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Hello, Your theme is now optimized for viewing on mobile phones and tablets? thank you


At this time it’s not. However we have a series of updates coming up and making it responsive (optimized for mobiles and tablets) is our top priority.

Thanks for your interest.

2 questions: Is there a module for ‘new products’ or ‘latest products’? Is there a module displaying the categories on right side or left side of the page ?


If you click on a category on the demo such as Women, in the right sidebar there is the “New Products” module.

There is a module for categories it’s called “Categories Block” and you can place it in the sidebar as well. It doesn’t show up in the demo right now.

Thanks for asking.


i have a problem when i select French Language. The slider image is not display. is it a bug ? or it is the demo version ?

(i’m on safari with mac book pro retina)

thanks for your response


It’s not a problem. In slider configuration I didn’t set any images for other languages. I will update this soon.


Thank you so much. One more question: is it easy to change the background image?

The background color is white. This can be changed very easily with an image or a pattern but we aimed for simplicity.

If you meant to say the images from the slider, categories and products they are also easy to change. In the documentation files I wrote the exact image sizes I use for all mentioned above.

Let me know if there is anything else.

Hello, Is it possible to have a facebook button or tweeter in a product page ? i mean, is it already in there or do i need to install by myself ? And if i buy this template now, the updates for smartphone and tablets you ‘ll make, you’ll send me ?

All the best


For facebook there is a module built by Prestashop but I don’t like the way it looks so I removed it. I will take your suggestion into account and build a custom social module for products.

If you purchase the template now any updates I make you will receive for free. It’s Themeforest policy. Basically you will download the files again without paying once more. Subscribe or follow us from our profile to be up to date with any changes.

Thanks for you interest!

Sorry for my English. I bought this theme, but it is not installed with the module “Import / Export theme”.


Can you describe the problem a bit more? Do you get an error message in the import / export module?


It worked.

messge “An error has occurred during the file upload. ” Permissions on folders is 777

I have encountered this issue. This problem is because the file is lager than 2MB and it exceeds the maximum upload size (the actual file size is 2.7MB), so it’s a server issue and not a theme problem.

To fix this you need to edit php.ini file on your server and change the upload value from 2 to 5. Also check the value in Back-office > Administration > Preferences under “upload quota” section.

This should fix you problem. Good luck!

PS: A restart to the server may be needed for the effect to take place.

Hello, When i want to create a new category ( exemple man or wowan) when i click save, i have a white page and nothing happened. Do you have an idea ?


I can create new categories on the demo and on a fresh install of 1.5.1. Maybe you have permissions issue, check for that.

hello, i bought your theme few minutes ago, but i make a mistake, my prestashop is 1.5.1 so i think your theme is not ready for this version…? i have an error message on my front page ” Warning: math: function call liHeight not allowed in /home/admin/domains/ on line 50 ” and all my pictures doesnt work. i give you my website.. and you can see thank you

hello, sorry it’s me again, i make all the installation with your documentation and now i have a problem with product page too, when i click on a product , the product page doesnt exist, its an error message “Fatal error: Class ‘ProductComment’ not found in /home/admin/domains/ on line 732” and the link :


The theme is compatible on v1.5.1. I noticed the error on your website. Did you copy / paste the files that come with the theme from modules folder? You need to overwrite at ”<root_path>/modules”.

Let me know if it works. I’ve just installed 1.5.1 and it all works without any problems.

Hello, I have some questions before I am going to purchase.

1. is it possible edit description(more info) part to move to above related products? because my detail images are around 1000px X 7000 px.

2. is it possible change thumbnail product image size?

3. is it possible to remove related products to accessories?

Thank you!


Everything is possible but for questions 1 and 3 you will need a developer, preferably someone with PrestaShop experience because you need to get into the code to make these custom changes.

And for question 2 is very simple, you have an option in Back Office at Preferences > Images all you have to do is change the value.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Hi again, Would you able to just question 1? I tried to edit through firebug based on your demo but I found out little buggy on image block. How much are you going to charge for extra to edit my question 1? Thank you :)


Send me an email from my profile page or at Please be more specific about how you want to arrange the elements and image sizes. A wireframe would be nice.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

hello and thank you for your help i fixed the problem with product page and the menu, but i have an other code on my first page “Warning: math: function call liHeight not allowed in /home/admin/domains/ on line 50 ” you can see it on my website : thank you again

Hello! I think that this warning is caused by a permission issue. Try to set the permissions for /tools/smarty dir to 755 (or 777 not recommended ) recursively. Tell me how it worked. Good luck!

merci de m’aider les droits etaient deja en 755 recursive je ne vois pas d ou cela peut venir si vous avez encore une idĂ©e pour information lez message s affcihe que quand j affiche les erreurs dans le fichier /config/ display_errors on quand je mets sur off plus rien

sent you email couple days ago, any updates? Thanks

Hi, I’ve sent you an email regarding your customization


how many columns can be displayed by the template ?

Hello, the default layout for products is 4 columns and in categories you can switch to list view (1 column), also you can easily change this if you use the 1140 grid system.

hello, i can’t fixed the problem with the error code on my first page but i just hide it. and i have an other question, how can i change the language of “available” on my product page, because my website is in french . and how can i change change the green color on the theme ? thanks again a lot !


The error you are getting is actually a warning and on production servers the warnings should be turned off. Personally I do not get this warning. I don’t think you should worry about this anymore.

To change the language go to Back Office at Localisation > Translations and click on the flag of France, search for “available” and translate it to your language.

The color of the theme can’t be changed at the moment. I will release very soon an update in which you can change the theme color using a color picker.

Good luck!

When are you updating Timeshop to be completely compatible with Prestashop Found some minor issues using Timeshop with such us Top Horizontal and Product Comments. Thanks.

Hello! Can you please send me an email with the issues you have encountered. I use the theme with version 1.5.2 and seems to work well. Thanks!

Hi the theme is working great for mac safari etc. but i seem to be having a serious problem with internet explorer, i.e. all the alignments seem to be out.

Can you take a look and advise?

I’ve tried enabling CCC as some forums say that may help but doesn’t seem to work.

Would appreciate your help very much thanks!

Hi! Thanks for reporting this! There seems to be a problem on IE8 , I’ll look into into it and hope to create a fix until the next update.


Just wanted to let you know I have fixed the issues with Internet Explorer. You should download the files again.

Thank you!

Hello, this theme is available for fixed width? for example width 1000px ?

At the moment the theme has 1140px width and it will support other resolutions on the next update. You can make it to be fixed by setting into the bootstrap.css the .row to width: 1140px