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Socasul Purchased

So, after I had explored better and deeper this theme my conclusion is that I totally wasted 40$ for a good looking theme but useless from to many points of view. A lot of them, are already told here, by other paid clients. I won’t say anything about support because, either if the creator will start fixing the themes issues, after 1 year of complainings, we have to wait probably another year to use this theme as we intended when we bought it (many of us). I end my frustration here, and if Serifly wants a full feedback for this theme I will post it here, after I find another theme and finish my project.

P.S: Instead of buying this theme you better start to create a facebook page.

Socasul Purchased

Hello, I’m in a rush with a project but I’ll make a quick list of issues: 1. Galleries: - size=””” on gallery shortcode has no meaning, the gallery creates his own dimensions taken by the first uploaded picture - add from media option – disabled (not working, gallery will load only new uploaded pictures) - the other settings of the gallery are waste of time – link to (attachment, media, none) - nevertheless: caption, alt text, description (works, only on single picture posted)

2. Timeline, which wants to be the golden part of the theme, has no sense if you don’t have the opportunity to have a clever structure of your content. Basically you have a “screen resolution limitation” of your timeline content. Maybe if we were able to create a primary timeline structured only by years with a preview (title and gallery) linked to another secondary timeline structured by months the theme had a logical purpose. And no, i won’t use tags to do that, even if, i could create another secondary timeline (which again, I can’t). (My harsh and ironical PS refers to this lack of logic of the timeline).

3. Bugs (more or less)

Didn’t see in comments if tweeter problem was solved, but my widget is still retrieving tweets. Calendar points strange days allocation (e.g. M/1 T/2 W/none – until next monday when starts again M/3) (This may be something related with installation date and some posts, didn’t have time to investigate)

I saw many other strange things in source codes, where I tried to create the impossible, another secondary timeline, but like the american saying “if it works, don’t fix it” (and i don;t have enough time to debate)... my biggest disappointments are regarding to gallery, pictures, and this beautiful timeline with lack of real utility.


Hello Socasul,

thank you for your detailed feedback. The gallery plugin may indeed have some flaws to it. The automatic resize of images was a decision to provide a overall good look independent of which picture is embedded into your site.

The timeline function is intended for portfolios and projects of limited number as advertised in the description and demo. The items itself are regular posts from which you could easily link somewhere else. Multiple timelines however are unfortunately not supported but were never the purpose of this theme.

The Twitter widget has been fixed with the latest update as stated in the item description. I am sorry you are not satisfied with the purchase. I do however encourage everyone to contact the sellers first and ask if something is possible. Many other users did so before buying and I never once encouraged someone to buy a theme when I didn’t think it would be a fit.

Socasul Purchased

Hello again, Yes indeed, I could ask before about themes features, and it’s my fault that I didn’t. The simplicity of the theme saves you from other complaining, after all has not major issues like bugs or/and errors. If I’ll make someday the necessary improvements to fit with something more organized with larger applicability I’ll send you a copy. Until then do you think is possible to receive an update with pictures captions? I’m in a very big rush… Thank you!

The theme options keep blowing up when trying to modify it. I can put all the data in the fields and save it. If I want to edit it and hit save it erases all the data. I have to start over again. Very frustrating.


That shouldn’t be happening, I will have a look. Thank you.

Pre Purchase Question.

On the timeline what is the maximum number of projects that the homepage can handle?

What I want to know is if it can be used for infinite scrolling?



Unfortunately no, it is not made for infinite scrolling. The pictures are being lazy loaded but you should not display more than 40 projects.

V17 Purchased

I was wondering, would it be possible to add the ajax portfolio from this theme


To this template?

I have tried installing the other theme in a separate folder and then using an Iframe in Timeline but cant get it to go fullscreen.

Would it be possible to install/add this portfolio style to this template. Just as another separate page.

The reason being is that I want to use the timeline on my homepage as a showcase of my best work, and I want a separate portfolio of all my work.


Thank you very much for your purchase. I wouldn’t recommend running multiple WordPress installations using iframes. However, right now there are no new plans to add additional features to the theme.

I also think showcasing your newest and/or best work on the frontpage is the way to go. Possible clients often need to get a quick overview of the quality a designer can provide. If you want to list older work, your only option right now would be to create a regular page and show them through simple galleries.

V17 Purchased

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I wasnt sure if it was just a matter of adding a page with the script.

If it is a difficult task to pull off I will make do with just the timeline on its own.

V17 Purchased

Another quick question. I have the version before the twitter fix. How do I update it?

Do I just install the theme again and will that effect my sites content?


Yes, simply download and reinstall the theme again. Your content should normally not be affected but it is always recommended to have a backup in place.

My purchase is pending the answer to this question:

Does this theme support custom sidebars for pages and/or blog entries. In other words, so that I’m sure I’m being clear: can I assign different sidebars to different pages or blog posts.


About Page = Sidebar X | Home Page = Sidebar Y | Client Page = Sidebar Z

and so on and so forth.


Thank you very much for your interest.

The theme unfortunately does not offer custom sidebars. It includes a total of three fixed sidebars (Main, Page, Contact) and the large footer for widgets.

V17 Purchased

Hi Serifly

I’ve given it more thought and decided I really need a proper portfolio as well as the front timeline.

I’ve set up the other site ready to fit in nicely with this template http://www.v17.co.uk/Portfolio/404-2/

I’ve messed about with I-frames but cant get it fullscreen.

I just don’t understand how I can get it to fit snugly in your site. Do you know of any way I can do this?

V17 Purchased

Sorry bad link, this is the template http://www.v17.co.uk/Portfolio/


Do you want to show the portfolio iframe in full screen or the same width as the actual site? The problem with using iframes is that you need to take care of the width and height manually as the browser does not know how large the content of the iframe is.

The only option I can think of is to set it to a fixed height and variable width using CSS.

V17 Purchased

Yeah. The same width as the actual site.

OK, how would I go about doing that?

I’m considering recommending this theme to my client. Before i do that i have a couple of questions.

Is it possible to have a more static use of the homepage (same layout).

I was thinking about custom titles instead of the tag navigation and custom content on the homepage with link to pages (not posts) but with simular layout.


Unfortunately that won’t be possible. The only way to use the home page layout is to create portfolio posts and link to something else in the content.


Thank you for your response. Sadly i cant use your theme for this project. I do really like your design. Maby an other project

abelo Purchased

Hi there…

I am very pleased with the theme.. Recently I noticed something odd.

I was unable to insert a Info box(full width of page) on one of my timeline pages. For some reason it gets placed on the bottom right of the browser window. kind of floating on the same position as the “info box” were the original template displays the “All pictures shown here are in the public domain and can be found at Pixabay.” message.

I took a look of the PHP of the timeline page and clearly there is a mark up that calls “infobox id” to behave like small box floating to the bottom right of the page. Perhaps this overwrites the styling of the info box tag that works like a charm in any other page except the timeline page/post

I don’t know if i explained myself properly with the issue at hand.

Serifly, can you provide a fix for this? or perhaps a direction in how to solve this issue? Let me know if you need further documentation of what my issue is.

Thanks, A

Hi, I just switched themes from a previous blog and the main question is that I don’t see anything on the timeline? I tried selecting dates and tags and still- nothing. Do I need to add it under ‘item’ for it to appear under timeline? When changing to this theme, all the previous posts were categorized as ‘posts’. Anyway to make them appear under ‘Timeline’? Thank you

Hello there,

I like your theme. Can you make a demo for the tag navigation too?

And, maybe, could you create another blog template… smaller images, maybe columns, maybe grid with time line / tag navigation feature?

Would be awesome


I just want to have more post on one view ;) so, more blog styles would be nice


I want add a category on Timeline Custom Post Types. What would be the best thing to do?


I’m currently using the custom tag navigation. Is there anyway to arrange the order of the tags in the navigation. I assume it’s arranged by alphabetic but I’d like to arrange them different.

for example, If I had tags as Apple, cherry, orange. I would like orange to be on top, first tag on nav. Please let me know

Hi Serifly, i can not edit or add a new slider to the blog/post. http://cio.kirchgessner.de/default-gallery there a no functions at the administration.

rommov Purchased

U will have a zip of problems if u buy this theme.

It says it’s responsive, but on the ipad the header doesn’t change size so the page up and page down arrows shift down a line and block part of the sidebar. this is an issue when the gallery is open because it blocks the close button, so you’re stuck in the gallery. any thoughts? Heath


ps. it also blocks part of the timeline.

kgallot Purchased

Hi Serifly! Nice theme. Just only one question: do you thing it’s possible in future to have a linkedin social icon ? (like the other: serifly_option(‘social_linkedin’)? It would be complete for social media linking :) Cheers Kevin

I am getting this error on my home page. :

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/05/4499705/html/Leslie/wp-content/themes/timeline/single-timeline.php on line 51

Any ideas why? URL is: thefamilydolls.com Is it odd that it is going to the single-timeline.php template and not the regular timeline.php template?

Support version WordPress (Version 4.1.1) ???