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Thanks a lot! your are really amazing! Your support is the best i have seen!!!! For the moment, i don’t know if you have fix the zoom, for me it’s always the same

Can you tell me where i can rate the template, i don’t find it!

Hello! You find the rating stars to your profile > Downloads > next to the download button for my theme. Thanks!

That’s done you will tell me for the zoom for the moment, it don’t work

I haven’t change anything on your webiste, the fix will be available with the next update.

Have a great day!

Hello! The zoom is fixed in v1.3 and you can use it if you upgrade.

Best regards!

Hello, I can’t see the live preview now, is there any problem?

Hello, It should work now, maybe the server was down for a few minutes.

Hi, this post is for all who experience the same problem. Our server’s Motherboard has crashed and for an unknown reason after it was changed the server only loads on Firefox. So please use Firefox browser to preview just for a couple of days until we sort things out. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank you, it’s working now. But when I see the product page and narrow the explorer, the product image doesn’t change its width and the text is getting hide. Will this problem be fix in the next update?

Hi, thank’s for pointing that out. I see this only happens on Firefox. I will fix it.

Hi, why is marked as theme 4 + columns, but in the preview if you have only 2? you can use the theme in 3 columns? also on the home page? Thank’you

Hi, it is marked 4+ column because with our grid system you can have as many columns as you want.

Hi, I’ll probably gone buy your template, i was reading the comments you always talking about updates you gonna do, buying your template the updates are included and how many time? Thanks for your answer

Hello, updates are free once you purchase the template. Just download the files again when you see we released a new version.

Thanks for your interest.


if I buy thema, you provides the psd layout?


Hello, psd files not included.

Hello bitshok, I send you a mail to your office, without answer, should i asked you there ? Thanks

oups i didn’t see the 2 updates. I have just download the new pack. What’s the best way to update ?

Hi, the best way to update is to download the files and overwrite with yours. If you made customization to the code be careful not to overwrite your files and lose your work. I’m going to post a changelog with the files changed so you only need to overwrite those. Sorry if I missed your mail. What’s your email address?

I tried to open the preview of this theme before you buy the iPhone. But I do not load the goods in your cart. If I click “add to cart”, nothing happens. In addition, the slideshow does not work either IE9 (IE8 included). MI can reassure if these two issues are resolved, then I start buying. :-)

I’m working now on a new feature so that when you click on add to cart you can go straight to checkout. This will fix the problem on the iPhone. I know there are some issues on IE8 I ’ll get to that also. It works on IE 10 perfectly.

Hi, realized that the “one page” checkout is not looking as the rest of the theme. Is this in your plan at the moment?

Hello, I’ve noticed this also. Will fix soon.

Hi, Demo version home page slider doesn’t work on IE, is it normal? The theme works with 1.5.2 version? Is it responsive really? Thanks for your answer.

Hello, the theme works on v1.5.2, it is responsive and it works on IE 10 , and it’s going to work for IE 8 and 9 soon.

Hello, Thanks for your answer the question now is when? Regards

Hello, I have just submitted a new update and now I ‘m going to address to the IE 8 and 9 issues so by next week I think they will be fixed.

Ok i’ll buy your theme hope you’ll do it. Regards

Hello, i’ve buy your template and have few questions: the green line (absolute top) doesn´t appear top menu doesn’t appear (in your case New collection, Women, etc..) products photos doesn`’t appear. Thanks for helping. Regards

Thanks for buying! Please follow the instructions for installing the theme provided into documentation and make sure you have the right permissions for your files. The installation is easy and you shouldn’t encounter any trouble.

Best Regards!

Hello, Done i’ve don´t have seen the documentation folder. The zoom doesn’t work, can you help me please. Regards

Go to Back office > Modules, search for Theme Options and click configure than enable jQZoom Evolution

Thanks done, how can i change the zoom configuration, i mean in my case the zoom is not enough. Regards

One thing more on each product with colors the second one doesn’t appear, if you give me a e-mail i’ll send you the capture of the page.

Please send me an email at with your website and more details and I will have a look

Sorry to ask again but will you make any update concerning social modules. If yes, I am sure to buy this them in the near future. I would need “add us on facebook” and “facebook like”buttons.

Hello, the “add us on” facebook and other social websites already exists(in footer of the demo). At the time I’m working on some IE fixes and after this I will create also “share product” and a mega menu. All of this are scheduled for the end of the next week into v1.4