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Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Hello!! Im wondering how can I insert soundcloud songs on a post? I tried but could not get it to work!

Thanks for purchasing the theme, you simply need to copy/paste the embed code you get from soundcloud into a post (see screenshot here http://i.imgur.com/dBj8N7D.png)

Thank you!! I was coping it wrong I do not not why!

Hi, I wasn’t sure where to ask but the theme isn’t loading correctly in IE or Firefox yet it works perfect in Chrome and on tablet based browsers. Any fix?

Wasn’t sure where else to ask, loving the theme!

URL: http://www.jamtarty.com/

Hey JamTarty, Thanks for purchasing the theme. The issue is in your edited styles.css file on line two, at the end for the body selector you have the following: font-family:”arial,sans-serif;} just remove the double quote you have there because you’re not closing it after this is why you have the issue.


Is there set up that needs done? I dropped this into the theme folder on my hosted site and it seems that something is wrong. http://twbarton.com/ivigilanteblog/?

Thanks Ty

Yes, well it turns out that not only did my host company screw it up there was also a compatibility issue. I was able to get in contact with a great service tech at the hosting company and he really knew his Ghost stuff and was able to adapt your code to their host so all looks great now.

I did have another question. I was thinking of adding Disqus. Do you think it would throw off the theme at all?

I was able to get it working and it works although not quite how I thought. I will email support.