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eyeganic Purchased

How can I switch the order of the timeline? Right now it shows the oldest posts first at the top of the timeline as opposed to the newest.

Finding that the styling is not the same as on the sample site. For example, the gray text is black and the line-height is smaller. Is this a common issue? Example: http://jasonsilverstein.com/more/this-is-a-test/

@jasonsilverstein can you say me if it works on WP3.5 please ? thank you

Best regards and happy new year :)

uzero Purchased

Just set up my blog with this awesome theme. Just love the design and how clean it is! But I have one problem that I hope it will be fixed for next update: the author posts. At the moment, clicking on the author’s name on a blog post does not bring up all the posts they wrote. Also, it would be great if there was the author’s bio at the end of every post.

@snip, that may be my issue. I am on 3.5, but I can’t say if this is the concern—the developer needs to answer but has not.

I’m unlikely to wait too much longer… not that I’m being threatening, I just am anxious to set this up. Hope ThemeForest does refunds.

@jasonsilverstein thank you for your reply :)

I have just gone to see your link concerning your previous comment, and I believed to understand(include) that you had questions on this theme.. By looking at the source(spring), I see that the active theme is ” pupa-wp ”. Is it the good theme which you activated?

Hi Serifly, firstly thank you for creating such a clean, elegant theme. I wish you much success and many sales!

I’m using the heroUnit to display a banner image instead of the dynamic text, having made this change by removing your heroUnit code in header.php and adding this instead:

<div class="heroUnit">
  <div class="wrapper">
    <img src="{filepath}header.jpg" />

However my problem is that the image is not responsive.

Can you please advise what I need to do to make it change size on smaller screens, just as other images do (eg. images within a post)?

Also I notice the theme doesn’t use “Feature Images” and that the image needs to be inserted into the post. Being able to use “Feature Images” would be a good feature in your theme!

Many thanks!

I love this theme! GLWS!

rvw Purchased

Would it be too much trouble to ask for retina logo support ?

Everything else looks great on my mobile device but the logo really throws it off.

Thanks and great work !


After purchasing the theme and customizing it mildly to fit my needs I just stumbled upon one issue. Using the buttons will make a lot of sense for my future usage of the theme.

Therefore I’d love to have links that open in a blank tab or window. Where can I fix this issue?

Is there a chance to have widget usage in the timeline sidebar as well?

Best, Kai.

dbordow Purchased

Hi, where can i find setup instructions for this theme? is there general documentation about how to activate the timeline page, building sample contact pages, etc?

Thanks in advance for any help and I’m sorry if it’s obvious but I can’t find this “Well Documented” documentation….

Best, David

distreal Purchased

Any chance for Wordpress 3.5 support? Gallery is broken on 3.5:(

dbordow Purchased

nevermind. found it.

The mobile menue with the three horizontal lines does not work on my samsung galaxy tablet. Any body else have an issue?

Just saw this on his page: Limited support until 23rd of January

Please do not purchase any item before the 23rd of January if you require fast and personal support as I am currently still on vacation without access to my workstation. Thank you for your understanding.

every time i create a new timeline post, ... i get a 404 error, the post can not be found. :(

Im ready to buy this theme, but it looks that there is any support, right?

There is support but this month he is away. check author’s page.

Hi Serifly,

This theme is great, exactly what I was looking for. I have one question before I use it that I saw was asked a few months back:

Can you set the default view to full width without the side timeline bar?

You replied to the last person who asked this that the next update would have that feature, but I’m not sure if there has been an update since that user asked.


Thanks for your answer kahlilc54