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There appears to be no styling on bullet points on any font (including default).

Also, there is an issue with the Soundcloud PHP function declaration between Jetpack and this theme—turning shortcodes off in Jetpack resolves it, but thats disabling functionality.

wbknght Purchased

I’m not sure if developer is alive or in prison.

the images of my lower slider are not adapted at all, it just shows the top of the left corner of the image. looks horrible.

also the responsiveness of the theme for the mobile version if also horrible as well. please fix this fast!!!!!!!


Hi. I cant add slider bar to homepage. Please help me


Hello. I guess we have to help eachother. I have some problems. How can I sinchronize all blog styles so my posts dont repeat in all formats. For example, i dont want the same post to be shown on the top front slider and on the “latest posts” below.

How can I change letter case to regular Title case in all titles?

I have problem with slider is not working on my site :(

yaborin Purchased

Hi, Did you have any video of configure this themes because i got problem with it to make it same as your default http://today.wizedesign.com/ my website is become messy http://incnews.us because i can’t do it.

After a month and a half with this theme, there are a number of issues I’ve found and the author does not respond to any support requests made via his website (latest support request is 5 weeks old, no response).

Installed website: http://www.biohazegaming.com

Outstanding issues:
  • Responsive layout is broken – simply put, it doesn’t render correctly in mobile view. Half of the content is off the page, images are still scaled to desktop view. This occurs in both portrait and landscape view.
  • No bullet or number list styling – Numbered points or bullet point lists do not show up and are displayed as plan text with no indentation.
  • Soundcloud widget breaks Jetpack shortcodes – Basically, you can’t use this theme AND the shortcodes in Jetpack. You need to disable Jetpack shortcodes to get it to work.
  • YouTube Shortcodes do not scale properly – copying and pasting your YouTube video produces a full scale video (on desktop view) and you can only circumvent this by pasting html embed.
  • YouTube Video as main feature image/video post errors out – the video doesn’t render and says there was an error and to try again later.

There are a few other issues that I’ll mention if asked, but for potential buyers – here it is, short and sweet:

Avoid. Don’t buy this theme until the author publicly acknowledges the issues outlined above. I could forgive these issues if the support was there, but the fact that the author doesn’t respond via his own support form is concerning. Not happy that I’ve bought it at the listed price of $48.00 for something that feels half-finished. Its a pretty theme and for the most part is functional, but its not worth almost $48.00 yet.

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Terrible la versión movil no sirve para nada se ve solo la mitad de los post los slider se ven desordenados por favor arreglar esto pagamos por un tema profesional

Hello, I want to know if I can put pagination for all published posts on the homepage. I will love for my site visitors to know there are more posts and easily navigate to the posts via page numbers.

Thank you.

I just emailed you with 1 inquiry i had. I already purchased the theme

Do not but this theme… The support is terrible and the design breaks on a lot of mobile devices now – especially iphone 6 plus.


I need to ask something pre-order. Your theme conflict with wp job manager plugin. It conflicts ticker.js and wp-includes/jquery.js .Are you aware of this. Is there a solution for this?


I see these design not mobile supported,Google Webmaster Tools have many errors

wbknght Purchased

I contacted to developer, he says there will be an update in 2-3 weeks.

I like the look of this theme, it is very modern and easy to use. So we decided to use this theme for our website thefuss.co.uk.

We were told that it doesn’t work on mobile by one of our visitors, and unfortunately they were correct.

To the author – Please can you make this theme responsive, it looks great, but the lack of mobile support means that I may have to change theme – which I don’t want to do.

Hey, you could once update and mobil version? We paid for some quality ..! thanks

I really want to buy the theme, looks really good. Theme supports RTL?