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Hi ! I bought this theme a few weeks ago, thanks a lot that’s a really good job !! I’m actually trying to add a picture with credit card in the footer, to the right. (the same as your demo) I tried with blockadvertising, but it didn’t works. There is no ads which appear.


Hello and thank you for purchasing.

In the footer I have used Block Advertising. Did you configure the Block Advertising module from Modules > Modules?

Send me a link to your website so I can have a look.

Thanks a lot, it works now ! The theme module was not configure in /modules but in /themes/modules ! Thanks for tour quick answer, have a nice day !

hello, please i tried to contact you by sending you an email but i don’t receive an answer, i bought this theme but i don’t see the cart when i used an iphone,

Hello, I’ve sent you a reply but maybe you didn’t get it or it went to spam. Reply to me at or

Best regards!

Hi, i want to buy this theme, but i would like to know if it’s possible to add few lines about each product to describ the thing, on the first page? or we have juste pictures to show products ?

It’s nice for clothes but for a more specific product it’s not detailed enough. thank you

Hello and thank you for your interest!

By default there is no description of the product on the first page, but it can be custom made to show one. Maybe a floating div inside the image, as in my other theme when you rollover a product, or just below the product image.

Best regards!

Is it Simple to do this little mod? rain drops is my other choice… just hesitate between both of them


It’s not too complicated. Both are great themes for PrestaShop v1.5+ and I’m currently working on improving and also adding new features on both themes over time.

The main thing that sets them apart is the design so go with the one you like and which you think fits your store best.

If you need a specific feature or customization you can e-mail me and we can work something out.

Best regards!

I want to buy your theme but at the same time i wish to know can you also install prestashop latest version [fresh install] + this theme for me? I dont have developer currently to do that.

I have 4 quires before buying this template.

1. Is this template suitable for selling handbags & paintings? 2. Can I have categories at left side instead of top? 3. Can I have animated add to cart process with page scrolling? 4. Are products displayed in the cart with an image of product?

Thanks in advance. You may mail me at


1. Yes. To test for yourself install the latest version of PrestaShop and look at product settings in the admin panel and see if they are what you are looking for. The theme supports all PrestaShop product features.

2. There is a module for Categories on the left (or right) sidebar besides the top menu but it will show up only on category pages.

3. This feature is not supported but it can be built as a customization and charged extra if you want.

4. Yes. In the demo you can add a product to cart and proceed to checkout and see the image of that product.

I can install the theme for you but further customization will be charged extra.

Best Regards!

Hello, we have just bought the template, and when i’m installing, the bitshock slider doen’t allow to upload images, it always say’s:

“Slide could not be added”

Any idea?

I’ve tried to upload product images without any problem.



I’ve just responded to your email.

Best regards!


First thing is to check if it has write permission on “root/modules/bskslider/images”, if it hasn’t set write permission on this folder. If it has and it’s still not working that means something from the server is preventing the image to be uploaded.

Send me a link to your Back Office with username, password and ftp access to have a look if this didn’t help.

Best regards!


I activate the theme for mobile and tablet, and i need to make some translation, and i don’t find where i can do that.



Chapter 6 (Translation) from the documentation explains just that. You can find the online version here

Best regards!

Hello, I have already fill in all the translation i need ( front office / modules ) but the mobile version still get in english ( i would like in french) Could you precise where is the translation for the mobile theme ?


There is no need to enable mobile and tablet version because the theme is responsive and it adapts to the devices that your visitors use.

Best regards!

Hello Everybody, I have a big problem on my french website using TimeShop, I don’t know why but it’s very very slow above all if it displays a product with a lot of combinations. You can check my website here: and a product very slow to load:

I configured the cache, the CCC, not the cdn because it seems that it doesn’t work with the SSL.

I can’t use the CCC for the javascript because the home slider doesn’t work else.

Do you think the problem comes from my server or from my website configuration ?

Can you give me a quote to increase the speed of my website loading ?

Thanks a lot to help me and sorry for my english.


Here is a tool from Google to inspect page speed:

I have used it to check your website and the major problem is your server response time which is in 2.2 seconds:

You can try to solve all recommendations they offer however if you want better speed you need a better host.

Best regards!

Are you sure the biggest problem is my hosting ?

How can I minify the Javascript, Eliminate render blocking, and Enable compression ? Thanks a lot

hello, i have a problem with the layered navigation module, when I select a category nothing change on the page, and it’s same for the price range.. i did something wrong ? thanks for you’re help !!


Please send me a link to your website and I will have a look.

Best regards!

hello , my website : ( just in french for the moment because some modules doesn’t works in english) and something else doesn’t work, “Theme Options for TimeShop Theme” module , if i change the colors of anything nothing change on my website. thank you again for you reply

Does this theme support PrestaShop 1.5.5?

Hello, the theme is compatible with PrestaShop v1.5.5

Hello, I updated my theme last week and plenty of things doesn’t work anymore. I have an intermittent error, a blank page appears sometimes when I click on the categories( but not every times) and i tried with an other computer and it’s the same .do you know why? and the module to change appearance of the theme does not work. thanks for your help – my website ( and do you know when the new updated is available ? ) thank you a lot


Please send me temporary access to Back office and FTP and I’ll assist you on this matter.

Best regards!

Hi, I installed the template but the images are not displayed in the front office. i’m uploaded like this and i see them in the back office. Can you help me please ?

Thank you…


Did you regenerate thumbnails from Preferences > Images? If this doesn’t work please send me an email.

Best regards!

Hi, the pictures not displayed in responsive in the smartphone. I’m regenerate thumbnails from preference and it’s doesn’t work. But its work in my site on computer. What s the problem? Can U help me please?

Thank U.

Hello, Go to BO > Preferences > Themes > Appearance > Enable the mobile theme and disable it.

Best regards!

THANKS SO MUCH… It’s working… Wonderfull theme, and wonderfull support !

i just purchased your template, I’am on prestashop, I installed the theme and my block language doesn’t appear, can you help me please

my shop is on localhost … I put it online and i send you the link thanks

where can i found your email?

You can use the message form from my ThemeForest profile or email me directly at

Hello Bitshock. I am managing a store with your theme installed and have the problem that does not change the view between list and grid. I have reviewed the above responses and confirmed that the block manufacturers are in the top 5 of the header, but the problem persists. What I can do?

Thanks, greetings.

My shop:

I do not have the BitShok Extra footer, I have product footer with two modules, “Bitshok block social” and “Products category”.


Submit a question to the Help Center with temporary access information for back office and I’ll have a look.

Best regards!

Thanks to the support team and especially Gabriel, I managed to solve the problem now I would like to describe for future reference.

In my file blockmanufacturer.php only had this:

public function hookHeader($params) { $this->context->controller->addCSS(($this->_path).’blockmanufacturer.css’, ‘all’); }

And by adding the line told me, copied from the downloaded theme files, the list view or grid mode has returned to work by leaving it like this:

public function hookHeader($params) { $this->context->controller->addCSS(($this->_path).’blockmanufacturer.css’, ‘all’); $this->context->controller->addJquery(‘1.8.2’); }

Again thank you very much for your help.

Greetings and sorry for my English

hello bitshok I am delighted with your template. Long time I have on my website and also time I have a problem. My website is fully customized and have played much css and tpl and for this reason I can not upgrade to the new version of timeshop having corrected some problems. The problem is that I need to know how to fix the bug that the shopping cart icon is not seen in mobile or tablets. Please if you could tell me the line and the css tpl or that I have to change to fix the problem I’d appreciate it very much. My website is


Submit a question on the Help Center and I’ll offer you further assistance on this matter. Check the support tab to see how to access the Help Center.

Best regards!

im interested on your theme, just 1 question? can I use it like catalog only??


Yes, there is an option for Catalog mode.

Best regards!

hello, I’ve just installed the theme over a brand new prestashop installation (v1.5.6.2), and I’ve found some problems:

  • The links near the logo doesn’t appear.
  • The currency block doesn’t appear, even the module is active and the hook configured…
  • I’ve configured the “TopMegaMenu” module with several items, but every page I enter the items showed are different…I’ve tried to reset the module, even uninstall and reinstall, clean the cache (several PCs, iPAD,...), tested with several options in “Preferences”->”Performance”... but I always see the same errors.
  • The manufacturer slider in the main page doesn’t appear.
  • How can I get access to the code of your “feature” item at your demo website (

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot, I’d missed that specific step… Now almost every thing is working fine, except “TopMegamenu”. You can check it at

And…what about my last question?

Kindest regards!


For menu issue: delete all files except index.php from root/cache/smarty/cache/ and root/cache/smarty/compile/.

You can see the code in the browser with inspect element or I can send you a file with the code via email.

Let me know if it works and your email in case you want the file.

Best regards!

Hello bitshok, it seems to be a smarty issue… cleaning the cache it works perfectly. But everytime I modify the menu, I should clean it “manually” (it’s ok this way).

I would appreciate if you send me the file to my email. I contact you from your profile…

Thanks for your support. Regards!

Hi ! I bought this theme in october and i would like to know if you would upgrade to prestashop 1.6 and for when Thanks for your response Bests regards


Yes, it will be updated for Prestashop 1.6. However I can’t say an exact date but I hope to have it ready within two months.

Best regards!

Thank you very much, I’m impatient to have it, this theme is really beautiful !

is support for prestashop v1.6.0?

Hello, at the moment it’s not, but we are working on it.