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Can you add text description for the carousel pages per image and is there a max character text limit? Thanks.

Im having trouble getting my ‘Store’ page to show. It basically just looks like my homepage with products pushed below the footer.Heeeelp!


Yes I installed woocomerce. Basically, the cart and checkout pages are on my main menu but when I click the “return to shop” button it takes me to a page that I don’t recognise with all my photos on a carousel.


Yes I did and it shows my store page at first, then after a while it goes back to showing a page with my entire photo gallery in a carousel on the bottom of the page with a full page background photo with carousel buttons on the right and left. Also ,when I add products in woocommerce those products will not show up in my store page.

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Hello, I have downloaded Titan today and I have spent my whole day trying to get at least one gallery to show on the page but it doesn’t. I have followed everything in the manual but it doesn’t help.

Please can you tell me the steps how how to get the gallery to show. I want to show them as a carousel. I am using the most up to date wordpress.

Many thanks.

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Hi, what kind dimensions do I need to use for the photos (pixels) for:

1. GALLERY FULLSCREEN rectangle portrait :

2. GALLERY CAROUSSEL : rectangle portrait : Square :

3. GALLERY MASONRY FULL WIDTH: Rectangle landscape Rectangle portrait Square :

thx Zima

In the “Gallery Carousel” gallery style, is there a way for the row of thumbnails to be centered instead of aligned left?

I’ve created my first gallery, but it’s not working correctly. Some gallery styles work fine, like Flip and Classic. But Carousel (which I really want to use) doesn’t. The page shows up, and the navigation buttons are there, but the content is empty. No pictures. Any ideas why?


See http://likelymedia.com/portraits/

As an example, it’s set up to use the Gallery Carousel setting, but it’s blank. It’s also blank when I set up Gallery Column views. If I set up Gallery Flip, it works fine.

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what size should the images be for gallery carousel? I resized images to 1440×990 and I find some images are still appearing large/cut off. How do I set it so all the images are the same size?


i have set up my galleries and pages. on the home page my photos auto-play. how do i get up the galleries set up on gallery-carousel pages to auto play as well. at the present, the images can only be switched using the nav buttons. i would like the slide show to play automatically.

please let me know what to do.

thank you.



Open /templates/script-carousel-gallery.php at line 86 change autoplay to 1

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in gallery carousel, i find although i resized the images to all the same size, they are still appearing as larger images and are getting cut off where as some images are ok. how do i resize the images for that gallery ?

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Hi ThemeGoods,

I have followed the instructions on sizing of pictures: GALLERY FULLSCREEN : 1600×1067 GALLERY CAROUSSEL : 1600×1067 OR 1067×1067 (Square) GALLERY MASONRY FULL WIDTH: 1000×1067


1. GALLERY FULLSCREEN The pictures are cut off on the top and the bottom. is that normal. How much are they cut off? See link http://fortywinks.arrowhitech.net/

2. RECTANGLE PICTURES for gallery caroussel. According to the samples in your theme, this is also possible. Can it be in landscape and portrait mode ? What is the right sizing of the pictures? Example : http://fortywinks.arrowhitech.net/portfolio/communie/

3. SQUARE PICTURES FOR GALLERY CAROUSSEL Like you see on my website: Page PORTFOLIO Subpage COMMUNIE : http://fortywinks.arrowhitech.net/portfolio/communie/ the distance between square picture with top and bottom is NOT equal. According to teh examples in your theme, you have an equal distance between top and bottom. What do I do wrong?

4.GALLERY MASONRY FULL WIDTH In your examples you use square and rectangle pictures (both in landscape and portrait mode). Are the pictures in rectangle mode being cut off ? How much? What are the right dimensions for the pictures (both landscape and portrait)? See : http://fortywinks.arrowhitech.net/perfect-star/voorbeelden/

PS: if you want I can send you a word file with some screenshots. Please let me knopw how.

Thanks for your help and reply

I am considering buying your theme and would like to have the 2-column gallery open up into a carousel-style gallery for each category featured on the 2-column page. Is this possible to achieve? thank you


My images are all being cropped. Did a search here and found this response: Titan admin > Gallery Portfolio > Enable/disable auto fit image to screen for other pages.

That would fix the problem but there is no option for this on the theme setting> Gallery/Portfolio settings page.



Found the answer. Have to edit the php file to make it work:

For those wanting to show landscape photos full / uncropped / unstretched-to-fullscreen, do this: add the flag “fit_always: 1,” to script-carousel-gallery.php

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I would like to have the captions showing up in the Carousel Gallery, just like on the FullScreen slideshow (they are both made with supersized right?). Is there a way to do this?

Thanks a lot!


Few pre-sales questions please:

1. the Gallery type ’’Carousel’ or “Image flow” could be populated with images from a WP Gallery included in the Page?

2. for above gallery types – could we add music?



You can add music to gallery template but ’’Carousel’ or “Image flow” could not included to page/post content using shortcode.

You can drag&drop to order images using gallery admin.

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1) For the Carousel gallery, I’d like the images to be 20 pixels above the thumbnails at all times. I don’t want the thumbnails to show up on top of the image. Is there a way to do this?

2) Is there a way to remove the footer so that the thumbnails are flush with the bottom of the page?

3) I read comments and I know you’ve said that the logo can’t be larger but i wanted to see if this has been changed : )

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Hello ..

When I select Callery Carusel in page attributes the photos always appear in full screen. In all other page attributes I get a small sample image that I can click on so it comes up in full size. What I did wrong?



Yes Carrousel gallery display in fullscreen with thumbnails at the bottom of page just like demo site.

Hi, I have a couple of questions before I buy this:

1. I want to set up Portfolio Columns have the entire section be videos. When I test your site, the YouTube opens as a pop up. Vimeo opens a new page. Is there a way to have Vimeo videos function like YouTube?

2. Is there a way to have a Carousel Gallery that shows videos?


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Hi Peerapong,

Love the new theme! I’m having the same issue as mysza below. In what file can I find the “#supersized { top: 75px; }” code that he refers to that solved the problem for him?


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I have problem with menu transparent, when i change to 10% almost all page is looking good, but when i change page to gallery full screen, i see menu dark without transparent, in kenburns galery i see 10% transparency and this is good. Where i can change css for full screen galery or galery carousel(that was also visible transparent menu)?

ThemeGoods Author

Hi, Main menu background transparent is global setting and it should applied to every page. Provide URL of page which has issue please.

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I founded solutions, i change supersize css, #supersized { top: 75px; } to 0px, and this working

ThemeGoods Author

OK great! and thanks for sharing.
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I know you’ve been asked many times about this, but I followed all posts and your recommendations and I can’t solve the fullscreen, carousel issue of images being cropped/streched.

My site is at www.zukerman.biz

It seems that the iPhone does a better job at cropping since the image is ‘almost’ complete there that on a MacBook with Safari.

Is there a way to fix this? If I can’t fix this, then from your long list of gallery templates, it is really reduced to just a few that can display the complete image without cropping /streching/etc.

Thank you in advanced,


P.S. Your most common replay of choosing background gallery slideshow does NOT solve the problem.

Hello, the thumbnail picures of the carousel gallery are always compressed. Any ideas how I can change it? I tried allready “Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions ” (normally thumbnails are proportional) Thank you for your help!