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Sorry, I can’t support Chrome right now. Hopefully when it comes out for Mac I can start taking a look.

I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

There’s no easy answer… It depends on what CMS or software you want to use the admin for. Since those are pure html files, you will have to do a lot of hand coding yourself anyway.

This theme have a layout for graphics??

what do you mean exactly ?

kulander Purchased

HI, Thanks for doing a great job with this design.

Question 1: has the IE8 issue been fixed? Also, what I do is the following, please let me know if I am doing something wrong:

I use PHP to detect the visitor’s browser, and if it is IE (any version) it will display the css/ie/ie.css file. Also, if it is IE 7 it will display css/ie/ie6.css If the user’s browser is not IE, then such CSS files will not be used.

Question 2: is the above the correct way to use your design so it is compatible with all major browsers? I mean, because on the source file, you state ”<!—[if IE]> ... ”, which is only an HTML comment and not a function per se.

Thanks in advance!! K

Sorry, the template still has a few bugs in IE8 . Hopefully they will be fixed soon, but it might take alittle while as I’m not the one who coded the template.

About your second question, I’ve always used conditional comments to check for different browsers, but I’m sure you can also use a php function if you prefer (just remove the conditional comments, then).

kulander Purchased

@Koroshiya Thanks for your support. I have managed to use PHP for the browser detection.

Question: I notocied from the beginning that this design is not using a jQuery datepicker, if I include one, will it mess the current jQuery functions?? I do not want to mess the original design, but I need an “in-line” datepicker on a form (you know, that when you click on the form’s field, a calendar will pop up).

Thanks for your kind support! And again, what a great design!!!

The theme already uses jquery ui so you can include a datepicker without messing anything up, don’t worry!

kulander Purchased

Thanks, OK so if I want to use http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/ what would you recommend me doing in order to successfully implement it on your current design??

By the way, maybe it would be good if you implement it on the design itself and have it as an extra feature updated??


I will buy a regular licence for development. but is it possible to get a extended license when I go online with my site?

Sure, I just enabled extended licenses.

kulander Purchased

Koroshiya: I noticed that in your titanium.js you added the parameter for the CSS to identify where the datepicker should appear, in this case on a class of input.date Works so far because you implemented the jquery-ui-1.7.custom.min.js But here is my problem: the datepicker inline appears “broken”, in other words without design. If I add a theme, downloaded from ui.jquery.com and insert the CSS , it displays correctly, but the tabs get messed up. How can I fix this?

Thanks!!! K

Can you contact me directly through my profile’s contact form to speak about the problem? And send me a link to your files?

kulander Purchased

Hi, I already did, I sent you an email but so far no reply… K

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Hello, i just bought your template, it is very nice But ! it is definatly not compatible with IE 7 /8 (sidebar, tabbed form ..).

Do you plan on making an update ? otherwise, i won’t be able to use it ..

Thank’s, Eric.

No update is planned for now, sorry :( I’m really busy with client work right now… Send me a message if you’d like to be refunded for the template.

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hey, on your template where it says “click here” and then pops up with “features list”, I can click that link only once. When I click a second time the list doesnt popup…any ideas?

Sorry about that. It took me a while to figure out the bug, but then I realized I was simply using jquery UI wrong. I was calling the dialog initialization function on the click event, which is why it only worked once.

So in titanium.js, line 17, replace

$(".features").click(function(){ $("#features").dialog({ bgiframe: true, modal: true, width: 600 }); return false; });

by the correct code:

$("#features").dialog({ autoOpen: false, bgiframe: true, modal: true, width: 600 }); $(".features").click(function(){ $("#features").dialog('open'); return false; });

Hi, SachaG

I Love This Admin Template, and very great work with art and function too, and i have buy it yesterday…

That What i Found is.. in your index.php

There is many CSS that loaded and there is 3 of them (CSS) not included in your Source Code that i have purchase yesterday,

It is

css/base.css, css/style.css, css/theme.css

So, Can you provide it to me ?

Thanks A Lot Man…..