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Hi! Is there a way to show the post masonry grid in two columns on a phone?

Thanks for a great theme!


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Hi, I need to upload the new version of the theme and I don’t have the ability to click to update. I am trying to install and I get an error since it says that the destination folder already existsts. Should i delete the old theme first and then reinstall the new theme? Will all of my changes be saved that way? I know I also have to reinstall the visual bakery as well.


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He, lonh time not written here. Question, is there a way to show the WPML language switcher in the mobile toghel menu instead of the search bar. I really don’t need the search there and would like to replace this with the Language switcher. Thanks. PS: Still a great and flexible theme to work with. Just love it.

My “separator with text” is not wrapping text on mobile devices like it used to. The result is that on mobile devices, part of the title when using “separator with text” or a “call to action button,” disappears off the right side of the screen. Any thoughts? Neither behaved this way before the new total update.

Hi, Looking at purchasing this theme, how ever couple things i needed, was background overlay and content menu, or stick rows, i do know you mentioned about not having a background color overlay and we have to do it via photo shop, how ever i am still wondering is it possible to stick a row or have a content menu?

Hi Does the Theme Support RTL and Arabic Language Style



I submited a support ticket but when I go to the support page there aren’t open tickets. Where I can find my ticket to follow it? I aleady received an answer of this ticket by email but I need to send more things.




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A website I created on http://www.cherylrosscomm.com is having a problem with the top logo not showing up on an iPad2. It shows up just fine on desktop and phone. Any idea as to what’s going on?

When im choosing the “five – centered inline logo” and then on the side settings choose “Overlay header” the nav gets set back to default settings.

Hi AJ, how can a disable the related projects showing at the bottom of each portfolio? I created a portfolio for adding a portfolio grid widget so I can have image with text hover on the back. I didn´t found other way to do this. But now I don´t want the related project to appear. Just as a simple page.

Hope you can help me.

I found the solution by myself, customize>portfolio>single> post layout elements> related post (with a green tick) it is weird as it should be with a red cross to be deactivated. Post title with a green tick is activated, related post with green tick is disabled. Anyway now it does not show related project images.

Hi, love the theme! Is there somewhere I can view what each of the design elements looks like? There’s a lot of them, and sometimes creativity is sparked by seeing my options. Thanks!

Hi, is it possible to have a second menu on one page that allows the user to scroll to different page sections, and make it also fixed?

Hello! Two questions:

1. Can the Scroll Up Button be enabled for desktop and disabled for mobile?

2. The Top Bar social menu has a Vine logo with the simple logos, but when you customize to COLOR social logos the Vine logo doesn’t show up. Is there a fix for this?



Hello, is there anyway to get a lazyload plugin to work with the portfolio grid? I have a galley with around 100 images using sorting. I tried pagination but I don’t like the way it looks and would much rather have single long page.