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jaekyu Purchased


I really like your theme, and I just bought this.

I have a question for you. I really wanna use 2 timeline menu. (like your example page / “WORK”) what I mean, I need 2 photo layout type page. Can you explain to me? how can I do that.


These are some pre-purchase questions that I have: -Is there a refund policy if your theme is not the right fit for me or a trial version/demo available I would be able to get a feel for? -How are the timeline ‘events/items’ added? Are they posts or their own tab on the wordpress admin menu? -Is it possible to have navigational categories? (i.e. navigate/jump to year/centenial grouping on click, like 1701-1702 or 1700-1710) and is it separate from the wordpress categories? -I notice the use of lightboxes, is there an option to add description to each item as well? I mean to the overview as an excerpt perhaps and the full description on image view. -How many timelines are able to be made with the theme alone? Just the one on the main page? Are shortcodes available on timeline placement? -Lastly, is it much of an effort to add timeline events? After I’ve completed the site build, I’d hope to pass it onto our client and I’m hoping it will be as easy as making the event, attaching the photo/text and linking to the/a timeline, or adding the event to the timeline from the timeline.

WordPress 4.4 support will be?