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Version 1.1.0 – 14. February 2013.

* Updated jquery.countdown library
* Updated jquery library
* Added option for CountUP timer


Vidim da si iz BiH, pa ?u na hrvatskom, jel mi možeš olakšati želim maknuti movement za background, želim da bude fiksna. I volio bih kada bih mogao maknuti counter a da background bude od ruba do ruba. Jel mi možeš pomo?i.


sve to moze da se uradi, ali moraces da sacekas 3dana, posto trenutno nemam vremena. Ako ti nije problem da sacekas, mogu to da ti uradim do cetvrtka.

Pozdrav, sve ok, sredio sam ja sve uspješno, svedno hvala. Jedino bih volio kada bi stranica bila pribijena uz gornji rub browsera. Jel imaš neko brzo rješenje.

Posalji mi sta je do sada uradjeno pa cu ti objasniti sta jos treba da uradis. Mozes mi poslati link ovdje ili na email. (ili fajlove takodje na email zeljic@gmail.com)


I just need to change the background color and have wasted two hours of my time trying to get an understanding of RR and sass. Since I have no experience with neither, I have failed because I couldn’t get compass to compile. Anyway, all I need is to make the background the second color in the _variables.scss file, namely #34495e. I would appreciate it if you can help me with that. I will not be changing the color later on so just me having that specific background color is fine.

Thanks in advance,

Alper Takci

All colors from _variables.scss are already compiled in separated themes. So, If you change
<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/css/core.css" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/css/core-v2.css" />

is that what you need?

in index.html file.

That’s what I was after. Thanks very much for the prompt response :)

Where did you disabled ENTER key to submit the form? I want to re-enable it so visitors can fill the input box with their address and press ENTER on the keyboard to join the mailing list.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi, rickyvr, can u please contact me via email (zeljic@gmail.com) and send me your source. This request requires changes in 2 files. I will do what you need in 15-20min ;)

Hi there, Could you please let me know where is “index.html” In to your files

Thank you

Hi, index.html file is located at /totally_download directory (in downloaded .zip file).

ZelJic sent you a email can you help please>

Ok, i’m on it.

THE SUBSCRIBE.php script is not working.. Is there a updasted copy or something? Please help, I need to fix both my domains that are using this and niehter works with this currently. Thank you!

I will check it as soon as possible, I mean NOW :)

anyword man please. I sent you a email. please dood i have this up on several domains. i have not touched the php file other than uncommenting line 42 and changing the sub file name.. domain is thelayovermovie.net also on vincentnroxxy.com

I sent email before 2 hours :\ u didn’t answer. As I said in email, I saw your sites and error messages, you have problem with permissions on server. Whatever is changed it’s on server side (permissions are changed, probably). Script works fine on all my servers.

If you are not server admin, please contact server admin. Also write me direct mail for next communication. Thanks you. My email is zeljic@gmail.com


cmg2010 Purchased


Your theme rocks! Thank you. :-)

Thanks man.

I see your message at email, did you fix your issue?


cmg2010 Purchased

All is well. I’d simply had to refresh the correct URL. Thanks again!


xtreeq Purchased

Hi, how can I enable the CountUP timer?

I mean, I know what it is, but, how do you think to use it here?


xtreeq Purchased

Instead of counting down to a specific date it counts from a specific date, is this possible?

Sorry, it isn’t for now.


I am trying to change the theme but when I run compass compile I get this

C:\Mileshunt\Website\compass-style>compass compile modified config.rb clean C:/Mileshunt/Website/assets/css delete C:/Mileshunt/Website/assets/css/app.css delete C:/Mileshunt/Website/assets/css/core.css write C:/Mileshunt/Website/assets/css/app.css error sass/core.scss (Line 108: Invalid CSS after ”...$basecolor, 1p%”: expe cted expression (e.g. 1px, bold), was “);”) directory C:/Mileshunt/Website/assets/css/foundation write C:/Mileshunt/Website/assets/css/foundation/foundation.css write C:/Mileshunt/Website/assets/css/foundation/normalize.css Compilation failed in 1 files.

and the website formatting goes very wrong

This is with no changes made to the original files

fixed it…

there is a little bug though in the css

Hi, very good ;)