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Hi and thanks for your reply. There are MANY entries of this line within that .css file. I changed the first one at the top and nothing happened. So I changed them all and it worked but the result was not looking good at all. The margins were completely out. Could you specify the exact lines to change this entry?

Thanks again for this.

KInd regards.



I have specified “line 16 only” in my previous comment. Please send me an e-mail with your website and temporary access to FTP server and I will fix this.

Thank you . Email sent. As I mentioned there, in the email preview I received I did not see you had specified line 16.

Thank again for good support.

Just one more thing to ask. Regarding iphone and tablet compatibility iPad. In your screen shot it would seem that the theme is compatible. But, when I enable this for mobile and touchpad devices it doesn’t look good at all. When disabled it looks good on an iPad but the iphone is the same. The same as the default prestashop theme. Should anything be done to enable this for mobile devices? Thanks again.

Hi, Please advise on how I can have the left column show on the home page without losing the flexible layout. I wanted to show a few blocks such as the Category block. This block only shows on other pages or on the footer. Thks.

Looks like it would be better to leave out the sidebars and instead insert some modules on the main column. I noticed that Bootstrap has been updated by the developers. Do you plan to use the newer versions or can we install the newer version without breaking the theme? Thanks.

I didn’t test the new update from bootstrap on this theme yet so I can’t guarantee that installing the newer version won’t break anything. Better wait for the next theme update, I will include the new bootstrap with it.

Thanks for including the latest version of Bootstrap!

hello, i used timeshop in french, and in the product page “related product” it’s not in french, so how can i translate it? and where ? thank you

you can disable Shipping Estimation module

thank you so much !!

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How to update the theme with your new version?

Hello, in the files you download from themeforest you’ll find a file changelog where you can see what are the changed files since the last version. Replace those files in your installation of prestashop if you haven’t made any modification of your own to those files.

Best regards!

Please look at the 5th step on checkout (Choose your payment method), the ref column seems to be missing on the table grid, causing the ref data to appear on the avail column and an alignment problem. I’m using Prestashop 1.5.4. A similar column problem appears on your preview on themeforest.

I was looking at the wrong website, but on the one using your theme, the avail column is missing causing the columns to align incorrectly.

Hello, I’ve checked on prestashop 1.5.4 the 5th step on checkout and the ref column is there. Send me an email with more details please.


Is there any simple way to update the BitSHOK Block social plugin to use additional icons? I just want to add a simple icon which links to a website.

Creating the icon is all fine, but i can see the code is heavily hardcoded to just a handfull of sites.




There is no simple way to do this at this time. I will take your request into consideration and build a custom field in the next update. But for now the only way to do this would be hardcoded.

Best regards!

Hello, I can not see the slider if I change the language, it does not work with a language other than French as the English for example


In the slider module you can set different slider images for each language, click on the flag next to the input fields and upload the new image.

If you don’t see any slider image on another language it means you didn’t set any image for that language.

Best regards!

Hi, Great Theme.

I do have a couple of questions.

Firstly I am using the theme in the UK and our spelling of Colo(u)r differs from the US spelling. How do I change this within the theme? I have added the gb translation into prestashop and this has not made an effect.

Secondly within the checkout there appears a rather convoluted list of prices e.g.

Total products (tax incl.): £17.95 Total shipping (tax incl.): £7.00 Total (tax excl.): £24.95 Total tax:

Is there a way of removing the final Total tax section of the checkout form.

Finally, also within the checkout, there is an area called “Estimate your shipping & taxes” is there a way of removing this as the shipping cost for my personal preference will be a single fee?

Sorry for all these questions.

Kind Regards.


Thank you for purchasing.

To translate go to Back Office at Localization > Translations select “Front Office translations” and Timeshop theme from the select boxes and click on the flag you want to translate to then search for the words you want to translate.

As for the second and third request I didn’t find an option for this in Back Office so you might want to ask Prestashop on their forums if there is such a feature for this and if it’s not you will have to do this hardcoded.

Best regards!


I just purchased your theme and I love it, I have some details to solve:

Q1- Why the display button product doesnt work? You can try it on my website: I can’t change the way the products are displayed: horizontally or in a grid.

Q2- How can I do to display the word HT next to the price ?

Thanks a lot

Hello, I’ve just sent you an email.

Hello, I just bought the theme. Like it.

Is possible to turn on product image switching on mouse over?

Thanks, David

Actually I was talking about timeshop’s switching of a product image on mouse over event. The option “Enable jQZoom Evolution v2.3 on product page” is set.

If I move over a product thumbnail image the large image does not switch.

Anyway I sent you an email which describes the problem. Regards, David : )

I have another question.

Is possible to set some timeout to a popup that confirms adding to cart? I think an user wouldn’t like clicking on “Continue shopping” button all the time.

Thanks, David

Yes, it is possible by using JavaScript. Send me an email regarding this issues.

hello, your theme pretty nice & i wish to buy it. but did you plan add compatibility for PS 1.4.10? thx!

Hello, I’m sorry but there won’t be any compatibility with 1.4.x versions

Hello BitShock here I send our shop with your template modified by us, what do you think? Could we improve something?

Hello! It looks really good! You have changed it very nicely. I can see you have good taste in design. Good luck with your sales!

hi i need help with my theme – my category pages are doing fine by my new-products and prices-drop pages are not showing any items.,


I have answered your email.

Best regards!

Hi, I’d like to buy it but I need to use all 16:9 images. Product page seems great with 9:16 images. It’s possible to customize ?

Hello, in order to use wide images on product page you’ll need to modify product.tpl and decide what you want to have next to your image (main description and options or tabs) and also adjust the style in product.css . Best regards!

Hello, when the slider is set to Portrait mode, is possible to resize/shrink it’s height not just only width in case images doesn’t fit? Keep the ratio of the slider.

It would be great have an option to do that because there is a lot of wasted space above and below in the case.

Thanks in advance, David


I will take your advice into consideration and build this feature in a following update.

Thank you!

Hi, could you explain how to create tabs on product page. I need to have 4 tabs but it doesnt work.

Can you help or simply explain how shortcode works there.

Thanks a lot.


First of all Shortcodes work on Wordpress themes. On Prestashop themes things are done by Positions. The “Description” and “Details” tab appear automatically according to what you have set in your product information page. Also if you set product accesories the “Accesories” tab will appear. To set “Review” tab you need to set “Product Comments” module on ” Content of tabs on product page” position from Modules > Positions. Or you can set any other module that supports tab structure.

Best regards!

Hi and thanks for your answer. If I understand your answer, I just need to use positions to make appears some module contents in product tabs area (we suppose that this modules are compatibles with tabs).

So I have 2 questions: -> where can I find the details module and how to make it appear in my shop, on the product page, like on demo. -> is it possible to duplicate or have 2 times the description theme?

Before, we used h3 and it was creating a tabs with the paragraph under directly inside. Now it doesnt work anymore.

Thanks a lot.

Hello bitshock

I purchased this template and I have already installed. I have a problem with displaying the catalog, will not let me change the grid view to list view, can you help me? thank you very much You can see it here


It appears you have a JavaScript error ($j182). To fix this make sure you have copied the modules folder which comes with the theme files downloaded from Themeforest into ”<your_prestashop_installation_root>/modules/” and overwrite the existing ones. After this check that “Block manufacturers” is set on “Header of pages” position from Back Office at Modules > Positions. If it’s not than you will have to Transplant it to that position, make sure it’s set in the first 5 positions. This should fix your problem.

Best regards!