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Hi AJ,

I know you’re hard at work, but this really has been too long to wait for an update. It’s especially hard for us to plan when you keep pushing back dates, from when WooCommerce was updated over 3 weeks ago, to assurances it would be out last week, to this week’s comments about it being out “today” or “tomorrow”, but then later talking about still doing final tests and checks. At this point there’s no indication that the update has been submitted to Envato.

Total is the last of the major themes we use from Envato to get a post-WooCommerce 2.4 update. It would be great to see a firm update on timing, as we have a lot of licensees on hold and enjoy Total otherwise.


(sent an email too, sorry just making sure you get this)

Hi AJ, please help I have been trying to figure this out for two days.

On this site- http://test.texaswagyuassociation.com/

I have the large background header image exactly the way I want on the Home Page, but just want to raise the main navigation on all the secondary pages so the background image is about 170px high or so… So I’m just wanting a large, full screen header background image on the Home Page, then just decrease the height of the header background on secondary pages, not have the Home Page be that large on all pages.

The only way I have found to do this is to add this CSS- #site-header { background: url(http://test.texaswagyuassociation.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/twa-home-page-header.jpg) no-repeat; -webkit-background-size: cover; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; }

- And then add a 285px Header Bottom Padding. Obviously this affects all pages. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to make the Home Page have a different height/ larger background image.

Thank you for the support

Then of course the mobile version is messed up, with the menu button way down in the middle of the large header, due to the Header Bottom Padding I added.

Just really wanting to know the correct way to do this with Header Style Two, so the header background is large on the Home Page, less height on secondary pages, and mobile looks normal. I’m pretty sure it is something very simple.

Thanks again for all the excellent support.

Hi, I am trying to determine how to make The Events Calendar plugin layout on Total not include the right sidebar. Basically I want the main calendar to span the page (just not include the blank right sidebar). Is there a quick fix for this? Thanks!

Screenshot of issue

Page Link

I am having an issue with image galleries and sliders. See screenshots above. They seem to work properly when using the vc frontend editor, but then are not working on the live site.

I am updated on all fronts (theme and plugins) that match the changelog. I have tried installing these items on other types of pages (and doesn’t work). I have turned off all plugins except visual composer and that didn’t work. Very weird.

Any ideas on what’s happening?



Here’s a weird problem. I’ve set up a home page that uses several of the Total Button element. I clone that page using either a VC template or pasting the code in Classic Mode. Everything is fine at that point. But if I make ANY change whatsoever to the cloned page, all the Total Buttons are mangled. They become far too tall (about 60-90 extra pixels) and the button text is no longer centered. Total Buttons on the original home page or other pages are not affected.

Standard VC buttons are not affected by this, but of course I’d like to keep using the Total Buttons because they are better.



Update: It looks like, when you save a page with VC, line breaks are added in the button code (specifically before and/or after the button text). These cause the spacing issues. So the workaround is to edit the code in Custom Mode. However, I’m hoping there can be a fix, as when the site is launched I don’t want to tell the client that he must edit raw code for every instance of a button. ;-) I hope this info helps! Thanks, Mark

I am having a problem with the outline designed buttons. I have put them within a row that has a background and with empty spaces on either sides. The button outline seems to enlarge from the bottom on the site, but in the visual composer its fine. My site is Tapped-in.co.uk.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am very interested in buying your theme, but I was wondering if I can translate the website using po/mo files by Poedit instead of WPML.

Thank you in advance

Hello, I have purchased the total theme, I have uploaded most of everything here contractsolutionsllc.com My problem is I have duplicate menus and content, and the main menu shows everything twice when I enable it, and when I click on a main menu item it goes to a page and then the main menu is gone.


it seems there is a bug since the wordpress update 4.3 with the plug-in Contact Form 7 or any contact form plug-in, even with a purchase plug-in like QuForm.

When I activate any of these plug-ins, the website works fine, the contact form works fine. But, in the admin panel, when I would like to go to Appearance > Customize, I get a blank page. Impossible to open the customize page When I deactivate the plug-in, I can open the customize page and modify the website.

I tried 5 or 6 different contact form plug-ins (free or paid) and always the same problem. Can you help about that.

Thank you Lionel

Problem with Visual Composer Woo Product Categories WIdget URL: http://klaroty.com/clients/daphnes/

I set: Order By: Title Order Way: Ascending Columns: 4 Number: 4 Categories: (list of 4)

Category image sizes: 100×100

Unfortunately it displays them in a single column blowing the images up VERY large.

My website with Total theme has stopped functioning correctly. It suddenly stopped posting blogs. When I post or preview a blog a blank theme page appears. I have sought out several people for help with this, but no one can help me and the best answer I can get is that “the theme is broken.”

Hi AJ, Quick question, noticed that external links don’t seem to save with Ultimate VC Add ons etc now for some reason. You enter them in for example using ‘Hightlight Box’ (Spelling is correct weirdly) and URL to a PDF for example won’t save. Any idea why? Best Ben


Since the last update of wordpress, pagination of the homepage crashed. Would you have any suggestions to solve this?


Hi! I have a problem with Visual Composer in Total. When I try to save page with JS code or HTML code – code became broken: http://joxi.ru/Dr8Ne5OSOe0726 Here is good code: http://joxi.ru/Grqy649SPgjDrz And this problem with any JS or HTML code in Visual Composer. Please, help me!

Hello I need the page 9, the download I have does not have the correct one and the github link doesn’t work. Have you moved the update somewhere else? Can i get a link to page 9 and instructions on how to update it into the site, thank you!


I have purchased Total and there is an update to Revolution Slider. I’m currently using 4.6.92. The documentation states that I need to contact you so that you can send me the updated plugin files.


Thankyou :)

I am setting up a masonry post grid on the page here http://fastrackers.com.au/.

I have the data setting set to ORDER BY: Menu Order/Page Order but the posts are not in their Page attributes order when they display.

How can I best choose the order of the posts? I set the page attributes order how I wanted them to display – but this does not seem to work.

I want to move buy button and Price to right beneath the product image. Can you help with a snippet to accomplish that?


Order: 1. Product image 2. Buy/select variation button 3. Price 4. Product title

Cheers, Jan


in the homepage of our site we have a specific section where we are linking to a “patients info” page which contains several “rows” each one with its own #id so that from the home we can link to different parts of the page without asking the user to scroll the entire page and waste time looking for a specific info.

We have the fixed header sticky menu (with some opacity) following the user while he is scrolling down… unfortunately the #id link always lands UNDER the fixed header… so we looked in the “page scroll to id” options and we were relieved to see that there is a “offset option”... unfortunately it isn’t working, neither with positive values, nor with negative ones (which are the ones we would need). We also did not really get what it means to “Offset scroll-to position by selector”... but we doubt this could help us, i believe we need the pixel offset.

Can you please help us, we need to go online on monday and we would like to have this fixed asap.


p.s. in Firefox it would be ok because, for some reason, the fixed header menu does not appear when the link lands but just if one starts scrolling the page and that would be fine… unfortunately on Chrome and Safari the fixed header menu appears immediately actually covering the first part of the text.

Hi, I bought Total theme two months ago and want to update the bundled Revolution Slider to v5. The guys at ThemePunch told me that you should provide me with this specific update. Could you please send me an update link or code to get the latest version. Best, Gaston Melis