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Hi im trying to contact you for 3 days ago! Please reach me in skype. Im

I really need your help as soon as possible otherwise conclude that I wasted my money. since the theme is not working properly

done! thanks

Hi! I purchased your theme but I can’t find my purchase code to register into your support forum, where I can find it?


I have to ask you about an error Undefined index: safe_value in flatmetro_get_body_page() (line 211 of /web/htdocs/

Please give us an answer!

I solved changing “safe_value” to “value”

Hi mate i just sent a email to you to I tried to contact you since 1 month ago via forum but it was impossible to get a reply. Thanks!

Hi, Just got your email: “I just got this template called Tita..” 14min ago!! Please wait I get back to you in minutes.


Hi , can u give me your skype account cuz i have many questions .. thank you :)


Please let me support you step by step via Skype, “webdevia” is my Skype ID.


Hi, Some IE11 problems :)

In general, the shortage is getting the background color,

On the portfolio page, effects running slow

User login page layout problem,

Contact page, the problem is getting the scroll …

I made a video to explain the situation …

How you can help in these matters.

best regards


Please let me support you step by step via Skype, “webdevia” is my Skype ID.



I try to question by email support

i send you many mails but don’t answer you

Why don’t answer question support email.

The templete don’t work very well


Please let me support you step by step via Skype, “webdevia” is my Skype ID.


Pretty buggy theme. The documentation for an existing stall is very poor, almost nothing written.

Out of the box it has issues too…

Amazing concept, would be great if they responded on support.


Please let me support you step by step via Skype, “webdevia” is my Skype ID.



Great theme, amazing author! #TotallyInspired

Hi, It’s been a few months back since I ask you to help me to fix the following bugs: - I can’t operate the menu on mobile (iPhone and Samsung S4). If I’m trying to go to another page by clicking the menu (like contact us), nothing happens!!! - If I directly access a page by entering the URL (like contact us). I can’t scroll down!!!

Please help me!!! fix the bugs and upload it themeforest, so we all can download the new version.

Thank you


Is this format is the ability to right-to-left?

Hi, Not yet, but we can add this feature for your if you bought the theme. Thanks


do work Curlypage madule by this theme?


We didn’t test, but it should work.


The menu doesn’t work, and I should not have to wipe out all of my existing content in order to make the site look the way that you promote that it looks.

Hi, Can you please send me more details via contact form? thanks

Hi i have emailed you!! my subject is problems problems problems!! Please reply to me!! i am really stuck with this theme.


Please let me know how can i insert Web form – Enquiry page as a normal menu and normal page like other pages in my site. please let me know ASAP. My Site –

Please respond to my forum post, my skype contact request, or give me some sort of contact with you.

Please check your Skype.

Still waiting on a reply on Skype… Thanks


ICE_BY Purchased

Hi. I can not make link to the Forum in the main menu…

Please send me more details through contact form in my profile.

Hi, I added custom php to a basic page that is listed in the main menù but in the output the code is commented, so it doesn’t run.

What can I do to output php code in my pages?

The interested page is If I see the single page it works:

You can edit the file “page—front.tpl.php” and put your PHP code in. thanks

I edited the “page—front.tpl.php” file and the function flatmetro_get_section returns correct data (the source code of homepage is correct) but I think there is a javascript that comments php code… If you check the source code of the homepage you can see this bug

Can you please tell me how to solve this bug? I made another example with page that is

As you can see the code is good in the normal drupal page and not in the rendered page.

Also, I cannot put other blocks to pages… I want to insert a slide in the pages but they aren’t rendered.

Can I please ask a refund? You don’t give me help and I can’t finish my website as I want (and as Drupal can do!)