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I updated to Wordpress 4.0.1 and now when I click ‘Customize’ on the Theme, the list of options does not show anymore. I only see ‘You are customizing [name]’.


4.1, that is.

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Visual Composer going nuts since WP 4.1 update. Trying to drag and drop elements doesn’t work anymore. You can create them but you can’t move them around.

I followed the usual debugging routine : Deactivated all plugins Changed theme to twenty thirteen Flushed browser cache. Reactivated Visual Composer plugin

Same behaviour. Nothing to do with the theme or any other plugin. VC won’t work with WP 4.1

wpbakery has acknowledged the issue “we have already made a fix and waiting for confirmation. Update should be available soon.”

Standard VC customers have received the fix now.

Here’s a question :is there a possibility to buy and install Visual Composer, integrate your shortcodes into it (shouldn’t be too difficult) ? Or is the VC version you are using strictly tied to the Total theme ?

I wouldn’t mind separating the theme from any other plugin, in that respect. Sooner or later there is always an issue with this bundle approach.

You guys should offer two versions of the theme.

One that comes with bundled elements – because some users see it as an advantage ( they are wrong, in my opinion, but oh well, this is how the market behaves …)

And one “clean” version with no bells and whistles, but easier to work with when you already have a licence for the bundled plugins.

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Or a way to easily “deactivate” those bells and whistles and let us use our own licenced plugins instead.


- The drag & drop is a known bug and I am working on a theme update right now to release the updated theme and the updated VC plugin with the fix.

- The plugin version included with Total is 100% un-edited. Total adds it’s own shortcodes via the theme itself, not by modifying the plugin. And if you want you can disable those right in the Theme Panel by unchecking where it says “Extend The Visual Composer?”.

But the extra shortcodes added by the theme are built with Total in mind so they will make your development a lot better and easier if you are using the built-in post types and depending on your needs then yes, you can probably make due without.

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Okay, thanks for the answer ! Keep up the great work…

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How I can add header-text to my contact form and center it(in the end of my page)? www.lsmh.fi



Hey guys,

I love the theme, but when you updated it I hated it.

You removed all the “Theme Options” and put it into the “Customizer” and now I want to change to another theme.

Also, I updated to Wordpress 4.1 and now the customizer will not load in chrome, because of the recent customizer changes in wordpress 4.1 it breaks. It looks like its about to load and then at the last second it won’t display the customizer options. The HTML is still there, but won’t display on the left-sidebar.

The customizer does work in firefox.

Please move the Theme Options back to its own menu in the WPadmin bar.

Thanks, - Jim Wordpress developer


In chrome, it looks like all the li elements in the customizer list have display: none attached to them. If you comment out the display: none property it will show up, but even the submenus won’t show up unless you uncheck display: none in the element inspector.

- Jim


Also, can you please send me the XML export of http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/base/services-page-5/

It would be ideal if your sample data XML had the same content as the demo.

I’ve been trying the recreate the elements on this page without success.

- Jim


Hi Jim,

The Customizer is much better then the old theme options, I wouldn’t have spent over 2 months making the switch if the benefits weren’t there. There is 0 change I will ever revert back to a theme options framework.

I am testing in Chrome with 4.1 and it’s working 100% for me. At first I saw the issue you spoke of, but clearing my site and browser cache fixed that up. Don’t forget to do that after every update ;)

The Sample Data does have the exact same data as the demo, are you downloading it from the correct place? http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/importing-sample-data/

It’s not possible to actually export a single page, but you can use the new folder called “Main-Parts” to import just pages if you wish.

If there is something specific on that page you can’t figure it out and I can let you know how I did it.

Happy Holidays!

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Can you please release the updated version of rev slider otherwise bluehost is going to shut it off because there is an error. I need 4.6.5 but you have only released 4.6.3


I will release it when I update the theme. The slider revolution issue Bluehost is talking about was fixed in February, so I don’t understand what their problem is…If you send me a private message I can email you the latest version, otherwise please wait for the theme to be updated, I am working on some fixes for 4.1 as we speak.

Why do the Page Titles show up on top of the menu on all pages?

Here’s a screenshot with an example of what I’m talking about: http://dev.stateinsuranceagent.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Screen-Shot-2014-12-19-at-4.32.31-PM.png

Hi. I’m new to this theme. I was looking at your sample home pages. I like it when the menu bar keeps displaying even when you scroll down the page. Where would I find the code for that? Thanks so much!

I just found the answer, in case others want to know.

Go to Appearance/Customize/Header/Fixed Header. Check inside “Fixed Header on Scroll” box. Awesome!

Updated to windows 4.1 and latest Total them….now I’m seeing VC shortcodes all over the place and spacing is all off, fonts changed.

Help please.


Also, after making changes and updating page, the final page and frontend editor are not matching. They are vasty different with final page looking much worse.


should I deactivate the VC plugin as it comes with the theme?