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Well, almost done! I’ve fixed some things more.

My last issue: bak block social, and the footer links. I’ve solved the problem too. Installed it again from the modules folder inside the zip of the theme, not the outer module folder. Then appeared the social links activation for product that I didn’t have before. And the links on the page.

Thanks a lot!

Hey !

i just uprgrade too, and just 2 problems. The social link at the botom appears but no link possible ( ther is no link working) and the social share for the product page, does’nt work too.

Thanks !

Check that the modules have the new features. For example BitSHOK Block Social should have share product, from Theme Options module you can change theme color and so on.

Mainly read the Update History from Item Description and check that you have all those things newly added.

Ok both are ok now :) My last little things, in the mega menu i can’t add links. The modules says links added but nothing appear ( i have tried to re-copy again the files, but without success)

It looks like a bug. I will fix this in next update (it’s working on our server but on the local server it’s not, it’s very strange)

Hi, just followed all the installation process and when I import the zip file from my computer at the end it gives me the error:

Bad configuration file

I tried several times and it keeps doing this. Can you please help me?


My bad. I was uploading the wrong zip file. Just in case anyone else makes this mistake, the file to import is alone. Installed the new modules and went to check the site but I get a message:

The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

Is this normal and should I continue working, or shall I go back and fix something before?

It looks to me like a server issue. Did you manage to install the theme?

The steps would be: 1. install prestashop 2. install theme ( from Back Office > Modules and search for template installer 3. upload and overwrite the contents of the modules folder that comes with the files to ”<your_prestashop_installation_root>/modules/”

I was able to do everything. Before installing the theme the shop was working with the theme packaged with prestashop. I can try everything from scratch again if you think that might fix the problem.

Hi there,

Just install your theme on a fresh 1.5.3 prestashop. I got a JS error on script.js (ReferenceError: $j182 is not defined) so i cannot switch between grid & list views. Seems to miss jQuery.elastislide librarie…



Check that you have Manufacturers Block module set on “Header of pages” position.

Best regards!

Problem solved ! Thanks


I have downloaded the zip file and am getting error “Bad configuration file” when following the installation instructions. I have prestashop installed. I have tried both uploading the zip into the modules/themeinstallator/import as well as selecting the zip from my computer.

Any thoughts?



First of all did you unzip the files from themeforest? You need to upload If you did this and still got bad configuration file, try setting the server max upload to 10MB. For me it works fine on 1.5.3, install presta, install theme, copy / paste the modules that come with theme files and that’s it.

Good luck!

Hi No luck. It was a raw install from the prestashop archive. Very basic configuration performed. The file was kept as a zip file and uploaded from computer. No luck. I changed the file size and that did not work either. I cannot install the theme. Please advise.

I cannot see any other errors. (I fixed the ‘To the order of’ error by disabling the check payment module)

Solved it.

Within the file, there is a file.

When I uploaded the inner file, it worked.


Is this the correct forum for support? I am okay now but I would like to know where I should be going if I have a problem.


Unfortunately we can offer support through this comment system and by e-mail at this point. We are thinking of building a forum as our community is starting to grow larger but this will take some time.

Feel free to e-mail at anytime!

Purchased the theme and can’t believe how easy it has been to set up! One question though…is it possible to add a 4th column in the footer block so i can add additional content page links? Thanks for all the help!!

Hello and thank you for purchasing my theme!

In the footer area you can place (almost) any module you like. Try using blockcms in footer it might be what your looking for.

Good luck!

Block CMS seems to only add to the middle (information ) column. is there a way to tweak it so there is now 4 columns ( My acct/Info/ new info/Store contact)

Sorry…forgot to ask this also…. how do I change the default green link color (e.g. home > whatever) to another on all my pages? Thanks for humoring a newbie!

To change colors go to Back Office > Modules, search for “Theme Options for TimeShop Theme” and click configure. Here you can change theme colors.

If you just want to change link color you can use the custom css box there to add your custom css.

Gonna have to find someone one to do that for me then. Not confident enough to create new css

I had some problems implementing my templates. The problem was because I had marked on “Smart Cache” to the JavaScript -> Use CCC for JavaScript code. This box must be disabled. Thanks for this great template Bitshok. I have not had time to install and test the latest version that you get. I wonder who has corrected and files are to be updated to not have to install the template again because tps and modify some of the original css.

Courage’re doing an amazing job and I hope this template even better. Regards and again forgive my English.

Thank you!

I recommend you to upgrade to the latest version. There is a changelog file so you don’t have to install it again, simply upload only the changed files and that’s it.

Hi bitshok, Please, How I can change this text?

“Product added to cart! Continue Shopping – Checkout”

Thanks in advance!


In Back Office go to Localization > Translations. Select “Front Office translations” for Timeshop Theme and click on the flag you want to translate then search for the words and manually translate them.

You must have the latest version of the theme to do this as I have just added this.

Good luck!

I don’t have the lastest version. I made some changes, and I do not update it, for now. How I can change it in the code?, which file?.


The file is header.tpl. Just search and it’s easy to change.

Hello bitshok, I’m wondering why is it the filtering on the right side of the page isn’t showing up when I’m inside one of the category? here’s an example of one category listing. Thanks.

Go to your Layered navigation block module configuration and rebuild your filter template, if this doesn’t work give me temporary access to your back office and I’ll have a look. Please use the email address.

Got it to work after your suggestion and reinstall afterwards. Thanks :)


When i want to download the latest version ( 7 january) in the package there is no new update ( last 18 december).


I’m sorry but each time i’m downloading the package (3166413) the changelog stop to version 1.5 ..

The changelog stops to “since version 1.5” which means that those are the changes that were made since v1.5 to v1.6 . I guess that it’s a little confusing .

Oups sorry, OK my mega menu works now :)


I have troubles with the manufacturers list, there is no images and no links.

I have this messages : GET 404 (Not Found) fabricants:1 GET 404 (Not Found) fabricants:6 Uncaught ReferenceError: $j182 is not defined script.js:1

Could you please help me? Thanks


You need to copy the contents of the “modules” folder that comes with the files you’ve downloaded from ThemeForest to “your_prestashop_installation_root/modules/” and overwrite them.

This should fix the errors but if it doesn’t make sure that “Manufacturers block” is set on “Header of Pages” position from Modules > Positions.

Please read documentation for more information on how to do this. Good luck!

Hello, I did all you said and read the documentation, but I still have the problem. Please take a look at my page :

Hello! The errors you have are from a bad configuration of modules, make sure you have the last version of the theme and that you copy the module into “root/modules” and NOT into ”/themes/timeshop/modules” or other location that has “modules” folder. Also please verify that the positions for modules are set corectly, you will find an image with all the modules positions from demo into documentation. If you don’t manage to solve it than send me an email with temporary access to back office and I’ll have a look. Good luck!

Hi, just purchased your theme, look great, but I have some questions I hope you can help me: 1. The language and currency at the top looks bad, like the format is wrong. What should I do to fix it? 2. I have created some categories and put them into the mega menu, but when I click on them they refer to the home page. any ideas? 3. How can I change the color of the top header where the logo and other info is? My site is


Hello and thanks for buying!

It seems that you have some javascript errors, please make sure that you have installed the theme following exactly the steps provided into documentation, make sure that the positions of the modules are set as those from the demo (you will find an image with all the positions). Also you will find information of how to customize the theme using Theme Options module and how to use the mega menu.

Good luck!

I re-installed the theme and follow some instructions and retouched some of the global.css file and now is getting closer to what I want. Thanks for te support!

Hi bitshok, I purchased your theme (and love it) but am facing a small bug with regards to the slider on main page. Indeed, whenever I change the language at the top of the page, instead of showing the slider, there is a spinning wheel (like if it was loading) but the slider never shows up. I can actually see that this is also happening on the live demo site that you have here Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello and thanks for buying! When you set your images for your slider, you have to upload images for every language you have enabled (there is a little flag next to upload). On the live demo it happens this for the same reason.

Good luck!

Thank you sir for the quick answer. It indeed fixed my issue. Best regards !

Hi bitshok, I have the same issues with ujinken above, for some reasons, the Manufacturers list page don’t have pictures like in your live preview: All of the image just said “No image available”. I checked and the module is in the right spot, both in header of page and homepage content. I have copied blockmanufacturer into $root/modules as well. Any other idea what’s causing this?

Also, is there a way to change the name of the header “Manufacturer” in the main page into something else? I tried looking in translation to no avail.

Hello! Did you regenerate thumbnails from Tools > Images ? You will find the translation for “Manufacturers” at Localization > Translation > Modify translation > Installed module translations .

Best regards!

Hello, is it possible to sell digital (downloadable) files with this theme.. for example photos etc… ?? i want to purchase the theme because its very stylish, but when i click the demo and shiping methods i have to enter the adress.. is there some button in the settings which disables adress and enables download? Thanks for answers in advance:-)

Hello and thank you for your interest! The theme works with downloadable products, but you have to disable shipping.

Best regards!