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Could someone explain to me why this theme is only rated 3 stars? Technical problems? The demo looks great so I am just curious before buying…

I’m also on the fence about buying this theme and would like to know what issues caused it to receive a low rating.

Sorry for the lack of support for a few days :)


I would like to reduce the height of the image in the slider. (I am currently using the flex slider.)

Can you guide me where the changes have to be made to achieve this?



open file (themes/timus/library/slideshow/flex-slider.php)
in line 28, replace “392”, with the size you want
thank you for purchasing this theme

Thanks for you reply. Great theme!

dafilms Purchased

I have a couple of quick questions.

How do change the color of boxes? As much as i like orange, it doesn’t really work with my red color scheme.

Font sizes don’t seems to stick. How do I make them stay.

Finally, I can’t seem to figure out how to create the nice content area that you have on the demo homepage. Can you offer a little help on that?

Thanks Dafilms

to change the color box in this class. contained in the file “shortcodes.css” line 466.
st-box. box-header
you can modify the font here. contained in the file “shortcodes.css” line 473.
st-box. box-header h4
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Thank for answering my first questions. Did you see my second post about the duplicate blog post on the home page? http://urbansolutionsinc.org/

dafilms Purchased

Two more things. I seem to bet getting duplicate blog post on the home page. http://urbansolutionsinc.org/

Also, I can’t quite figure out the google map on the contact page. Where would I find the Latitude and longitude info for my location?



send me your wp login, I would check directly in the admin


Hi Dafilms,

you just have to close the final tag, like:
[blog title=”TITLE” category=”” item=”“] YOUR CONTENT HERE [/blog]

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Thanks that did the trick.


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Hi How to translate for this theme? will We create .po and mo files like : slicetheme_{langguage_code}.po , slicetheme_{langguage_code}.mo Or create files Timus_{langguage_code}.po , Timus_{langguage_code}.mo In languages folder ?

I found This code in default.po file :
msgid "" 
msgstr "" 
"Project-Id-Version: Timus\n" 
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n" 
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-05-15 12:42+0700\n" 
also i checked file st_functions have this line code
load_theme_textdomain('slicetheme', TEMPLATEPATH . '/languages');
So I think the Project-Id-Version in file po must be slicetheme. I found this line code in file comments.php
    <p class="nopassword"><?php _e( 'This post is password protected. Enter the password to view any comments.', 'twentyten' ); 
and some lines code like
_e('Save All Changes');
So is this theme ready to translate ?

this theme ready to translation only on public page not admin page

You need an application name “PoEdit” and you can download it for FREE here http://www.poedit.net/.

after you download and install it. Open file /languages/default.po with PoEdit then translate it to yours. by saving the new file, example “de_DE”, automatically be generating de_DE.po and de_DE.mo.

now, open file “wp-config.php”, then define WPLANG as “de_DE”

define('WPLANG', 'de_DE');

thank you for purchasing this theme


can i change the main color orange to something else



Yes. you can replace it with a predefined skin color, or can be replaced with other colors according to your desire. in css file

Is it possible to embed videos in the slider? I want to include an intro video on the slider, is it possible?


slider does not yet support for video.
we will consider for the next update.

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Video in Slider would be really nice for the next release. One other thing I noticed: My Logo has the dimensions of 319px × 60px. When I look at the site on my Samsung Galaxy S the Logo isn’t resized properly but a few pixels too big. Can send you a screenshot if you need one.

Also I am using #545454 as custom theme color and am using the Camera Slider. When I hover over the link text in the Slider the hover color is the same as the background color resulting in a non visible text when hovering on it.

Thanks for the great theme! These were just the small glitches I noticed in the hopes you are making it even more better :-)

EDIT : Also would be really nice for the camera slider if the whole photo was used as a link as well and not only the Text. And another thing I came along: The logo is treated as

which I don’t know if it’s really best practice because I think google likes “real” text better.


if you do not mind send me an email about the screenshot you mean, your website url included better, hope I can fix them quickly

thank you for your attention, a correction for me to make this theme better and thank you for purchasing this theme

Can the map on the contact page be more interactive, meaning when I click on the pin, the normal google box pops up with the info, directions, reviews, etc.?


it must be custom.
thank you for purchasing this theme

Are there slider controls for CarouFredSel Slider where it will rotate the slides at a specific rate like the Flex slider?


no slider controls, speed can not be change
sorry, above is not the answer to your question.

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I have some trouble with the Google Analytics for this template? Any one else? I’m not receiving data to analytics..

I’m using the same tracking code, as I used to any other template I have used.


there maybe error in javascript.
just provide me your url, let me check directly at your site.

incikli Purchased

Here is my website; www.luxyougo.com

incikli Purchased

Here is my website; www.luxyougo.com

Great theme!


thanks :)

Hi, I’m performing the same dafilms problem. Both portfolio and blog items seem to be displayed twice. Did you solve his problem?

the website I’m working on is: http://anghingo.it/

case solved! when you insert “portfolio slider” element the tags are by default: [portfolio title=”TITLE” category=”” item=”“] YOUR CONTENT HERE [portfolio] so you just have to close the final tag, like: [portfolio title=”TITLE” category=”” item=”“] YOUR CONTENT HERE [/portfolio]



thank you for correcting, I will fix in next update.
thank you for purchasing this theme

Hi Cool theme!

But there is 1 problem. Installed through the Admin Panel of WP. In the process I get a message that no style.css. Because of this set is dropped. What do I do?

The black background on the paragraph on the camera slider is not showing on Internet Explorer.

add this
into this class
.camera_caption .slide-description
containing in “wp-content/themes/timus/js/camera-slider/camera.css” line 321