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gunkel Purchased

unlimited sidebars. I need more different sidebars. how ?


Hi, I purchsed the Theme and its great! Can u help me @ a little Question? I wiuld get directly from the Portfolio Column viev to the Single Portfolio item. That means the Picture should not open. Directly link from the Picture to the Project. Is that possible?

THX in Advance.

gunkel Purchased

It seems, I can have only one slidshow with unlimited sliders. I need more slideshows. How?

In the middle of a site build right now, and finding that the theme is very versatile. If you could help me out with one thing however, it’d be greatly appreciated: I would like to see the portfolio page links have the images linked to the same link as the title (“single-portfolio” page) rather than the lightbox link, like the home page slider. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Temporary working address: http://www.silentnoise.ca/Rodway/


Firstly – great theme :-) !

Only a general question – is the homepage widget based or via a homepage panel? Is it possible to use a general page (full width or sidebar) as the homepage with a slider?

Kind Regards,


I can’t get Google Analytics working with this theme. Any help that you can provide?

I added a slider, but because I have a long titlename the arrow wich exands the menu isn’t showing.

I can’t edit or remove it now…how can I solve this?

Secondly, when editing the theme, the H1/2/3/4/etc tags reset themselves.

snezha13 Purchased

Hi there! I’ve been trying to reach you but it’s been a while and I still need help with one of my questions. The menu gets all messed up when you are on the internal page… This is the website that I’m working on: http://www.phenogenomics.cz/ My questions are: 1) Why is it doing it? 2) How do I fix it? 3) Will re-installing the theme help? 4) Will re-installing the theme delete all my custom settings including background and CSS ? Please please please, let me know because I really need to fix this isue. Thanks!

Hi I love the theme but am having a hard time figuring out how to create a page with photo albums. I noticed you have a template like this for doing albums http://themes.slicetheme.com/timus/?page_id=102 , but there is no documentation on how to use it and insert the photos. I want to do an album of photos to show a walk through of house and was originally hoping your Portfolio pages would do it. Slider doesnt really work for this sort of thing.


I have purchased the Timus theme and was wondering how you change the colour of the menu (navigation) buttons? Any help would be great.

Thanks, Sarah

kandsadv Purchased

The Flexslider is not working in IE7 . All documentation for Flexslider says it’s compatible from versions 7+. Any ideas on how I can get this up and running?

Hi, this theme is great !, especially about slider.

And I need to change the color of the copyright area.

How can I do that ?

Hey, working on this theme for a client. Is there a way I can make one of the in-page tabs, when clicked, link to an external page? For example,, if I had four tabs, I’d like tabs 1, 2 & 3 to function normally, whereas tab 4, when clicked, links directly to an external URL ?

ryanm100 Purchased

Well, I DID love this theme. Updating to 1.1 breaks my WP install. I am a developer myself and have been racking my brains as to why this breaks. Doesnt break with any other themes, only your update.

The worst part is your complete lack of support. You have not bothered to reply to anyone for over 2 months. That is not the way to do things on TF!


juritzi Purchased

Hello, Is a nice theme, but i have a question! How can i do to put on the footer in 4 columns this. About us | Latest Posts | Latest Tweets | Contact us

:( sorry for my english. Thank u have a nice day! I.E.

erb Purchased

Can you please provide the optimal image pixel sizes for each slider, portfolio pics and blog pics so that I can size correctly for each without being cut off (I guess min pixel size?). I did not find these min dimensions or instructions in the documentation.

How can I add a linkedin icon to the Team Members page? I tried “linked in” but it didn’t work. thanks.

erb Purchased

How do you delete the facebook, twitter, pin it labels within the blog posts?

erb Purchased

Seems that there is no difference between big image and medium image in the blog?

erb Purchased

When you look at the site on an ipad: 1. My sliders do not show up? 2. The pictures in the blog seem to show up in the date and comment area when using medium picture, as well as under categories. 3. Tabs do not function. All text is shown?

Is the theme compatible with an IPAD ?