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I see you have two versions of this theme, this wordpress one and an HTML5 one. It seems the HTML 5 one has a few extra features such as a “crowdfunding widget” – is this included with this one?


hI, thanks for your interest, we wanted to create all these options for WP V2 but because sales are slow we have to put it on hold (wp version doesn’t include the crowdfunding plugin)

if you’re looking for a crowdfunding theme I invite you to check FUNDER

Cheers UOU

I’ve found a serious issue with the multimedia page template. I have created a Gallery page, and set to it use the Multimedia page template and a certain category.

I then added 15 images and added them to that category.

When displaying the gallery, it only shows either 9 or 12 images, and also the layout is sometimes messed up. This is on Google Chrome on Windows 8.1.


just got your ticket, support person will have a look at it in the morning and if he can’t manage to solve it, the dev will have a look at it directly (we got your credentials) Cheers UOU


Just so people know – this issue has been resolved in the latest update.


Thanks a lot mate

How do I create custom sidebars?

Hi, just saw your tickets and messages, i’ll ask the developer to make top10 compatible with: http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-sidebars/ (maybe it is already compatible) but it’s better if we try first because we have a lot of custom code,

this will offer enough flexibility in terms of custom sidebar like i told you earlier i follow up with the developer every 2/3 days so i’ll tell him about it tomorrow perhaps he can check it for our next update

Cheers UOU


Just so people know – this issue has been resolved, the custom sidebars plugin works with no problems.

Ok so I’ve decided to take a leap of faith. I’m about to buy this theme… BUT… here are some things I’ve come up with for why sales may be lacking and the other items that scare me!

  1. No Custom Sidebars.
  2. No Short Codes.
  3. No CrowdFunding Widget as advertised.
  4. Drop Down Lists in the menu aren’t automatic. As soon as you hover, the list should fall down, but instead, you have to click it first. (Not too user friendly)
  5. Seems like you can’t have Custom Recent Posts Sections all on one page. (I May be wrong tho)
  6. Sidebar is too long, because you can’t make custom sidebars, throwing off the customizability and professional feel of the site.
  7. Red Link Icon on each video is NOT easily understandable. When I click the video, I want it to play in a lightbox, Yes, but if it’s an image, or a full article, I want it to go to the main article post. However, I can’t clearly know this unless I’ve looked at the site and started to understand it. In essence, I would recommend changing the Hyperlink Icon in the red box in the corners, to actually say, “Full Article” or something of that nature, to signify to a person visiting the site for the 1st time, that there’s more than just the video playing. #UserFriendly

OVERALL, it’s Visually Great… But Functionally Lacking.

HOWEVER, it’s one of the most catchy themes I’ve seen. SO I’M HOPING THAT DESPITE THIS, THAT I WILL BUY, AND THESE ITEMS WILL GET FIXED IN VERSION 2. If not, then I’ve bought it for nothing.

Here’s the kicker…You’re waiting till sales increase to make these changes, BUT I don’t think sales will really increase UNTIL these changes are made. The theme just lacks core functionality and ease of use such as Shortcodes.

I’m not trying to be mean… This theme has AMAZING potential. I’m trying to ensure that sales increase and that support will continue as WP versions increase.



I sent a PM to get the login credentials to take a look, but no response.  my email is   i d g r a p h i c s l i v e A T g m a i l .

please drop me a line once you’re done and remember not to change anything because it’s the demo version


Hey so I’ve taken a look thru the backend. I don’t see these abilities in the backend, so I have a couple questions:

1) Seems like you can’t customize which videos show up as Top 10. Such as on the Multimedia page, A. what if I want Audio on top and videos on the bottom? B. can we easily change the columns from 3 columns to 2 or 1?

2) On the Homepage, Is it easy to make only 6 videos show up instead of 10, or another custom number at will?

3) Can I MANUALLY select which videos will show up in the Top 10 option?

4) What if I want more than 10 videos to show on the homepage or sidebar?

So overall, it seems like I’m not able to customize the display of the videos, manually select which videos will show, and can’t organize page layout, such as with a page builder for items showing more than just the Top 10 videos. It basically forces you to have it look the way it comes.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m assuming this may be achieved via coding, but I’m more so looking for Ease via admin in WP.

Thanks Again!


hI Derrick,

I’m really tired, so i’ll quickly share with you my thoughts about what I know, about what I don’t know I kindly ask you to open a ticket or simply give up :)

1. top10 is just the name of the theme, you can add 1, 5 or 200 elements on a page. now about videos on top audio on the bottom these things are always feasible, while changing to 3 and 2 columns this requires some work (we enables 2 different column views with the idea to make more columns like on detube but as I explained to you earlier with the level of sales I can’t afford to lose more money or dedicate more time until we reach breakeven)

2- as I just told you, top10 is just the marketing name behind it you can set the number you want, if it’s not doable from control panel then it’s easiily doable via php, you just need to open a ticket and ask how to do it

3. I asked the developer to enable the option but right now it works based on the lastest videos that have been inserted so if he does it in the next update cool, if not you’ll need to wait

4. the dev replicated what he saw on PSD and HTML so you can set more videos on sidebar, + I asked the dev to make top10 compatible with http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-sidebars/ so people will have more flexibility with sidebar

Look if you’re not sure about it please don’t purchase it because I like to help and provide guidance but at this circumstance of sale it’s pretty much a pressure especially that the dev is working with me part time due to the fact that sales didn’t take off,

Top10 has the particularity of having a powerful architecture, you can create anything with it but if you require tailor made changes from our end it’s gonna be hard to do it

so it’s up to you, Cheers UOU

Custom sidebars are an absolute must for me. To be honest they are a pretty standard feature on these themes now. Without them it seriously hinders what you can do with the theme.

I really hope this can be rectified as I have purchased and spent hours working on a site for a client, only to find I might have to start again with something else. I really don’t want to because this theme is visually stunning – I really want to use it. I’m actually looking to use it for another site as well.

Please try to sort this particular feature for us guys.



Unfortunately I didn’t get a notification email of this comment, wish I’d known about the update earlier. I received your email from the ticket system though and am excited to update, I just need some clarification which I’ve put in the ticket. I always try and support the designers as much as I can, it’s much better to work together to solve any minor issues that may arise. I’m sure now people will see that you guys have been responsive and have worked hard to release this update, and I’m sure future sales will reflect that. After all, this is a great looking and interesting theme. Hope you have time to answer my quick questions in the ticket so I can apply the update. Thanks for everything!


Hi thanks for your reply, im currently traveliing for 25 days, please followup withtheticket system and if its slow send me a pm and i will try to send a reminder, cheers


Just so people know – this issue is resolved, the custom sidebars plugin mentioned in earlier in the comments works fine.

Hi, looks great. But i do have a pre-sales question: Is it possible to deactivate the play function in the preview thumbnail of videos. So that only a link to the article with the video is possible? So either the Link on the video-thumbs only, or any klick on the thumb will result in opening the dedicated article?

Thanks a lot, Gerald

Hi Gerald thx for your interest you would actually need to replace the href to the post, can you please open a ticket and ask what php file you need to change? http://uou.ticksy.com thx uou


Does this template support youtube video and I wonder though if the I frame still pops out with YouTube or if this is a vimeo feature only??

Please reply asap….



Hi it also supports youtube, normally it’s a iframe so it pops up Cheres UOU

Can we use it on more than one site ? Can we get videos from youtube ? daily motion and vimeo ? Is there a mass uploader and/or a mass video leecher so we can populate the site in minutes depending of the keyword used ?

Can it grab new vidz using a cronjob ? Defined by certain keywords ? Autopilot ?

Can we add moderators to approve vidz ?



Hello! Thanks for the interest in our products. Raad is currently in business trip and he asked me to inform you that he will respond as soon as it is possible. Take care!

What is new in version 1.1???


Hi we added it in the changelog (readme text inhe purchase folder) Cheers

Hi, nice template, but i’ve problem with search form in formatori.tv, see screenshot here -> ipad http://gyazo.com/45cfc276e404cb9e105d84d81539b7a6 and iphone -> http://gyazo.com/536be8aef1a4eb41e6469c2836ffe1e5 can you tell me how to resolve? Thanks


Ciao grazie per l’acquisto, potresti gentilmente aprire un ticket su http://uou.ticksy.com (in inglese) cosi ti danno una mano Grazie & buon w.e UOU

Hi, this theme supports woocommerce or something similar? can I password protect videos so only paid clients can view them? thanks for your help drum


Hi can you please open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com and report your questions Thans Uou

How do I change from Light to Dark colour scheme? The option in Appearance > Customise has no effect.


thanks for informing me, i’ll check out why, I’ve seen the tickets on basecamp and M is reporting the issues to the dev so i don’t know why you’re request has been pending , i’ll revert tomorrow Cheers


There are a few little niggling problems on there, like thumbnails being skewed – really need to fix that.


just mailed you and put support in copy

panardo Purchased

Hi, I wonder why menu names get in the order they want. I can’t change them. What is the problem? Thanks.


thanks for the notice :)

panardo Purchased

Sorry again: I’m trying to put the AD CODE in the widget AD BANNER. Can you give me an example of a code that could work? Thanks in advance!


Hi can you please opena ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com The support team will guide you Cheers Uou

I’m having some issues with the new update. The pages now do not follow the ‘categories’ that I set. I’ve opened a support ticket and haven’t been contacted in over 10 days. I’ve had to revert back to the previous version of the template since as it stands now I can’t use the template for a basic function that I bought it for.


Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, iactually cneck withthe support team and they told me there was only one open ticket, I just sent them a reminder, can you please share with me ur ticker number? Thanks Cheers Uou


The two tickets I have open are #161716 and #145346

panardo Purchased


We purchased the theme thinking that the videos on the home page would have “pagination”. We thought that we could set it in the dashboard. They don’t have it at all. Only when you create a page with Multimedia you have it but it isn’t user riendly at all.

1. If I set the homepage with Multimedia. Where do I put the Rev Slider? 2. For every image I want to attach in a post I have to create a Gallery NEXGEN? This is not the best, in my opinion. 3. The AD Code widget is not working. I had to upload the code in a text widget. 4. I had to erase the Crowdfunding images etc deleting the image from the server. I wonder why. 5. How can you delete the registration module?

Sorry for all this, I also “hated” those who always complained in the posts. But we need to solve this or we will need to ask for our money back. It’s a pity because the theme seemed to be consistent.


sorry maybe I’m misunderstanding you, what do you mean by “we spent money on this” ? are you talking about the $45 ??

you’re getting a multimedia platform with mutliple search that allows to create a directory, a multimedia tube, recipies db… and you consider all this as a $45 investment ? just because minor issues are not working out with you ?

I think it’s better you ask for a refund because we will probably remove top10 from TF

FYI, top10 has been tested and we’ve been proactive with responding to users so perhaps the issues are coming from your end, that’s why I prefer that the support investigates it before I make any judgments

Thank you for your understanding Cheers UOU

panardo Purchased

Thanks for the answer. But please, don’t be ironic. You are selling a product. It costs only 45 dollars, but you are selling it to many people. And you know that those are not minor issues. We need to change many things. However, please let’s stop these complaints here. In the end, we are respectful people and we also respect your effort.


Hi, it’s not about irony, it’s just that sometimes buyers give us the impression that they invested in a house notva 45$ theme and expect a 24/7 concierge and a full option theme Anyway we’re quite disspointed with the sales of top10 we didn’t even reach breakeven and i couldn’t keep the dev working full time because of the sales so if sales don’t increase by the end of this month we will most probably remove it from themeforest In the meantime the support will revert, they informed me that you didn’t share your wp credentials, they need it to understand whether the problem is coming from your end (hosting, server or whatever other reason) or if it’s from our end because for example you are able to control the list of sponsors, i don’t understand the problem why you can’t do it, They will get back to you beginiing of next week as their on w.e now Cheers and enjoy ur w.e Uou

Dear Support , Good day , We are running site for online videos and movies < our site is in Arabic , so its RLT ,

Please response with the below required before buy the theme ,

1 – Is your theme support self hosted videos (MP4 X264 )

2 – If No. 1 yes which players are support or which player installed into the

3 – is your themes support RTL sites ( Arabic sites )

is there a dummy version that I can populate my site with? I am having trouble figuring out definition between two media options, and I’m away from wordpress awhile, I do not understand sliders at all. is there a dummy content available?

I am willing to pay you to go into the site and set it up, and I would like to do that please.

also, I purchased this and directory a month ago and was discouraged so stopped progress. I see there are updates, where do I go to get these please?


Hi thanks for your purchase,

No need to pay us anything just open a ticket whenever you need something at http://uou.ticksy.com

As for the dummy content you can find it in the purchase folder iits an xml file (just follow the instructions step by step in the documentation folder)

As for the rev slider you would need to contact the author of the slider revolution for custom work you can find him on codecanyon (just type slider revolution)

You purchased glocal? You can always download the updated version by going to the download section of your account (wait until monday we’llhave a new updatewithsome bugs fixed)

Hopethis helps Enjoy ur w.e

Cheers Uou


I posted a support ticket. For when your weekend is over. #168081 TY (I tried using the XML it says ‘failed’)


I personally don’t know much about technicalities otherwise i would have helped you now, so the person from support will revert when they can Enjoy ur w.e Cheer Uou


sorry for my english is not very good … But I bought your theme Top10 I love it!

I have a fairly simple question, which is:

-How the presentation you did in the About page? http://uouapps.com/portfolio/topwp/bar/?theme=uouappsThemeName

This tool put in value the people who run the website but after much research, I have not found how to do …

Could you help me see more clearly

thank you!


+ Your english is great :) no need to justify…


Thank you for your response that is fast,

The only thing I want is to create the same format as the page about you!

with the pictures on the site, their fontions etc..

I still have to open a ticket for that?

thank you soon


(the thing is I’m currently travelling (3am over here)+ on the tab it’s not practical, please open a ticket the support will guide you) thanks, Cheers UOU


I currently have the theme version 1.0 installed on my wordpress, I have been tried to update it to the newest version (1/27/14), with NO success.

Please advice.

Many thanks in advance


Hi, can you please open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com and explain exactely what the problem is, why can’t you update whats the problem exactely? Please provide them with your link and credentials Thanks Cheers Uou

I am not seeing where I can add videos to the “Top 10” up in the header. PLEASE HELP. Also, I want to have a page be a link. Like when they click on the page they are re-directed to another site. Please repsond asap! Thanks.


Hi, thank you for your purchase, did you open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com if not then please do so and the support team will get back to you tomorrow because they don’t work on w.e just in case, please refer to the documentation folder of top10 Cheers UOU