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I have had great success initially with this theme until, when loading an image, I received an http error and since then I can’t get anything to display. My site is http://songofshambhala.com/spine/.

I also asked a question earlier that it appears you may have overlooked:

Would it be possible to either remove the dates or have them display the most recent (or later date) last.

Hi phillipwhite your Wordpress can locate the template i think your problem is your WP can you please remove timeline theme and re-upload it again. You can remove date trough deleting it from PHP the code same is valid for sorting the posts

Could be. I made the mistake of upgrading my WP and am now reading that there are some issues with 3.5.

I guess I will be starting over. In the meantime. Could you PLEASE answer the second question: Would it be possible to either remove the dates or have them display the most recent (or later date) last?

I am using the theme for transmedia storytelling and do not the dates and would really benefit from their being displayed as most recent displaying last.


Took a good long time to play with the theme and understand how it works. However there are a few issues I’ve run into I just can’t figure out on my own.

1. The logo on the top left some how grabs the link of the same page one is viewing and basically reloads that page instead of the home page, ie : If I am on the contact page it basically loads like this : http://sample.com/contact/index.php

I fixed it by replacing the

“ss-nav” in the header a href="index.php" class="logohover"

with the direct url. But I figured I should ask you if that is ok?

2. Opera doesn’t play the video backgrounds. Both your demo and mine so I take its a browser issue. Just thought I’d let you know.



@phillipwhite works fine on 3.5 here.

And if you don’t want the sticky posts only option on the home page you can reorder it to show oldest post first and sort it that way (oldest to newest). let me know if you want the code

Or else as bilbo said in his reply you can delete the date by editing the pho file. To be specific ( I will not be responsible if you break anything)

open up the themes index.php and delete this block (if you want to remove it for pages/categories do so for page.php) as wll:

<div class="time-dot-date" style=""> <div class="arrow-date-border" /> <div class="arrow-date" /> <div class="container-border"> <div class="gray-container"> <?php echo get_the_date(); ?> </div> </div> </div> <div class="time-dot" />

Hello, why not to make video bg from YT and Vimeo too with html5 support? Is to save some real bandwidth not using self hosted videos.

I am enjoying working with this theme but am having trouble getting Soundcloud to work. If I use Soundcloud is Gold an error that reads “Cannot use string offset as an array in . . . “

If I use the Soundcloud Wordpress short code it seems like a player is appearing but then it says “can’t find any sounds”...

I am not having this problem with the other sites on the network so I thought I would see if you had any insight.



I like this, and I’d purchase if this is included profilio interface.

This theme was created with Divine right? magnifico :)

Hi quebombazo, i’m not familiar with “Divine”

Would it be possible to either remove the dates or have them display the most recent (or later date) last? I am using the theme for transmedia storytelling and do not the dates and would really benefit from their being displayed as most recent displaying last.

I am having trouble with Soundcloud on this this theme. It’s working perfectly on the sites in the network but for some reason it will properly display giving an error message “404 – Oops, we couldn’t find that sound SoundCloud.com” as you can see on the bottom of this page:


Any suggestions?

Hi phillipwhite, can you please provide me with admin pass trough my profile contact form in order to check how you embed the soundcloud.

I’d be glad to. I have Soundcloud on the rest of the sites in my network but for some reason it doesn’t want to show up on this them. I would give you passwords.

Good Work !

Good day, you can ask the operating instructions of the Themes, with all the settings, manual that came in the game is not very informative

Hi, i cannot purchase this item, i have 65 dollars on my account. Try to push purchase but nothing happening.

Hi winchlife, i think your problem was temporary. Please try again to purchase the theme. If you’r unable to do it again please contact envato support

love this, is it possible to isolate the main center timeline minus the header or footer, id like to embed this via iframe into my existing joomla site or will it screw up the facebook version thanks id like to get this asap

Hi lalaine, you can disable header banner and footer but if you going to add the same timeline to your FB page and Joomla site it will be with same settings

Hi, I assume you can add videos to the timeline?

Yes you can embed youtube or vimeo videos or use WP video plugins here is demo of 2 WP plugins http://timeline.flasherland.com/?cat=17

Hello, it really need to be responsive, and you will have a top theme

How to increase the width of the class ’.time-dot-date’ while keeping the element centered?

The size of time field is limited because of rounded images. They can’t overlap. Please select short date display from WP settings->general

That’s not what I want. I want what I posted above.

Then you have to change css class .time-dot-date in order to achieve this.

Hi, I just purchased your template, and creating our website.

Would you tell us if you have instruction for layouting the text contents like what you did on “Shortcodes” section in your demo?

Thank you!

Hi mikenogami, i dont have detailed instruction on how to do this but i have provided demo data which include demo of “shortcode” page

Whow can I set a different color at the menu voices for the CURRENT page?

Yes but it require some css changes

I’ve added this code, but nothing changes.

a:current { color: #cc0000; }

a:active { color: #cc0000; outline: none; }

What else I’ve to do?

Contact me trough my profile contact form

Hello bilbo_b, are you planning an update of the theme anytime soon? Let us know, thank you.

Yep with some fixes

Yep i have missed to put the loading gif for background slideshow. If you want i can send you right away just contact me trough my profile contact forn