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I can confirm that all images are now present.

This is a really excellent template, but the IE6 version still looks like a mess and there are a few IE7 niggles as well.

I will hold off rating this until these problems are resolved, as the template is probably worth a 5 star rating for the colours and layout alone.

I agree that the IE 6 version is not perfect, but I wouldn’t call it “a mess”.

Send me a message if you’d like to know when I update the template with better IE compatibility.

very hot admin template, we’d better get back in the game ourselves :) Congratulations !

Thanks ! I’m not sure I can compete with you guys just yet… but the time will come…

OH MY GOD IT ’S CARACOLE !! :D:D:D [the author knows what i’m on about] I WANTED THIS SO MUCH !!!

Sorry for the explosion of happiness. :P buys the template Darn, I wanted this. :) Thanks!

labarts Purchased

Looks great! Purchased! Some files (ie css/blue/) in the zip file seem to be missing—could you check through each color scheme and make sure all the files are there?

labarts Purchased

... Can confirm that lower-right rounded corner of window disappears in IE7 , but not in Firefox. Click Time&Date in the demo to see.

The blue color scheme is the default one, so its files are included in the main directory rather than in the blue/ subdirectory, don’t worry.

Just wanted to add that I LOVE how you did required text fields. Superb!

Thanks ! Feel free to copy my idea :)

rblalock Purchased

Great template. Implementing right now. I thought there was a green version?

I didn’t include the green version because I didn’t have the time. But it’s in the photoshop file, so you can export it yourself without too much trouble if you want.

Steinerd Purchased

What were the fonts used?

Except for the logo (which uses Avenir), they’re all websafe fonts (georgia and verdana)

How can you use this admin panel – can it be applied to wordpress?

The left side bar menu breaks in IE8 , the graphic does not extend down on the left side, and when moving up and down the menus the right side of the left menu gitters abit


Steinerd Purchased

Regarding rcroeder post.

IE’s comparability mode fixes that… however I can see the frustration of having to explain that to someone unfamiliar with IE’s functions. Not all jQuery works well with IE… and this is definitely a jQuery related issue, or at least a css hack gone wrong.

Thanks for telling me, I’ll look into it.

Glosys Purchased

Great template I like it. The only thing I miss are buttons …

seems that it does not work correctly in chrome. i.e the left menu drop down/drop up menu is not working correctly. Any plan to fix this ?