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Yesterday, I went to my website and the slider was completely gone and the site format was different. Can you help me make it what it was before? Here’s my website:


It is not possible the site will broke just like that without no reason. You probably did something wrong or maybe something bad happen with your server.

Anyway we already checked your site and you have lot`s of error in console. Access denied for many files and that`s the problem. For example please take a look on and you will see what`s happen. The same thing happens with many other files. We suggest to contact with your hosting provider because the problem is not related with the theme.

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This is standard behavior. Menu is too large and that`s the problem on devices like iPad. More info about that you can find on our support forum

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i have a little question,
i see in this page u have the facebook plugin,

hao can i get it in the others page?


of course you can get it in any place you want on any page you like. All you need is just right iframe code and you can paste it into content builder, footer or sidebar section (widgets). More info about FB iframe code you can find on our demo page

We hope everything will be clear and easy now :)

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I purchased the theme, but I can’t find the dummy data .XML file.

Please provide me.


you can get file from or you can send us PM and we will send it to you.

More info about xml file you can find on our support forum.

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Hi, i’m tryng to put the a slider, in the blog and forum page, can i do it?!?


sorry but it is not possible.

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I want my blog page to look like in the demo. I made a page and selected the template “blog”, but it does not look like in the demo at all. It looks like this – How can I make my blog page look like in your demo?

Thank you


please send us access to your wp dashboard on pm because it looks really weird and we need to have a look what`s wrong.

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site im working on –

Firstly how do i change the order of the menu as i want to have home first then about etc etc.

and secondly when i add a widget as a footer they arrange one underneath the other, how do i get 3 side by side at the bottom of the page?



to change menu order you should go to Appearance > Menus section. More info about it you can find on

About widgets, you must put them in widgets section in right sidebars (Footer area #1, Footer area #2, Footer area #3, Footer area #4)

We hope now everything will be easy & clear :)

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hello, is that I can activate the theme but I can not make any changes options theme. What might be happening? I can request support privately? Thank you! Sorry for my English, I speak Spanish.

And now we get it :) So probably last time something wrong happened and that`s why we didn`t get anything. We already replied on your message because you forgot about url to wp-dashboard and access to FTP doesn`t work. So please reply on our message and continue writing on pm.

Thank you very much! :)

No problem mate ;)

Hi I really like this theme and have a few questions. I bought a previous theme you created and it wasn’t as flexible as I’ve noticed a newer one is. 1) Will this theme also be getting an upgrade to the Muffin Page Builder like the Rocco Consulting theme? 2) It’s possible to adjust the width and height of the slider and subheaders correct? I would want my layout to be the same width as the other content. 3) Is it possible to add a background image or would this have to be done through Custom CSS? 4) Is it easy to create the boxed content featured on home example 9?

Thank you!


below you have all answears on your question:

1) Tisson doesn`t have the same Page Builder as Rocco. Rocco theme is something new & different because whole backend has been rebuilt. And at this moment we don`t have any plans to make update for Tisson to make the same Muffin Framwework as for Rocco.

2) Yes, it is possible to change width & height for subheaders and slider.

3) You can add background image from theme options panel. This option is available on the following screen

4) Yes, it is very easy. After purchase we can send you “step by step explanation” about how we did it or you can import xml file with dummy content and you will also get this page.

5) This theme doesn`t have styles for WooCommerce but some of the users use this plugin and they make styles on their own.

We hope that we answered on all your questions and everything is clear now :)

Thanks for your interest anyway!

Hi, I have the site setup and added boxes, but once I get to the second row of boxed items, the boxes won’t align. Ideally I want my homepage to have 3 rows of boxed content like Home Example 3. How do I get my content to look similar to this example in the demo?

The best way to do that is upload our xml file with demo content. It is really easy and will take you few minutes. After that you can leave things that you like and remove the rest.

All necessary info about xml file you can find on support forum

Now it should be easy & clear we hope :)

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Hi there, I’m looking at your theme for a client’s website, I need to pull in information from another site in an iframe – can you tell me if it’s possible to use iframes in the content builder/feature boxes? Thanks :)


of course you can use iframes inside content builder. “Column” item is especially created for things like you need so you can easily do it. You can check example of iframe that we used for FB or Soundcloud for example

Thanks for the interest!


I want to thank you for all your help!

I want to say that this is one of the best themes I have worked with. It is very easy to use, and has all the featured that one needs. I did not discoverd anything wrong, or things that needed modifications to work properly.

Congratulation for the team that made it and best of luck in creating other great themes!

Thanks a lot @ailovan :) Really nice to see such a nice comment here!

Presale – am i able to integrate LayerSlider in to your theme as the slider for the home page (im familiar with php)? Can i incorporate visual composer? Does your page builder include animation options for the content elements?

Thanks in advance!

You can add LayerSlider instead of Revolution Slider but you must modify php a little bit. Just a small, easy modification in one file.

Visual composer can`t be included because we have our own Page Builder which in our opinion works much faster and is easier to use. Anyway we don`t have animations for content elements.

Thanks for your interest anyway!

I am thinking about purchasing this theme for a client, however the client is very specific and wants top and left navigation plus a right sidebar w/ a quick contact form. This is to be consistent on the home page and throughout the site – Can this be done with this theme?

Thank you so much!


Hi DD,

generally theme can have one sidebar – left or right. So for example you can have top navigation, custom or muffin menu on the left in sidebar and for example contact form on the most right side. So basicly it is possible to be done but not with 2 sidebars. Sidebar can be one but as we said contact form could be just like normal content item and can be placed on the most right side.

We hope this could be good solution for your client needs :)

Thanks for your interest anyway!

Hi There,

Great work on the theme. I have a couple of quick pre-sale questions.

1. Does this features a sticky nav or is there a plug in you know will work with it?

2. Does this have a mega menu or, is there one that you know will work wioth it?

3. Is it possible to sliders in post or pages content?

4. Can you assign blog post to the home page slider so folks know the latest news?

5. Can you have custom BG per post, page or category?

6. Can you have custom category layouts?

Again, great work and thanks for your feedback!


Hi loatx,

1. This theme doesn`t have sticky menu.

2. Theme doesn`t have mega menu but will work with UberMenu as we saw this plugin on customers pages.

3. You can use Revolution Slider in any place you want on page. This plugin generates shortcodes for each sliders.

4. You can use Revolution Slider for that but each post must be created manually so it can fit to your needs. Generally inside this slider you can do everything.

5. BG you can set up for whole page and it can be easily done from options panel. But for each page/post you can set up own subheader image where title is.

6. Custom category layouts… Probably we don`t have because we don`t know what you mean at all.

We hope that we answered on all your questions and it will be much easier to decide if theme fit to your needs :)

Thanks for interest and kindly words!

Hi, Great job! any chance of having a subject in the email when we receive from the site? example: Email from Website! and filled fields can be left empty after sent the form? so would be perfect for me! thanks!

Hi dude,

you can do it yourself easily :) Go to functions/theme-mail.php file and replace below code:

$subject = htmlspecialchars( stripslashes( trim( $_POST['Subject'] ) ) );

with something like below:

$subject = 'Email from website!';

And you will always get Subject after that :)

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I am using the theme for almost two months now. Easy to customise and one of the best themes in terms of responsive design.

Thanks to Muffin. The team has provided great support and assistance recently.


Thanks a lot bro! Really appreciate your comment :)

Just a simple question for you….on the blog page there is the simbol [...] for indication that there are more content inside.. but it is not a link? Is it possible to link it to the article? Thks for support


of course it is possible to make it as link. Instead of this [...] you can also use your own like, “Read more” or whatever you want. More info about that you can find on our support forum where everything has been explained

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Thanks for this theme, really useful, nice, easy customization. Excellent work. Congrats!!

Thanks dude. Really appreciate so kind words :)

Why on earth was my Tission forum account banned? I purchased the theme.

We already replied on your question within email that you sent us. Please read it and do exactly what we wrote in message.

We`ll try to solve your problem asap so don`t worry about that.

Hello! Thanks for a great theme. Is it possible to add multiple languages with flags to choose?

Thanks, Peter

Hi and thanks a lot for kind words.

The answear on your question is YES, everything is possible. It just depends on your knowledge in editing files and html/css.

But because many people so far asked about it we already created topic for that so you can follow it and you will get what you need –

We hope this will help you a lot with what you need :)

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