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Does anyone know how I would go about making this “NON” Responsive. It doesn’t look good on an iphone as not all things are resizing. I have tried emailing designiter, but it’s been over a month and no response. So I am hoping one of you on here might know? Thanks in advance

How can I make the slideshow not that big!?? :-)

I am working on a website www.aurorascicorp.com and it works fine in Firefox but when I try to browse it with Safari, I see the following problems:

1. The slider images on the home page is gone 2. I get this error message when I click on the contact page “The Google Maps API server rejected your request. The “sensor” parameter specified in the request must be set to either “true” or “false”.

Please advice.

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Is there any support for this theme?

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Does anyone know how I would go about making this “NON” Responsive. It doesn’t look good on android smartphones as not all things are resizing.

I have the theme installed in two locations and one one of them the footer is not displaying the widgets. Any thoughts?

With the new WP 3.5 update the background image doesn’t show anymore, neither does any other pre-defined backgrounds. Just shows a plane background. When reloading the timus panel, the image could not be found one way or the other, but it IS in the media folder. I think somethings wrong with the overwriting or reconision thing in the theme due the new WP 3.5 update …

Please let me know how I can fix this …

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I have version 1.1 of this theme and was wondering, how do I remove the Google Map and ReCaptcha from the Contact page? Also, whats the difference between v1.1 and v1.2 of this theme? Thanks a lot!


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Hi, two questions. please help.

1- How can I change the height of the slide image area ? 2- How can i change the text size. Widget “Simple Section Navigation” content. ( in right sidebar)


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This theme isn’t working correctly with wordpress 3.5 so consider waiting till the author releases an update. Media Uploader and visual editor aren’t working

WHY is there NO online support for this theme? I will not purchase this theme until some level of support is visible in the discussion section….

Hi designiter !

I would like to buy your theme but I want to know is there maybe an import.xml file so when I buy it I can import all content in order to make the website look like this one you posted on ThemeForest? And after that I would modify it the way I need to.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

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How do I set up the blog slider as on the demo? I want the “Read More” link right below the teaser text as you have it. When I try it, I get the blog title, divider line, and teaser text in one column, then a series of blog post excerpts off to the right. I prefer it like you have it on the demo. Thanks. oag.gov.mp


I’m thinking of buying the item, but I wonder if the Slyde can make smaller and in the part of your right you can put the latest blog post.

It’s easy to do? My technical skills are nil ….



I just a question before to purchase your theme :

With your theme, is it possible to create or to have a member’s area in order to have a intranet on my website ?

Thank you for your answer and sorry for my english … !

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The icon_list don’t show properly. When I write into page editor it show me only html tags. I copy shortcode from your Preview page. Than you for any reply.

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I’ve tried directly messaging but didn’t get a response yet…

I bought and installed this template but the sub menu items on the main menu are always extended even when you don’t hover over them. If you hover on the items they “hide” but as soon as you go to another page they extend again.

Can ANYONE help me with this?