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markk26 Purchased

I installed the latest version of the theme and can not find the options to change the color scheme (light to dark). Also I see no function header banner rotator or no extra option effects …

Hi… Everything works great. But I have a specific problem which appears only on IE11:-

The post contents are not appear when the contents are in localized language. It just shows a blank post in the timeline. I checked the page source and I can see the post contents in the html source. My site is www.santoshsahay.com.

Can you please help? Thanks

Hello thank you for the great theme, one question i am having trouble with is the purple post title link to the post page, how do i change this link to an external one away from my site? i have done this for the image but the content link just takes you to the post how would i change this?

thanks again


I’d like to add some additional badges to the existing ‘New’ and ‘Hot’ badges, i.e. badge#1, badge#2, badge#3. So can also be selected from the existing dropdown.

I have the images all ready and the stylesheet updated however I need a pointer as to where to amend the code.

Thanks in advance…



JazXen Purchased

Hi, i have some problems with the background slideshow image, i put 5 images, all work good 1 to 4… but for some reason the image 4 go to 1 again and the 5 image dont show… can you help me a little here?

braddk Purchased

Hi guys GREAT theme loving it that for sure but only one problem I’m loving the theme you guys made and im to big a noob to ever get to look like yours. Is there anyway I can have my site looking like the demo and just change the stuf out with mine ? Would save me a lot time if this was possible my email is brad@a2z.se and I bought the theme about 3 months ago.