendar on right side? Thank you ;)

No Support here anymore … buy at your own risk ..

Hi Pudelwerfer, the support is handeled trough support ticket system at http://cray.ticksy.com If you have questions pleas open support ticket

Pre-sales: what’s the support like for adding maps to the timeline posts?

Is it possible to change the time format to time ago eg ‘2 minutes ago’ or ‘3 hours ago’ also…can the ‘read more’ be easily disabled.thanks

Hi reportscomingin, this options are not available without file modifications

Your ideas are fantastic, this is the third theme I’ve liked that’s turned out to be yours. Again, is it possible with this one to set widgets or pages?


marakud Purchased

HI ! great theme !

i would like to know how to have a picture in a circle near a post like the demo. I have add a main picture to my picture and select the circle form but i have nothing.