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Hello. I updated this theme to the latest version 1.4 and now in my Wordpress 4.0 the “add Media” button does not seem to work any more. Please help.

Hello, can anybody tell me if this theme is compatible with Wordpress 4.0? I wouldn’t want to waste my money if it isn’t.


Blog styles 1,2,3,4 can one of them be used as default homepage ?


theme fits my needs, but too bad that so many people are reporting issues, and demo is faraway from ok on my android phone. If update comes in a next few days i might buy it. But like this with all this comments nope never!

wizedesign help me please, I cant do it some categories in homepage as latest one, latest two …. (( how I do ?

Hello, I solved the problem with the support page. The people from envato modified the API. Now you can use again this page. Thank you! http://support.wizedesign.com/

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Do not buy this template. For months the author insisting that fixes many bugs and ignore anyone. All he wants is that you purchase the template to make money. The image above contains some errors for which ordered solution. Neither the Advertising module, or columns, or images, etc. look good with the new update and that the author assured me that it would solve. He’s a liar who ruined all my work and I will not stop until you correct the mess he has made. Please do not buy the template or pass them as me.

No compren esta plantilla. Llevo meses insistiendo al autor que solucione muchos errores y no hace caso a nadie. Lo único que quiere es que ustedes compren la plantilla para ganar dinero. La imagen superior contiene algunos los errores para los que pedí solución. Ni el módulo de publicidad, ni las columnas, ni las imágenes, etc. se ven bien con la nueva actualización y eso que el autor me garantizó que lo iba a solucionar. Es un mentiroso que ha arruinado todo mi trabajo y no pienso parar hasta que solucione el desastre que ha hecho. Por favor, no compren la plantilla o les pasará como a mi.

How do I get different categories to show up in different pages.

For example.

I have entertainment, lifestyle and sports.

I want the Entertainment posts to show on the entertainment page I want the Lifestyle to show on the lifestyle page and I want the sports posts to show on the sports page.

Can I get a screenshots where I can see how look the options to customize a theme? Thanks!

Nice job!!

I will add what jordimkt said 11 months ago…..would be better with a mega menu

Hello, is this theme working fine with wordpress 4.0? Is it responsive?

Thanks in advanced.

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Hello: No matter what I do, the Blog Style 1,2,3 & 4 widgets to not show up on the main page.

Can you assist?

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When will an update? especially for the mobile version !! I lost a lot of players because of you !! I really recommend you theme

This news theme really looks good. Too bad that support seems to be terrible. I think I’ll skip it and keep looking …