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I´m working with the themes, but dont work. I can upload images to a post or pages! im working with WP 3,5 is compatible?? PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!!! TELL HOW TO UPDATES!!! THANKS!!

So this theme has a hard coded value to automatically use the [layerslider = “1”] shortcode.. pretty lame that there is not choice. When will this theme be updated?


1 – I need to add one column to the products category. 2 – I need to make bigger the word “Next” or “Siguiente” in my case.

See this picture which shows my 2 questions: http://kubikahouse.cl/i_need_help_theme_toledo.jpg Please, someone help me! Thanks!

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juanideas – did you get a reply/email? My last question was 2 months ago, still waiting for a response!! Worst support experienced with any theme.

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Here’s another – for some reason when I try to view a post on my website it just hangs and then crashes?? I tried activating another theme and all was fine, which lends me to believe there is something wrong with the theme? Anyone? Thanks!


Recently I built a website using this theme and then added the WOOCommerce Functionality to it by installing the plugin. The weirdest thing happened, when I log into the ADMIN using administrator privileges, I am able to edit and post content using the inline styles and editor. When I login using the editor or contributor roles I am not able to see any of the WYSIWYG inline editing tools. Please help?

When I deactivate the Toledo theme and try, I am able to login using the default these that come with Wordpress upon first installing. This issue only happens with the Toledo theme when active.

Has this happened to anyone else. I need some direction from the developer of this theme. Do I have to edit privileges. If so where would I go to edit that using PHP?

21 days and I have no answer, i sent many mails, messages on facebook and nothing!!! BAD-BAD-BAD PLEASE I NEED SUPPORT!!!

NO ANSWER!! would have to avoid such products. Or at least in large letters informing that there is no support. So we can choose before you buy. I have not had a single reply after purchase. Before you buy it, I instantly replied … It is unethical

Envato should provide us a way to flag inactive and/or non-responsive authors.

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I’m trying to post a question in the support forum, but keep getting asked to supply my purchase code. Which I would happily do if I knew where to do it – please help!

Hi there. I’m having a problem on the homepage of my clients website with the Layerslider ? I’m getting a message over the slider “[LayerSliderWP] Slider not found”. The slider is working fine, but the message seems to appear on the homepage only??

Can you please help ??

Thanks !