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toldham Purchased

Great theme,

but I may be making a school boy mistake,

but what are the logins? normally when i purhcase a theme it states the existing login detail in the documentation

I seem to be locked out of my newly created site :/

toldham Purchased

I am also resetting my password by email. it states that the email has been sent, but it never arrives… currently locked out of the site


Hi toldham,

Thank you for purchasing the theme.

There are no existing login details for user name and password in the documentation.

When installing the installation profile:

Extract trace.zip and upload to your host.

Access your MySQL database and create a new DB

Open browser and navigate to the installed folder for first time installation.

Select Trace profile -> Save and Continue

Select Language -> Save and Continue

Config database (Only support for MySQL) and ( site maintenance account )

now you are entering data for a user name and password.

-> Save and Continue

and Finish

You’re having a full website with prepopulated content exactly like our Demo site.


jcdillin Purchased

This theme will not work with the drupal metatag module, i’ve tried contacting the author with no response.


Resolved via e-mail.


Where is the documentation located once I download the theme?

Thanks! Chris


Hello Chris,

Download package contains the documentation file (root directory).

If you need help for the theme please contact us.


Regarding the thread below, in my wamp folder/www the path does not exist: sites/all/libraries/ sites/all/modules/ sites/all/themes/

I can get to modules but there is no sites folder contained within modules. Am I missing something?

Thanks! Chris

Hi OutdoorEd,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. Extract the archives (libraries.zip, modules.zip, themes.zip) and copy to your drupal installation folder’s :

sites/all/libraries/ sites/all/modules/ sites/all/themes/

Before you do that: Make a backup copy of your website and database. In case of emergency you may need to revert to a backup.

There is an installation profile (Drupal + modules + the theme) – Trace. Reproduce demo content with few clicks like demo site. Name of the demo profile file is – trace.zip.

Try installing “Trace” installation profile on your local computer first, then just review how all things are working. Thanks.

toldham Purchased

Hi there,

I am struggling to use bullet points in this theme….

If I use the normal
  • asdasdsa

No bullet points appear – could you tell me how to get the bullet points to appear?


AMG_Media Purchased

I also can’t get this theme to work with the drupal metatag module.

Hey i bought this theme and it is very good :) I have one question.. How do i replace the image slider picture?:S i cant seem to figure it out.


And also the images in the product page?

I am using your trace theme for Drupal and I need help. The blog images never show up in the list of blogs after uploading them into the site. The only way to see it is to click the read more button.