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Sorry to post again, but can someone just tell me generally how to use this? If I use “Timeline>Add Item” it makes each post a separate single page with that one timeline item.

How do I get it exactly like the Demo page where you scroll down with multiple posts/project on one page?

How do I make my logo the timeline by default and not the blog?

Very confused! thanks!

andysj Purchased

Hi Serifly, I’m in love with this theme–very well designed.

I was wondering if you know a relatively painless way to add rollover state functionality to a custom logo?

This seem to be the theme I’m looking for. Two questions:

1. What social media is supported built into the theme?

2. Is this theme “retina ready” so to speak?


kajkar Purchased

So I bought the theme, but the following “social media” and such would be very nice to have, grouped together with the standard ones:

RSS E-mail LinkedIn


V17 Purchased

Hi, loving the template so far! Just having a bit of trouble with the twitter widget, it just says “Please wait, retrieving tweets…” all the time.

I know its set up right because the follow me button is linking to my profile :s

Hey great theme really working well for me aside from rss option. I have a feed burner url that is working I placed in in the place you specified in theme options > custom feed and nothing changes at all. Any suggestions? – CLARK

kajkar Purchased

So, now I’ve spend a couple of days installing my new site (aldabergr.se) and have a few issues of which one is serious:

1. The comments doesn’t work, with or without Jetpack comments (big deal!).

2. Swedish letters (glyphs) are not supported in Hero Unit, “read more” and such places. It works once, but if I go back and edit the page, the letters disappears and must be replaced every time.

3. My standard WP galleries in posts and pages stopped working.

It would be nice if the buttons had a “target” option as well (blank).

Of this no 1 is crucial. Thank you in advance.


kajkar Purchased

Update: the blog option “Don’t display the category in the post header” not only does that, but also removes all comments below the post, which was not clear. Solves that problem.

Swedish glyphs would be nice, and the documentation could be a bit more detailed and also lacks some info, for example that a button style can be “dark” or “red” to get the red version.

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Gallery short-code not working in Posts or Pages on v 3.5. Please help! :-)


Seem to have trouble with the swedish characters ‘åäö’ when changing ‘Hero Unit’ and ‘Theme Options’.. They show up on the first edit, but when you edit them the second time around the ‘åäö’ characters are replaced with ‘Ã?¶r’-characters.. This is also true for the ©-character.

Could this be fixed by myself or do you need to fix this in a new version?


Hi serifly,

Would it be possible to combine the small images / icons using css sprites?


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Please can you Update ..


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This theme is not compatible with the new version of Wordpress that was released a couple of weeks ago – 3.5.1

In particular, Featured Images are gone from posts/pages and are missing from the new wordpress media library.

Can you please let us know when you will release an update?

Is there a fix available for the featured image issue?



I would love to buy this theme but it seems not compatible with WP 3.5.1 Any news on that?

Same here, I am very interested in purchasing this theme, but want to make sure that it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress (and will continue to be compatible with future versions of WP).

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Hi, please solve the questions:

1. how can I have the comment function for timeline posts as well? 2. how can I have both timeline posts and regular posts at front page? whey they’re separated from each other?


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QUESTION: I added a h1 Tittle to my homepage (timeline.php), right top of the timeline. But, this shifted everything down and now when I click on the sidebar categories, it doesn’t land on the correct part of the image.

I set my sidebar categories to show tags, and when I click on each tag, because of the big h1 title on top, images gets cut off. How could I fix this issue, please help.

pelmender Purchased

Good day. I’ve bought your theme. It’s very good working. Thx allot for your job. But I found one bug with Russian Language. It happens every time I try to enter the title of the Hero Unit using russian language. How can I avoid this?

It would be great if this theme supported LinkedIn as a social network (under theme options) so it would appear in the header of the page.

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It seams that we run out of support!!! Did anyone know why the custom structure permalinks are not working? My email is tota@velos.com.cy