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Could you help me with one small thing:

In the main navigation, I want to remove the slight delay to get the dropdown on hover.

My site: http://www.studioaquamarine.com/clients/bq/

For example, in the above site, when I hover on product – it takes a few micro-seconds for the dropdown to load. Which file do I need to edit to get rid of this delay?

Thanks so much!

Hi, using Blog Grid with Equal Heights set to “Yes” i see the “Read more” buttons are not aligned. How can i do to have bottom aligned or on the same line? See the link to see what i have now



Some users (me too) experiment on Windows browsers 2 vertical scrollbars

see this comment http://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019/comments?filter=all&order_by=newest&term=scrollbar&utf8=%E2%9C%93#comment_7441423

I’ve been able to found the bug:

1) this is where the inspector points with the “good” scrollbar -> http://snag.gy/pi7xt.jpg

2) this is where the inspector points with the “duplicated” scrollbar -> http://snag.gy/lijOb.jpg

3) this is a screen where the duplicated scrollbar dessapear tweaking the following property -> http://snag.gy/3lqHz.jpg

As you can see the property body.full-width-main-layout #wrap { overflow-x: hidden; }

is causing the double scrollbar.

If I change hidden to auto the scrollbar is duplicated if I change hidden to 0 desappear if I change hidden to inherit it disappear

I’m not proficiency on CSS so I do’nt know what should be the best property for this ….

Any ideas? Javier

Feature request and changelog suggestion


The request: It would be very nice for marketers to have two sidebars (at same time) on blog pages. It could be

sidebar 1 + content + sidebar 2 or

content + sidebar 1 + sidebar 2

I don’t know if this is possible actually cause I’m a bit outdated with the changelog

And The suggestion:

The changelog is impressive (updated, added, fixed, removed, new …). It would be nice to have a “quick” changelog just showing added and removed options … :) So it is easier to find the new features on the theme

Thanks in advance Javier

I am having some issues with single images I put into a row (4 of them across), if you could go to www.itallcountslocal.com and then resize your screen you’ll see that it resizes the images in a poor way but the rest of the site maintains its integrity. Is this a programming issue or something I am doing wrong? Thanks.

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I’m setting up some products and the short desc is showing up in a very narrow column. Here’s a link: http://www.nettiejarvis.com/product/early-19th-century-mahogany-regency-side-chair/

How can I have it span the same length as the title above it?

The Pinterest icon is very temperamental in one particular place on my site. Sometimes it shows up like the rest of the social icons, but sometimes it shows like this:

This has been happening from v1.0 up through v1.5.3. I’ve tried different style options for this button group, and the same thing happens. It has never been a problem with any of the others.

Any ideas?

updated wordpress to 3.9.2 and the responsive mobile site has the dimensions out of proportion now on an iphone.

I need to get this fixed as it also has screwed with the header logo. Not sure why this is happening.

site is www.delacon.com.au

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I have problem with opening layerslider.zip for demo content, where can i download working version of it?

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Is it possible to add a text (like a phone number) exactly on top of the menu (logo on the left, main menu on the right)? I mean without using the top bar. Because I want to save space on the top.

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Hi there, just a quick question …

Does the Total theme support Woothemes Sensei plugin?

Thank you for the email support yesterday with regard to Header 4.

I have three more queries relating to the same site www.culchethhigh.tv

1 – I have recently asked about how to change colour of the header when the page scrolls, looks straight forward but not tested yet but whilst the header changes colour is it possible to get the icons and logo to change colour?

2 – With regards to adding a simple parralex to a row, whats the best method for positioning them, i have photos that i want to use but im missing too much and dont want to extend the padding on the row, is there a fools guide? thanks example page is http://culchethhigh.tv/curriculum/school-curriculum/

3 – I am adding a logo image that measures 450×80px but when it loads it compressed, is there anyway i can expand the logo area?

thanks for you support as always

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One more question – how do I load a contact form in a lightbox while using total button in the visual editor? Have tried many things (adding class value, using lightbox code and CF7 directly in a text box, can’t seem to get it to work.)

Thanks again!

hi, is it possible to have this kind the h titles or text looking like this http://cl.ly/image/3U2c13272Y41 , i just want this effect on 1 page for the pricing.



Hi There!

I’m having trouble with my mobile menu – www.TEScharlotte.org – I’ve tried to designate a different menu for the mobile version (including the parent and calendar links in the header as menu options on mobile) but it doesn’t show up?

What am I doing wrong or how do I get it to display the different menu for mobile versions?

Hi I purchased your theme and am starting to use on my site but it has made my site SO SLOW. Front and back end – almost so slow as to be unusable. I’ve deleted just about every plugin I can, running a caching system, repaired and optimised the database but makes no difference. It takes forever to make the slightest change and the pages are slow too. Any ideas why this would be please?

I’m liking this theme, but I am having an issue with the extra plugins. I started out using the Revolution Slider to try before I buy. It was an older version so it had some bugs that needed to be fixed for it to be useful to me, so I upgraded the theme to the most recent version and tried your instructions for upgrading the plugin within the theme. There was no version change for the plugin so I decided to buy it but before I installed it I noticed my sliders were gone! If this is because I followed your instructions you really should note that deleting the plugin will delete your sliders. That was most upsetting and I wouldn’t have tried it if I had known :(


Also, I keep getting this error in several places, probably places I shouldn’t like when previewing my slides and updating plugins. Doesn’t happen every time though, seems random.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpex_hook_page_header_before() in /home/eridio1/bolderelements.net/wp-content/themes/Total/framework/page-header.php on line 261

Starting new ticket – question from 3/2/1 days ago (clarified with info each day) seems to have slipped through cracks. Twiddling thumbs waiting to launch site until I hear. Won’t repeat details – I assume you can find it? Thanks.