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Thats really nice! Great job!

Really like this one… Good work =)

amazing looking template, sleek and simple

Excellent work! Just one note you missed the PSD files in the package, hope for an update mate. Thanks.

update should be coming soon! sorry for forgetting the psd!

Any word on those PSD files?

The Support Centre contacted me and I sent them the psd to update it with about 2 days ago. Not sure if it got updated or not :S Sorry for the inconvenience!

Just downloaded again and it’s the same file. Any chance you can just send it to me if I get you may email address.

files should be updated today, sorry for the wait!

file updated!

Will you be releasing a WordPress version of this?

inventor Purchased

Your instructions about the JSLIDER are confusing.

They mention: find the div element with id=”recent_hold”

There is no div element with that name.

The HTML structure could be better explained as well. Perhaps some examples would help.

Can you go back and review and rewrite your instructions so I can download a new package with accurate instructions?

Thank you, very nice looking template.

Hi, I bought your theme, and so far it’s very nice.

I just found one bug that is really weird, on IE6 or IE8 it’s cool but on IE7 the bottom scroll bar appears and you can scroll to the right.

Here are 2 screenshot:

Image 1 Image 2

I hope you can fix this and update the file, or post what do we have to change here, in the comments…

I’ll be waiting.

Thank you!

Is it just me or does the contact form not work right “out of the box”? I uploaded it and nothing happens when I click submit. Anyone having the same problem?

intigo Purchased

Hey, got your template, great job but… (why is there always a but…;) Problem, done my site, lookes great at FF Chrome even in IE6 . Whille viewing in IE7 on the first page (the one with the slider) there is a major issue, there is a width scroller (y hinge). Would greatly apprecate if you could take a look ASAP . Cheers

intigo Purchased

No Support from this guy. Thats a shame apart from the major bug in IE7 It’s great but I can’t solve it my self and the guy is not here! Won’t buy from him again.