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Hi I buy its its good but we have some bad news, responsive is not working for samsung and iPhone 6 please update soon as possible, its look ugly and bad…

allsoo banner is not look good in mobile resolution, update responsive ASAP…

There will be an update in this sense.


JAOPBA Purchased

Hi nice theme!

need redirect in the post ! u can help me ?


I don’t understand. Please give me more details using this link http://support.wizedesign.com/

JAOPBA Purchased

I have another problem: when I put a banner on header in cases not get the banner is hidden behind the slider

have problem in ios and android

Thank you

Hi, At the end of next month will be an update for solving this problems.

Can I change the font for the articles? With something a little bit bigger and which support the romanian language?

Da, puteti sa schimbati fontul. :P

How do I get my homepage to look exactly how it looks on the homepage of the live preview?

I am sorry but I didn’t recieve any mail with your username. You have a .xml file which you need to import it in wordpress. Don’t forget that you have to also install plugins and create a HOME page, and after that to set it up. You have details in the documentation.

Sorry, should have just read the docs before coming to you. Figured it out. Thanks!

When will the next version? It will also be compatible with the mobile version of Android and Iphone?

Hi, there are updates? :( :( :( When updates are planned?

Hi, there are updates? :( :( :( When updates are planned?

I am sorry for the inconvenience but it’s in working progress. I can’t give you an exact date.

I dont know if only me is facing the problem or there are other people facing it. I add social media sharing buttons and the post page take 5 min’s to load. Any suggestion?

It’s very possible that the problem to be from a plugin or something from the host which stops the plugin to work fast.

Great template. however its let down by the poor guide. Can you please update the guide to reflect the current release of Wordpress and also make the guide more simple to understand and follow.

Ok, so iv been trying to follow the instructions to get this template up and running and i have to say they are as much use as a chocolate tea pot and i can assure you the tea pot is far more useful than the instructions.

You have failed to even give instructions on how to get different categories under each of the latest 1,2,3,4,5 sections on the main page,

You have failed to explain how to even build the sidebar widgets correctly.

All you have done is show people how to create a post, add some tags, add it to the slider, show us some widgets and thats it. Utterly pointless.

The one thing that is really annoying is that this template is good, infact its great, but its bloody pointless and totally useless if the instructions dont even tell you how to build things correctly.


As a customer i expect clear concise and detailed instructions you have failed to provide said instructions.

Sort it, and fast.

Please give me wordpress access and all the problems with this theme so I can solve some of them. With your help I can solve problems. http://support.wizedesign.com/

Please support me config website like demo themes

You have an .xml file to import in your wordpress, and for configuration you have details and videos in the documentation.

Hola! tengo una problema, es que he instalado la theme pero el menu en los moviles no se ve, me podéis ayudar ?

Please write in english and for a better support please write here http://support.wizedesign.com/

Hello I have been contacted by a client to make few changes in the site which is using your this template. they wanted to brighten the pictures that are in featured and slider posts. they seemed to be faded a little or have a black shade upon them. i checked the settings and apparently i could not find any option to make the images brighter as they originally are. I am not a developer so don’t know the technical aspects of how to do this. is there a way to do this in this in your template?

Please send me here http://support.wizedesign.com/ more details and wordpress access so I can make yor image more brighter in the slider and in feature.

its asking for a purchase code which i don’t have and neither do my client because it was developed by some other developer. What should be done now?

Hi, there are updates? :( :( :( When updates are planned?

I am sorry for the inconvenience but it’s in working progress. I can’t give you an exact date.

Please… there are a news?