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wbknght Purchased

No its not, you have to make it.

Anyone have a problem with the colour picker in the ‘Theme options’? I’m using a local development environment with MAMP but I don’t think this should make any difference. I can change to a different colour but no matter what I choose I don’t get any roll-over effects on any of the menus or links.

hi do you provide installation service as the demo? im interested to purchase,


Hi. I’ve got a problem with the “Breaking News” bar, (it doesn’t work). And the Feature Slide doesn’t pick more than 5 articles. Any idea?

Hi, I have a logo with a width of approx. 1,000 px. In the desktop version it´s not a problem but in the mobile version it is not being displayes properly. What do I have to do to in order to “get in smaller” in the mobile version?

Author is not answering. I wanted to buy the theme but there are huge bugs that need to be fixed up. Last update was oct 24, 2014. Please author Update your theme.

Responsive is not working properly.

BEAUTIFUL theme, but I have a few questions before purchase.

1) It looks like there are issues with responsiveness. Have these been worked out?

2) Will it work with BuddyPress?

3) WooCommerce compatible?

4) What are the advertising options? I only see a banner.

Honestly, this theme has the EXACT look of what I want, but it just seems to be missing these features. I’d be willing to pay extra for them to be added. Thanks.

Hi, I’ve set up an homepage with the slider and the prominent articles and then the blog1 shortcode. is there a way to exclude the articles present on the prominent and the slider from the shortcode archive? I have a very ugly duplication of information, since I only have 1 category. Thanks

Presale question Is this WooCommerce compatible please before I make a purchase? If not could you help me after purchase? Thanks in advance!

Hi,Quick one pls. I just purchashed the them now, i will like to change the background. pls how can i do that… thanks,,

I just purchased the theme and the pictures are way to big, it covers up the length of my blog post. Are the pictures not adjusted??

My theme color is not replacing, I want it to be purple but it is remaining red.

The photos don’t resize themselves properly into the fixed sized featured images box.

The slider and the featured rotation post are not showing up?! The post are not updating properly, and I can’t create a photo gallery using images I have. This is very frustrating.

How can I contact the author?



jamesb92 Purchased

Hello, How do i set the background to be a colour and not an image? Thank you

You can create a background with any color you want in paint and upload it as an image.


rohanzakie Purchased

just bought the theme , its not showing up slider, all 3 sliders and prominent features are not displaying, need help