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reza007 Purchased

Hi How can I use different ad formats on the homepage?


Emebe Purchased

Do not answer. That support is terrible The designer does not solve problems That said it all resolved in June with an update You better not buy this and find another that is truly professional. That if they buy they will throw money away And you do not return the money.

Que no contestan. Que el soporte es malísimo Que el diseñador no soluciona los problemas Que dijo que se resolvería todo en junio con una actualización Que mejor no compren este tema y busquen otro que sea profesional de verdad. Que si lo compran van a tirar el dinero a la basura Y que no devuelven el dinero.

CO24 Purchased

Any update on the update that was suppose to be releases in June?

I’m using this theme on a website that has a bunch of Android mobile phone users and we’ve had to turn off the responsivness because they couldn’t read our content.

Any update would be great. But it’s probably unlikely from this author.

Any news about the “June” update?

Until then, i would suggest anyone reading these comments not to buy the theme.

Sekki Purchased

whether the update soon, but July?

CO24 give me your email address and will resolve with your responsive problems. I’ve succesfully resolved responsiveness problem for a customer of mine who bought this theme. I’ve implemented boostrap framekwork.

Who wants to resolv the problem with this theme responsiveness can contact me at: xtrimdesign@gmail.com I’ll do it for free!


Available only if you have the v1.2 version. V1.3 is a total crap (full of many many many many many BUGS)

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS THEME. I’ve ran into so many issues and have not heard a peep from the developer for support. Themeforest and this author pretty much took my money and ran!

Is it possible to remove the ‘breaking news’ line?

Also can you remove the dates from the images?

terrible respond :-( DO NOT BUY this theme!!!!

rdemim Purchased

i need help

rdemim Purchased

how set up theme and install

Emebe Purchased

It fucking sucks. The author is the only one who does collect money and hit escape when someone comments on how to troubleshoot or display settings. You said that you send him a private message and when you do, no answer. In my country there are these people called what they are: children about … But do not write out of respect for the people who visit the site.

Themeforets should take up the matter and forced to comply with this gentleman clients or money back. It is a scam, robbery and an insult to the good people who try to work from the internet. Do not buy, do not be stupid like me.

Es una puta mierda. El autor lo único que hace es cobrar el dinero y huir en cuando alguien le comenta cómo solucionar los problemas de visualización o configuración. Te dice que le envías un mensaje privado y cuando lo haces, ni contesta. En mi país a estas personas se les dice lo que son: unos hijos de … Pero no lo escribiré por respeto a las personas que visiten el portal.

Themeforets debería tomar cartas en el asunto y obligar a este señor a cumplir con los clientes o devolver el dinero. Es un timo, un robo y un insulto a la buena gente que tratamos de trabajar desde Internet. No lo compre, no sea bobos como yo.

És una puta merda. L’autor l’únic que fa és cobrar els diners i pegar a fugir en quan algú li comenta com solucionar els problemes de visualització o configuració. Et diu que li envies un missatge privat i quan ho fas, ni contesta. Al meu país a estes persones se’ls hi diu el que són: uns fills de … Però no ho escriuré per respecte a les persones que visiteu el portal.

Themeforets hauria de prendre cartes en l’assumpte i obligar a este senyor a cumplir amb els clients o tornar els diners. És un timo, un robatori i un insult a la bona gent que tractem de treballar des d’Internet. No ho compreu, no siga babaus com jo.

Hello, i have wrote you days ago but you did not answer me! I have a problem my theme loads very slowly and I have only have 7-8 basic plugins installed. Help!


I was going to buy this theme but the feedback from your customers surprises and disturbs me.

Are you not providing proper support?

I have 8 categories in my blog, how do I display all posts for each category?

hi, i wanna ask if your theme supports RTL text orientation ?

thank you its urgent.