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I just bough yesterday your beautiful theme. I am a computer scientist but newbie on prestashop. I understood how the hooks runs and how to dosplay blocs/modules but (as you imagine), I have a problem..


I installed your theme, I had the minor warnings (on image type already created, nothing important).

I followed the documentation (to display my thumbnails, the slider…): OK

And now, these blocs disapeared:

- topmenu

- Quick Search

- Manufacturers

- Permanent links (contact, sitemap)

Last thing: When I add a product in the basket, it goes on the left but the basket is on the right ;)

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards, Vincent

Hello and thank you for buying my theme!

Please retry with a clean install. Make sure you have overridden the modules provided with those that come with the theme, also please verify that all the modules are set into their corresponding position (you will find an image into documentation). If you don’t manage to figure it out send me an email with your back office information and I will have a look.

Thank you for your quick answer. Hidden blocs problem has been solved with “deinstall” and “Install”. I send you a mail for the other problems.

1.Is there an option to choose if we want a left or right column for the filters block.

2.Will there be a way to reduce the size of the category banners and the homepage pictures,will prefer homepage feature product pics to be more square or may be have about 5 on a row?

3.One the category pages ,Is it possible to move a“top sellers” block to the top ,so that it appears first while the category lists and others come under it

4.How many products can be listed on row,3,4 5 or 6

5.Selling fairly new designer clothing,under the filter ’’condition’‘Is there a way for me to add other condition values ,example—-like new,great ,excellent condition..etc.

6.Will there be installation help? Thank You


1. Yes, you can hook the filter module on left or right column.

2. You can configure the dimensions of any type of images from Back office > Preferences > Images. You can display 6 products on homepage if you change the grid class for featured products module from threecol to twocol

3. Use the top seller module from prestashop

4. The default is 4 but you can list 3 or 6 if you change the column grid class

5. PrestaShop products supports features and attributes that will appear on filter if you wish.

6. You find the installation steps and more into the documentation that comes with the files of the theme. Also you can always count on my support.

Best regards!

Hello, First thanks for your help, to be totaly honest i have to say that most of the problems i’ve put in my posts where not due to the template! This template (when you read the documentation!) is fantastic and easy to install and custumize. Wish you lot of sales. Regards

Hello, Thank for your beautifull theme but I have a problem with ie9, the slider doesn’t appear on this browser .. Please could you tell me how I can solve this problem on ie9 ? Than,k you in advance for your help. Best regards, Alex

Hello and thank you for buying! At the moment the bitshok slider doesn’t work on IE, it will work into the next release. Meanwhile you can use the default slider that comes with prestashop if it can’t wait


Could you please tell me if your template is compatible with PS 1 .5.2 ?

Thank you !

Hello, yes it is compatible with 1.5.2

Is it possible to install your theme with your demo store?

Hello, the demo products are not included but it’s pretty easy to setup your store just by following the documentation.

HI I just installed your theme on my website, however I have few questions,

1- on the featured page, I want the image size to be same as product size inside categories. Which image size is the default size in featured page in category and what should I change it to 2- I want to put 6 images in a row, how can I do that? 3- It says the theme is responsive, however it it does not seem responsive..

The position does not matter in this case. You could try to remove the modules to increase speed although you might break things because some modules rely on others and I don’t think it’s worth it.

Download the latest version of the theme and overwrite the following modules: bskmegamenu, bskslider, bskthemeoptions (and reinstall this module from Back Office). Also overwrite script.js file located in themes/timeshop/js/script.js.

This should solve the JavaScript errors.

I was able to solve most of the problems, even though I have uploaded the latest theme I still get a notification in the admin panel that the latest theme is available. also I get the below error still after copying new file

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.3; .NET4.0C) Timestamp: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 20:53:35 UTC

Message: Object expected Line: 1 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI:


In Back Office go to Modules > Positions and check that “Block manufacturer” is set on “Header of pages” position. This is what’s causing the problem. Also make sure you upgrade to the latest version of the theme.

If it’s still not working send me an email.

Hi! I installed the theme, but I saw a bug. In the list of the products can not switch to the “View products by List”. How do I make this kind of a default?

Hello, please check your modules positions to be as in documentation, from the first look I see that the menu it’s not set as it should be and it could be other issues also.

Best regards!

Hello, Some weeks ago i’ve bought your theme cause you’ve told me that in a week the slider would be compatible with IE 9 and it still not the case, can you tell me if you really gonna do it? Regards

Hello, the slider is compatible with IE 8&9 since version 1.4 (please check the change log or make a clean install with the latest version). Also about tomorrow the version 1.5 should be ready for download, it comes with some new and some improved features.

Best Regards!

Hello, i just need the slider to be compatible i have done changes and don’t want to lose those changes can you give me only the changes please. Regards

Regarding the slider you will need to override the /modules/bskslider/scripts/bskslider.js file. Also you should see what other files were changed in the change log that comes with the latest version because there could be some other fixes that might interest you. If you override only that files from change log this shouldn’t change your store configuration.

ok thanks

Hi, nice update with the menu my client just asked for a layout for the menu similar to this, in the smallest responsive state. However, you have an notice in your code: Line 614 you are using $category_image which is defined in an if and have no default value. Could you please update this to the next version :-) I’ll fix it my self for now. Thanks for a good theme!

Hello, I’m glad that the updates are useful to you. Thanks for reporting this notice, I’ll look into it.

is possible to have sidebar on main page? Many thanks

Hello and thank you for your interest in my theme. You could have the sidebar on the main page only if you modify some tpl files to suit your needs. Only by adding modules into sidebar position from back office it will not appear on the main page.

Hello, I have some issues with you theme, that I bought al least two months ago, but still i’m working on my store.

Similar to Vincentfenoll, some blocs disapeared:

- Manufacturers - Permanent links (contact, sitemap) - Social links doesn’t work (show icon, rollover is working, but doesn’t open the link), and many other things.

I’ve tried to uninstall EVERY module but the import/export, and import again the Timeshop theme. I didn’t have before the quick search, neither the top menu, and the contact block always showed the Paris address, and now I have them showing, more or less, the correct information, but still have several issues.

Thank you for your help. Best Regards, Vincent

Hello, please try the following:

- Check your server permissions to be set correctly

- Upgrade to last version of the theme by clean install or by overriding the files noted in the changelog file that comes with the last version

- In documentation you will find an image with all the corresponding modules positions, make sure your modules are set the same.

If you still encounter problems after this, send me an email with back office access and I will have a look!

Good luck!

Hello, I recently purchased your template and I have some problems.

The top horizontal menu does not work when the resolution is small. The menu contract properly and displays the word but when you click menu is not displayed above.

I said my hosting service if there is a special configuration on the server, the permissions or something to make it work properly. Everything else works creeo although I have not had time to see it completely.

Sorry for my English.

Please, it’s urgent.

Hello and thank you for buying! Check that there are no javascript errors, probably some module it’s not set properly, verify your positions with those provided into documentation.

Are the modules and template available in Spanish?

Hello, mostly it is but there are still many words that you’ll have to translate yourself. Prestashop makes it very easy to translate everything in the template and modules.

Hello, Do you have a idea why the manufacturer logo doesn’t appear in manufacturer page (in home page it appears). Regards

Hello, try regenerating the images, maybe this will resolve it

Ok i’ll try, another thing i’ve change the blskslider and still don’t work with ie9. Regards

It works on ie8, ie9 and ie10.

please i need help perhaps you’ve change more then one file, it doesn’t work with I9. thanks


Check with the changelog, there is specified which files have been changed. If you can’t sort it out, send me an email with your website and I will have look. Good luck!

Hello again.

Some problems have been solved since my last comment. But still social links doesn’t work. Logo appears and rollover works as you fill in each field, but there are no links. I mean, if you click, nothing happens, it’s only an image with no other function.

Second: Can I have the Manufacturer’s header in the language I have active, not always “MANUFACTURERS”? So, in the language module always shows “Language”, and never changes.

I’ve made a clean install of the last version and module positions are correct.

Thanks in advance


If you updated to the latest version clear the cache and try again the social links. If it’s still not working send me an email with your website and I’ll take a look.

To translate “Manufacturers” you need to do it manually from Back Office. Please read the documentation on how to do that.

Good luck with your project!