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Fantastic product!

I’ve added a <Select><Select/> field to the existing contact me page.

How do i enable it as a ‘required’ field?

Adding class=”required” to the filed tag doesn’t appear to make any difference.

Thanks, Paul.

Hi, I´ll buy this template, but I need to know anything, I´ve a flash website, I want buy it because I have to do a tablet and mobile version, can I do this withou touch my website ? I want that my web continue with flash version. (sorry for my english)

cwilhelmy Purchased

Hi where and how can I delete the font shadow for all sites?

Hello?! Can you please reply to my request? Where and how can I delete the font shadow for all sites? It urgent!!!

I was about to purchase this template and decided to look at comments. Looks like really bad customer service. I won’t be purchasing…

Hi, will u update new jquery mobile version which is 1.4.0 ?

Your live preview link here on Themeforest goes to a 404 error page.

Hi; I bought this. but I’m getting an error message “Error Loading Page”

Your demo link on envato is not working….. Says:

Code: NoSuchKey Message: The specified key does not exist. Key: mobile/touch-mobile-tablet/index.html RequestId: B69CDCE0E9F60646 HostId: c9ZCWUZsJlD7CScwKRce4RYWB94HeYS/KaJUkyRsx7GawTFOUHGNZWjDBRFJKgPk

Hi, demo not work! Thanks

Nice work Good luck with sale;