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Hello, i had a look at Tour Package theme and seems to me what I am looking for but before buying, I would like to ask some questions:

1- Price is 48$: should I pay it just once or should I renew my subscription every year? if so, how much will I pay for each renewal and is there any fee if I want not to renew?

2- is it possible to publish the content in different european languages?

3- I will probably need the Paypay button. I saw you write V2.00 PayPal Payment added:what do you mean? Will I find it already in the code?Is it included in your final price? If not, will it be possible to get it by modifying the code? And if PayPal button is already in, will it be possible to delete it if I do not neet it?

4- you offer 6 months support after purchase, right? If I need your help after this term, will I have to pay to get it?may I have an idea of the cost?

5- Please confirm: If I do not need some of the options your theme offers, I can simply leave those field in blank and they will not appear in my final site.

6- What if I want to add any new field or modify an existing one?

7- We haven’t bought a hosting yet; if this is in Europe, will we have any speed problem?If so, would you suggest any US hosting seller?

8- does this theme support a hotel/car booking option based on real availability?

9- Can this theme calculate different prices for the same tour based on (exemple) age of clients?children, adults, over 60…

10- I read some comments about the payment form but did not get …may I have a picture of the payment form please?

Thank you in advance for your time! I hope to buy from you soon!


1. It’s one time payment.

2. Yes you can use other languages, you can translate theme using localization and if you’re planning to use multi language, you can use plugin ‘WPML’ for this purpose.

3. It’s already in there, you don’t have to purchase further option.

4. You can purchase extended support package, in item page, in pricing box, you will see check box option with price for that. (However, note that we don’t provide cusotmization service as support.)

5. yes

6. You have to cusotmize code directly in this case.

7. If your main targets are in Europe, then I suggest you to get Europe hosting(but I guess that US will work fine with Europe region too)

8. nope

9. nope

10. here you are : http://take.ms/gbsP2 , you can click on book now button in this page as well : http://demo.goodlayers.com/tourpackage/package/paris-and-bordueax/

Thanks for interest by the way :)

Hello, Just a pre sale question

Does this theme allow categorization of tour packages ?

for example in a particular tour package i have two category, “Premium” and “Deluxe”


Yes you can separate them by using categories.

Thanks for interest by the way :)


Planetdrm Purchased

There is no “Sign Up” and “Login” function but my site need them. How may I add both functions?

We don’t have that in this theme. You may have to seek for third party plugin for this :/


starttour Purchased

hello i am trying to upload my template that i had purchase, i am trying at WordPress but the system can’t. they display Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-5360508-tour-package-wordpress-traveltour-theme (1).zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

please help


To install wordpress theme, please follow these steps.

1.) After you downloaded file from Themeforest. Do not upload it yet. Extract it!

2.) You will find 6-7 folders and some files inside. You’ll see the file called ‘tourpakcage-vx-xx.zip’

3.) Upload this file through wp backend.

Hope this help :)

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through http://support.goodlayers.com/(Purchase code can be found here : http://support.goodlayers.com/purchasecode.png )

Thank you very much! :)

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. I want to integrate e-commerce store ( Woocommerce) with this theme, is it possible ?


You can use Woocommerce as third party plugin with this theme but note that it won’t be integrated with the booking system(packages) in this theme.

Cheers! :)